The coronavirus pandemic has opened up our eyes to a whole world of online shopping we never knew was possible. Now more than ever, we can appreciate the strides ordering online has taken and really make use of what we have learned going forward.

Clothing brands big and small are increasingly turning to the talents of James Hillman to revolutionise their businesses’ fortunes. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, James provides essential guidance for many of fashion’s most notable names.

Other clothing brands have been taking notice of where shopping trends are going, too.  Below are 5 online clothing brands stepping up their game in 2021 that you absolutely must try.


Edikted is a brand created by a small group of passionate fashion lovers who wanted a brand that reflected their on-trend tastes without compromising on quality, style, or—more importantly—affordability.

Edikted is a Gen-Z oriented online fashion brand that draws inspiration from digital culture. If you have seen someone on Tik-Tok or Instagram wearing it, you can find it on Edikted. According to Edikted’s curators, they tap modern-day muses, runway trends, and top streetwear looks for their ideas. From accessories to bodysuits to wide legged bottoms, you can find everything you need to feel confident and fierce.

Vestiaire Collective

The Vestiaire Collective is a global, online marketplace to buy, sell, and trade pre-owned luxury goods and designer fashion. They carefully curate a selection of over 30,000 products each day, hand-picked by their luxury consignment professionals.

All items are authenticated by the Vestiaire Collective team before being listed, so you know you are getting a legitimate piece every time you purchase.

The best part of the Vestiaire Collective is that you can get high quality pieces on your budget, with your timeline. They have a built-in payment plan that requires no extra effort on your part.

After all, designer goods are pricey! But Vestiaire Collective lets you make investments in your wardrobe on a schedule that works for you and  your money.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard started with a very clear mission. The two cofounders found that they were unable to shop together. One of the founders wore a “plus size” in clothing, so she was often excluded from many contemporary brands’ sizing.

More than half of the women within the United States wear a size that has been deemed “plus sized” in the fashion industry, but Universal Standard serves everyone. From 4X XS to 3XL, the designers at Universal Fashion make use of something they call the Fit Liberty system to make sure that women of all sizes and shapes and backgrounds feel comfortable shopping for clothes together.


Athleta is a certified B-Corp under the GAP umbrella of fashion companies, which means that Athleta meets the B Corporation’s rigorous standards for sustainability, transparency, and social and environmental justice. This also means Athleta uses its profits to support a greater end rather than just producing profits.

In Athleta’s case, the company focuses on encouraging activity amongst sedentary populations, sisterhood amongst women, and sustainable sourcing of materials. They also make their clothing super cost-effective by creating timeless pieces which transition from the gym to the weekend to the workplace seamlessly. 


Aritzia is a high-fashion brand that wants to differentiate itself using one key ingredient: fun! They want to reintroduce the concept that shopping for clothes should be as fun and as high quality of an experience as the garment you ultimately take home.

Aritzia is both a design house and a boutique, so they know what they are doing when they go to choose garments to include in the Aritzia collection. They curate pieces with the finest construction from talented creators worldwide.

Aritzia’s main focus used to be on their brick-and-mortar locations and the experiences of consumers therein, but post-COVID they have turned their attention to maintaining that great consumer experience within the context of a digital marketplace.

Aritzia is definitely one of the pricier boutiques on this list, but there is no shortage of opportunities to save money. They have fantastic sales year around. 


Taking inspiration from the lush Carolina coasts, Spartina is a label which makes handbags full of history, family, and friendship. Their cozy designs are made to inspire cottage feels, island stories, and relaxing beach vibes.

Two classic signatures of Spartina handbags are the mermaid insignia logo and the soft linen lining found in all of their bags. This proprietary linen is made with techniques that branched off of the time tested techniques of Egyptian linen traditions and became the French and Belgian methods.

Today, Spartina’s linen is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and all-around more durable than your standard cotton linen.


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