Boating is a thrilling and entertaining way to spend time with yourself and your family. But, before you can start having fun on your boat, it’s essential to first learn about how to operate the boat properly. It’s only through training that you’ll be in a position to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your vessel while out boating. 

Taking a boat training safety course is also a requirement in Pennsylvania if you’re born on or after January 1, 1982. This law was passed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and is applicable if you wish to operate a boat that’s over 25 hp. Moreover, everyone, irrespective of their age, is expected to take a course on boat safety.

With all these rules, how do you go about getting a boating certification?  If you’re looking for this information, read the entirety of this post.

When Do You Need A Boating License In Pennsylvania? 

While you might find some boat drivers who learned boating without taking any courses, this isn’t advised as it’s illegal in some states. This is especially the case for the younger individuals in Pennsylvania looking to learn how to ride a boat. The boating age restrictions state that nobody aged 11 years or younger can operate a motor-powered vessel more than 25 hp.

Nonetheless, there are exceptions to the Pennsylvania Boating Safety Certificate for boat operators who aren’t from this state, and these include:

1.If the boat rider has a NASBLA-accredited boating certificate issued by their home state

2.If the boat rider intends to operate on Pennsylvania waters for a duration not exceeding 60 days 

To get boating education in Pennsylvania, you may visit, where you’ll be trained on operating a water vessel that’s over 25hp. With proper training, your boating experience will be a lot more fun, without compromising your and everyone else’s safety on board. 

Steps To Get An Online Boarding Certification

You’ll need to follow a systematic order to get your online boating certification. Here’s how it goes:

Study The Course

When studying online, you don’t have an instructor to guide you, unlike in classroom learning. Despite that, learning online is a lot more flexible as you can study at your own pace. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried that you’ll be required to complete the entire boating course in a single sitting. 

You’ll get to read several chapters or sections during this online class to enlighten you on boat driving and safety measures. The main topics you’ll be taken through include:

1.Navigation rules 

2.State boating regulations 

3.Boating basics and terminologies

4.What to do during boating emergencies 

5.State boating regulations 

6.How to responsibly enjoy watersports

In addition to these, you’ll also be taken through personal safety lessons. This is required because while boating might be fun, it, still, does involve some risks. During individual safety lessons, you’ll get to know several essential facts, such as:

1.Symptoms of hypothermia 

2.Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning 

3.The HELP position 

4.How to help an individual recover from hypothermia 

Prepare For The Examination

Once you’re confident that you’ve learned all the crucial boating details, the next step is to prepare for the examination. While the thought of an exam might be intimidating, you shouldn’t let this get into your head. This is because the goal here is simply raising awareness on boating

Therefore, take your time preparing for the exam by carefully reading all your study materials. This is advised to ensure you’re well-informed on your boating vessel’s proper handling and safety operations. If you feel somewhat intimidated about the exam, you can take a practice test to boost your confidence. This way, you’ll better understand how the questions are usually asked in the test, thereby heightening your chances of acing the examination. 

Some of the questions you should expect in your exam include:

On which side should you port your boat? 

What should you do when boating in stormy weather? 

What are the proper hypothermia treatments? 

These questions are designed to gauge how knowledgeable you are on boating and on how to safely operate a boat. 

Get Your License

If you pass your boat license examination, you’ll be required to pay all the applicable fees before being given an online boating certification. This license shows that you’re capable of observing safe boating practices, following the law, and guaranteeing your and everyone else’s safety on the boat. 

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Online Boating Certification? 

Are you still skeptical whether or not the online boating certification will be of any help?  If so, here’s an overview of the benefits of having this certification:

The Law Requires It 

Before you can operate a boating vessel on federal or state waters, having a boating license is compulsory. Having this certification shows that you understand the boating laws and regulations. It’s also proof you can safely operate the boat without causing any accident or significant difficulty. 

Learn Boat Operation

There’s always something more you can learn when it comes to operating a boat. Therefore, taking an online boating course even if you’re already a professional is recommended to improve your boating skills. This is more so the case because you’re more likely to acquire bad habits as you become accustomed to boating, which might lead to an accident or affect your boating experience. 

You Avoid Fines 

All personal watercraft (PWC) operators and boaters in Pennsylvania must go through boating education and have a Boating Safety Education Certificate to prove their accreditation. If you don’t have this and are found boating, you’ll be required to pay hefty fines. This will even be more expensive than what you’ll have to spend had you chosen to get yourself an online boating certification. Therefore, it’s simpler and cheaper to get an online boating certification and avoid this altogether. 


If you’re passionate about boating, taking an online boating safety course is advised. This will take you through every safety protocol you should observe while boating. The best part about this course is that it’s easy, fast, and convenient. If you didn’t know to get this certification, mentioned above are all the details you should know.   


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