Do you currently know someone who is suffering from lupus? Or do you wish to buy yourself some great presents to help relieve your lupus condition and make your life more enjoyable? Look no further, as we have compiled this list of most thoughtful lupus gifts you can get. 

What Is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects approximately 1.5 millions American and at least 5 millions people worldwide. 90 percent of the patients are women, and the period when they mostly develop the disease is during childbearing age.

This is a strange condition that’s caused by our immune system. Usually, we’d think of the immune system as a barrier that protects us against any other diseases. However, when it chooses to assault our own body, we will experience lupus. It’s still unknown how or why the immune system makes this mistake.

Lupus inflammations – usually called flares – will affect your skin, blood, and also your organs such as the liver and kidney… Thus, this disease is not to be taken lightly, and requires a lot of effort from the patient to be efficiently treated.

What Are The Impacts Of Lupus On The Patients?

The most common effects of lupus on the body are significant pain, fever and fatigue. They may also have rashes on parts of the skin. In addition, sufferers might also experience hair loss, cognitive problems and malfunctioning of internal organs. 

Each patient will have different symptoms and experience different degrees of irritation. They might show many symptoms at the same time, or not show any symptom at all. In general, the life of a lupus patient is definitely not easy.

Therefore, to ensure that lupus sufferers can live life to the fullest, these are suggestions for top 10 thoughtful gifts to show your support and motivate them:


Clothes For People With Lupus

1. Sun Protection Clothes

Lupus patients are more vulnerable to sunlight than usual. Their sensitivity to the UV rays in sunlight – known as photosensitivity – can make lupus flares more active. This causes rashes on the skin, joint pain and other symptoms if the patient is exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Thus, clothes that can protect the skin from UV rays will be the perfect gift for lupus patients. Even with proper application of sunscreen, they can give the person a physical barrier from the sun, and is definitely more efficient. 

The combined use of both sunscreen and SPF/UPF clothing is absolutely necessary to prevent flares.

2. Comfortable shirts

Anyone with lupus will be very much grateful for clothing items that are soft to the touch, in order not to irritate their skin. 

Even better, how about a shirt that spreads awareness about the condition, while providing you with ultimate comfort? Some funny lupus shirts from Hyperfavor will do the job for you. 

These shirts will help bring the disease into the attention of our community, and advocate better understanding of the condition. At the same time, the humorous images and quotes will surely lighten up the patient’s mood.

3. Heated Apparel

Do you know that one third of lupus patients might suffer from Raynaud’s Phenomenon as well? This is a syndrome that affects your blood circulation, making vulnerable body parts such as fingers and toes freeze under sudden change of heat or mental state. 

One of the best ways to fight Raynaud’s is to keep your body warm all the time, especially your hands and feet. Therefore, apparel that can heat up these parts of the body will be of great use.

Check out some thermal gloves and socks that can insulate the body warmth. Moreover, heated items such as slippers or feet heating pads are favored by many lupus sufferers. This is certainly a very thoughtful gift for people who are fighting lupus and Reynaud’s at the same time.

4. Sleeping Eye Masks

For patients with sleeping problems and fatigue, you can get them eye masks to help them fall asleep easier. 

The quality of sleep is very important for lupus patients, so choose a mask that can block out the light while giving their eyes gentle massages. Heated eye masks are a great choice.

Helpful Gadgets

5. Essential Oils And Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy will do wonders in lessening the stress caused by lupus flares. The relaxing scents from essential oils not only help the patient relax, but are also proven to reduce physical pain.

Choose oils that have pain relieving effects such as ginger or basil, or scents that will help the patient relax like lavender and chamomile. These will provide them with better sleep and better mood.

6. Massagers

Though this is a bit more of an expensive gift, there’s no doubt that a good massager will aid the joint and muscle pain that go with lupus. There are many massagers that target different joints, for example neck, shoulders or lower back. Therefore, make sure to find one that can ease the patient’s pain effectively.

7. Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket can calm a restless body, providing them with a great sense of protection and comfort. It’s like giving the lupus patient a hug – but with the help of a blanket. This is a form of home therapy that everyone will appreciate. Better sleep, less body pain and less stress, what could be better than that?

Even More Gift Ideas 

8. Books

It’s important for lupus sufferers to truly understand their condition and how they can manage it efficiently. By educating themselves about the disease, they will pick up tips to prevent flares from happening, and see what advice the professionals have for them.

However, other books that provide the patient with a relaxing time will be wonderful as well. Depending on the genre that they enjoy, you can give them a book accordingly.

9. Vitamins And Supplements

Taking enough vitamins and minerals daily is one of the keys in reducing the effect of lupus. A healthy and strong body will make the patient happier, and lupus pain won’t be as severe as before. Remember to check if the vitamin is suitable for lupus patients or not. It’s best to ask the person directly or consult with a pharmacist first.

10. Gift Cards

Gift cards can be super thoughtful if you choose the right category. Buy the lupus sufferer a massage or therapy session, or sign them up for a yoga class so they can clear their mind. They will surely appreciate the gesture as much as any other physical gifts.


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