10 MOTIVATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS BOOKSWeight loss is a very big deal in our present world. A time when everyone is on the run. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the 10 best motivational weight loss books.

When our brains have been wired to think that fat is the perfect way out of hunger.

When junks have become our staple.

A time when the fruit bowl on the dinner table is hardly ever put to use.  

“Just this once,” we say when we sit and gobble down that mass of artificial snack.
In a matter of days, we add a pound and in a matter of years pass, pounds mount up in our bellies.

Why Read Motivational Weight Loss Books

Obesity, high blood pressure and other related problems set in. Then and there, the fight against our body begins.

We then go online, scourge internet tabloids, blogs in search of the solution. We hit the gym and engage in strenuous exercises.

We diet and stretch our stomachs thin. This goes on for a week or two before we lose the vibe to continue.

That vibe that we started out with. That vibe that is actually required to lay off that weight.

So, the question is: How do I retain my vibe? The answer is far simpler than somewhat complex or as it may appear to seem

its simply Train your mind. The mind is a system that controls practically everything we do.

It determines the way we look, appear, walk, work and act. In short, the physical expression of the mind bares is manifested on the body.

The body speaks our mind.

 Then we proceed to: “How do I train my mind?” Over the years, it has been established that what we read largely affects our daily life.

How about getting down to that bookstore online? Check out what books would do you some great good. 

Here is a little list of 10 books I compiled in case it takes you too long to search.

They are the best anytime to caution, raise, enliven, debug, cleanse and elevate your mind. Look them up and be self fulfilled.

1. Weight Loss Motivation For Men And Women

Author: Kira Novac

Weight Loss Motivation For Men And WomenIf you can’t just stop gobbling things even on a scheduled weight loss plan, this is the book for you!

Sometimes actually, most starvation diets never seem the achieve the aim they have been designed to.

Exercise routines also could prove tiring and boring.

Novac in this book helps make your weight loss process an obsession.

Here, your inner man learns to adopt the lessons from past mistakes. Experience becomes a rich soil and not a dragnet.

It helps create a practical balance between your mind and your stomach.

This book brings back that push, that energy that you need so badly.

2. The Thin Woman’s Brain 

Author: Dilia Suriel

The Thin Woman's BrainThis book perfectly answers the question.

“Why do some women stay thin while some struggle to shed just a pound?”

It analyses the brains and mode of thinking of thin and overweight women.

This book fills us in on how the brain interprets our years of overfeeding and dieting.

Dilia in this book proposes no any feeding pattern. Rather, it gives a steady approach to changing or improving one’s behavioral tendencies towards feeding.

It enlightens on how decades of existence and modern meals could create obesity.

This book teaches you to reexamine and renew your thinking. It pulls from the general into the world of specific thinking.

3. From Fat To Thin Thinking

Author: Rita Black

From Fat to Thin ThinkingThis book specifically adopts an hypnosis-based test for everyone who sincerely intends to lose weight.

It helps you beat that unending cycle of being on and off a diet system. 

The writer, a renowned clinical hypnotherapist, gives a lasting solution to the problem of obesity.

She explains how our wired our mind is to that continuous battle against weight.

This book guides the reader through the Shift Weight Mastery Process. And to a point where there is a lasting change in outlook and personality.

Rita Black pushes the reader into a system of positive thinking. Addictions now are easier to overcome.

There is a newer thinking, a more confident person.

Change your thinking and rise a complete victor over that long-term infatuation!

4. Mini Habits For Weight Loss 

Author: Stephen Guise 

In Mini Habits for Weight Loss, you drop that extra weight naturally. In the exact way your

body and brain are meant to change.

This book will show you just the way to keep your mind on the thin path. 

You finally get to overcome years of changing cloth sizes. You surmount those days of compulsive eating.

The bridge between your mind and your body finally gets to be open. Self-control is the real message this book will teach.

You learn to be faithful to whatever diet plan you are on. As well as consistency in any exercise drill you may be involved in.

you understand how bingeing on holidays may adversely affect you.
Change your behavior with this book and you will never diet again!

5. The Obesity Code

Author: Jason Fung

The Obesity CodeIt remains undeniable that the hormones instantiate obesity.

Through a system of thoreis about weight gain, Fung analyzes certain issues.

He gives experts views on proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition that may be achieved through the understanding of the working of insulin and insulin resistance.

Through his five basic steps and more, the author explains how alternating fasting can help achieve a break in insulin circulation.

This will result in a well-endured weight loss.

Fung zeroes in on why insulin resistance has become so prevalent and offers specific outside-the-box solutions that have emerged as the key to maximizing health.”
—Jimmy Moore, author, Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity

6. Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It

Author: Gary Taubes

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About ItThrough a practical process, Taubes takes you away from an ideology that has been carried on for years.

He establishes that certain calories and not really fats or extreme carbohydrates actually cause obesity. 

He also examines how our food intake, exercise drills and evn genetics control our mind. Which in turn controls our body.

It contains comprehensive answers to some FAQs on poor weight management.

Built on Taubes’ Bad Calories, Good Calories, Why We Get Fat remains an essential solution to training our mind to grasp the full extent of obesity.

And to understand how to overcome it through the training of our minds and the eventual culturing of our body.

7. The Diet Delusion

Author: Gary Taubes

The Diet DelusionHundreds of years of research seems to claim that excess fat is the main cause of obesity.

But it is not establishes how now not taking it still results in the same consequences.

This is despite the spike in health awareness in this generation. Diabetes still takes the forefront in health challenges.

The Diet Delusion critically examines the reasons why our bodies still reacts the same way.

The diet industry has still been unable to solve this dilemma.

Taubes in this book proposes the ideal way of eating with our mind in focus and our health in view. This book just screams: “It is truth time!”

8. Weight Loss Motivation Secrets

Author: Michael Kelly

Weight Loss Motivation Secrets8 Secrets to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily…

While still maintaining your diet and sticking to your exercise plans.

First, I have to admit that this book I pretty short. But have those long books on diets and exercise plans affected us specially. 

This concise book helps you overcome all those nights and days of losing and regaining pounds.

It is time to step your mind forward. The principles in here are practical, simple and certainly motivating indeed.   

Push yourself to usurp those fats that come to stay after pregnancy. Or that pot belly that suddenly sticks out after retirement.

I lost about 7 lbs. of belly fat with a secret from Pillar #1. I didn’t think I could do it, but the power of “small wins” – something I learned from this book, made it impossible to fail.” – Brown Blackwell, Mississippi, a beneficiary of the book witnesses.

9. Weight Loss Motivation For Women

Author: Elena Garcia

Weight Loss Motivation for WomenGood news. Here is one book that does not pore on flawlessness. Rather, it encourages growth. 

No hormonal imbalances, painful diet plans, tiring exercise machines.

You need to live the real life you have been destined to as a woman- a free woman. 

Being a woman could mean looking after others than you. And in the process, most women just add pounds without knowing.

And when they finally become aware, they just give up almost immediately 

Rediscover the inner strength to love yourself again. Unearth that buried vibe. 

Learn to keep your mind very alive, remain inspired. That is exactly all that you may need at this moment

10. Lose Weight, Find Yourself 

Author:  Adrienne 

Fat, work out, relapse. Fat, diet, relapse.

This process kept Adrienne stuck for more than she could remember.

However, upon rediscovering her identity, she had dropped about righty pounds. And she maintains it also!

Noting that the conventional hardly ever works for anyone, the author shares her personal experience.

Her ordeal with overcoming that obsession with food. An obsession which would lead to countless medical problems. 

With a determined mind, she gradually overcomes all emotional attachments to her former lifestyle. Now, not only does she walk “weightless”, she turns heads.


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