does medicare pay for walk in tubsOne of the main questions we get is Does Medicare pay for walk in tubs ? or are walk-in tubs covered by Medicare?”

Does Medicare Pay For Walk In Tubs

The short answer is no. Walk in tubs are not covered by Medicare (typically).

The implication of this is that nowhere in the plan breakdown would you find a walk-in tub as an item Medicare would cover. However, on infrequent occasions, there is a form of an exception (source).

Federal Health Insurance Program

The uniqueness to Medicare is that it is intended for people age 65 and older.

This distinctiveness makes it like some retirement health insurance plan.

Why doesn’t Medicare Cover Walk-in Tubs?

Medicare typically covers products that are ranked as “durable medical equipment”.

This refers to types of equipment usually required for use by the doctor in the home for medical purposes.

These equipment do not necessarily have to be typically useful to healthy people or people without disability.

Since walk-in tubs are not classified in this way, then Medicare would typically not cover them.

Walk-in tubs and showers, as well as any equipment considered to be non-durable medical equipment, are not included.

Is There Any Exception To This Rule?

In sporadic cases, original Medicare may make an uncommon exception and foot the cost of a walk-in tub.

However, as mentioned earlier, this is a very unusual occurrence with original Medicare.

Instead of receiving the cash for purchase upfront, you receive reimbursement.

The implication is that you must have paid for it from your coffers already.

Also, there are absolutely no guarantees that you would be refunded – it is almost like a gamble.

After making the payment out of your pocket, you submit a claim; then you begin the wait.

To submit a claim, you need to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the purchase was essential.

To establish the absolute medical necessity state of the walk-in tub, you would need a written medical diagnosis.

Often done by a doctor and usually consists of the reasons for which its purchase is essential.

Suggested Brand 

It also contains information on brand recommended due to an essential specific feature.
To pursue this route, you should be ready to take care of the full cost of the walk-in tub. You would also foot the additional costs of installation.

If you don’t have the money, then you should be ready to seek alternative financial aid.

So to the question “does Medicare pay for walk-in tubs?” The answer is “very rarely”.

Alternative Medicare Plans That Cover Walk-In Tubs

Alternative Medicare Plans That Cover Walk-In TubsWhile original Medicare does not pay for walk-in tubs.

It is also quite a hassle to deal with.

There are about four different Medicare plans comprising Parts A, B, C and D.

Part C referred to as Medicare Advantage, and each part takes care of different items.

Medicare Advantage is a plan that allows for private insurance companies to contract with Medicare.

This is also one of the best ways of receiving financial assistance very timely.

However, you would, of course, need to learn the specifications of the plans that you are signing up for.

Thanks to an expansion of health-related supplemental benefits in 2019, there have been several changes in plans.

For instance, there are now Medicare Advantage plans that would cover the total cost of a walk-in tub.

However, not all M.A. plans are identical. Therefore you would need to identify the ones that cover walk-in tubs.

To do this, you could place a call to Medicare on their toll-free line at 1-800-633-4227.

Medicare Plans

Medicare PlansMedicare coverage begins with two parts – A and B.

Part A refers to hospital insurance.

It is mostly free for a higher percentage of people because they have spent years of work paying into Medicare.

Part B is known as medical insurance and covers extra services and supplies required for the treatment of medical conditions.

It may include certain preventative services as well, and there is usually a monthly payment or premium due.

Medicare Parts A and B are what comprise Original Medicare.

It covers about 50% of your entire health care expenses, mainly preventative services and primary medical services.

You can quickly check all of these on the Medicare website.

Using Original Medicare still leaves you with deductibles, coinsurance expenses, as well as co-pays at the end of the day.

In rare instances, you may remain with prescription costs to cover on your own.

In this instance, Medicare Parts C and D come in very handy. They offer additional coverage but at extra cost.

Part C; referred to as a Medicare Health Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan.

It is a private insurance plan that offers more in addition to Medicare plans A and B.
It may also include Part D, which implies prescription drug coverage.

Walk-in Tubs For Disabled Veterans

Paying for Walk-in Tubs With MedicareWalk-in tubs for disabled veterans who are covered by the Medicare Advantage would not be a hassle like Original Medicare.

When enrolling in Medicare, you can decide whether you want to go with Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan.

Factors that you need to consider during this decision include your budget, location, care providers, and how much you travel.


HumanaWhile Humana plans may cover a whole bunch of stuff.

There are several services that it doesn’t.

Humana states that Medicare Part B benefits include durable medical equipment (DME).

However, for the question “does humana cover walk-in tubs?”  The answer is “no.”

To buy or rent eligible equipment, you would need a prescription for your doctor. Some of the covered DME may include the following:





Oxygen equipment

Hospital beds

Blood sugar monitors


Medicaid is a lot more flexible than Medicare due to the fact that it is state-managed.

Therefore, there is a higher possibility of Medicaid covering a walk-in bath tub.

However, this would be based on a doctor’s prescription too and would depend on the plan you signed up for.

In conclusion, while getting walk-in tubs from Medicare isn’t very feasible, it is not an impossible feat.

However, it would be a whole lot easier for you to find an alternative instead of waiting for Original Medicare. Walk In Tubs are very useful for empty nesters.  If you are one of them feel free to check our post on how to find yourself after an empty nest.


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