Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions about some of the world’s most popular casino games, however, these misunderstandings should not – and typically – will not make the whole experience negative. 

In fact, there could be an argument that the entire experience will be more rewarding when the games are played once any myths or tales that have been told have been busted and proven false.

Here are just some of the biggest tales and false ideas that may have been heard regarding some of the best games that can be found at a casino.

Slot Games are rigged

One of the biggest views or opinions that many will have already made regarding slot games is that they are rigged and that the casino will always win from these games. This is simply not true and one that should be debunked as is physically possible to do so.

It can be argued that it would be easier for a casino to be able to rig a slot machine rather than a table game because of the number of eyes that will be seen on the dealer, but it simply would not make any sense for the operator to have the game be anything but random.

Of course, casinos do not want punters to win all the time, but they will want them to continue to come back and spend money on the vast slots collection that they have to offer.

By rigging the game, they will ultimately cost themselves players and potentially more money than they may have actually saved if they were to make the game favourable to them by immoral means.

Blackjack can only be won by counting cards

Perhaps a popular misconception because of the number of films that have featured the classic Blackjack game and players who count cards when playing, there is absolutely no truth in it being the only way to beat the dealer and win the game.

Many films have decided to try and glamorize the popular casino game, which has then created an image in a player’s head that suggests that Blackjack is something that it simply isn’t.

Counting cards can help – and is not illegal – however a lot of the game will be down to skill and luck, rather than a mathematical strategy that can be extremely difficult to learn and rather time-consuming.

Blackjack dealers choose who wins and loses

One rumour that has been suggested in the past is that Blackjack dealers decide who wins and who loses on each hand that is dealt. This is far from true and is perhaps one of the biggest myths that can be debunked.

Anyone who has played the classic game will know that they are not playing against the dealer, but they are playing against the house. The dealer simply has to follow the house rules and has no impact on what happens when the game is being played at the table, therefore having no effect on the outcome of each hand dealt.

There are no etiquette rules at Craps or Roulette Tables

Craps and Roulette can be considered some of the riskier casino games that can be played, with both simply requiring luck rather than skill. Due to the nature in which these table games are played, drama and emotion can be rather high, which will then be felt by those standing around the table.

Both games have been depicted as rowdy games as entire crowds jump for joy and scream when a win is achieved, however it is wrong to suggest that anything goes when celebrating. There are rules that need to be observed, with a certain degree of etiquette required.

Poker Rooms are for experienced players only

The last of the most common misconceptions that can be found with popular casino games is the use of poker rooms.

Many will have been told that poker rooms are only for experienced card players when in reality, they are for anybody who wants to play a game.

Anyone can enter a poker room regardless of their experience level, although there will be some rules that may need to be followed.


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