How To Plan a friendly Wedding Celebration on budget

Some people’s dream wedding does not include thousands of guests, expensive gifts, rare flower decorations, and a bar full of old alcohol. Some people dream of a friendly and calm wedding ceremony. They only want to invite their family members, close friends, relatives, and some colleagues. 


Generally, when a wedding has a guest list of twenty people, it is known as a Micro Wedding. Add thirty more guests; then it is a Small Wedding. But the amount of guests invited to the wedding depends on the couple. 


People have different priorities for which they choose to do a minimal wedding. 

→ They want to save for the future. 

→ They want to enjoy their honeymoon in a foreign country.

→ Their idea of a wedding is an intimate gathering of close people. 


But a minimal wedding does not mean that the couple is getting married in a dull ceremony. A minimal wedding means that the couple wants to show more and do less. Instead of overdosing on too many details, minimal weddings make everything appear lovely in a simplistic manner. From decorations to the wedding dress to the food to music to the cake, the event follows the same pattern with twists in few details. 


Here is how you and your partner can go for a minimalistic wedding: 


1 → Exclusive Invites 

Be selective with the guestlist for the wedding. Send out invites only to those people who you interact with the most. It is your wedding, and you get to decide who is in and who is out. Say no to plus ones and children. Some people may feel bad, but you are allowed to have your opinions at your own wedding. 


2 → Choose a Large Venue with Intimate Setting 

There are no worries if you end up selecting a large wedding venue, such as the stunning options offered by

The place should be decorated in a manner that fills up the extra space, allowing you to create an enchanting atmosphere adorned with more beautiful features. Once the decorations are decided for the hall, the next step is to select the seating plan.

The seating should be intimate. Not too close and not too far. Just enough that people can converse with one another without any issues. 


3 → City Hall Wedding 

You and your partner can not go more minimal than this. A civil marriage before a notary public is the fastest way to get married. You can have a small celebration dinner after the wedding. 


4 → Destination Wedding 

Fly out to another city for your wedding. Destination wedding sounds costly, but in reality, it is not. Since many of the guests will not fly out, you will have a smaller wedding. 


5 → Make A Playlist 

It is better that you do not select a band or musicians for your wedding. If you are not a fan of wedding music and want to listen to your favourites on your wedding day, then make a playlist out of those songs.