Usually, it is normal for students to get part-time jobs while studying. It is usually to either earn some money on the side or to save up for trips during the holidays. It helps with your journey towards being an independent adult.

Nowadays, students are turning to a new career option: freelancing. Not to mention that some are even taking extra courses like counselling courses singapore on the side to learn as much as possible. 

In this article, we take a closer look at engaging in freelance work. If you are interested in finding out more, read on! 

Gaining Valuable and Relevant Experience

Most part-time work range across roles in the Food & Beverage (F&B), Hospitality, Customer service, Retail, and Sales. More often than not, these roles are taken up by students who are pursuing a course that is not relevant to that industry they are partaking part-time in.

While this may widen their skill set, it would be ideal to focus on gaining experience in a role that is relevant to their dream job when they graduate. In fact, most students find it frustrating that even entry-level job listings require applicants to have a minimum of a year’s worth of relevant experience. 

Especially for students who want to pursue a career in the creative sector where portfolios hold a heavy significance, having as much experience to fill the blank pages will help land better job opportunities.

In a way, you have to gain a moderate amount of relevant experience in order to be viable for an opportunity to let yourself gain more experience. And what better time to do so other than when you are studying? 

Freelancing provides you the experience, especially for a specific skill. For example, it could be writing articles to populate a company’s blog, or it could be designing graphics for a company’s social media page. Having these experiences will endorse your skills and help build recruiters’ confidence in hiring you. This will set you apart from many fresh grads too! 

Honing Skills

Circling back to our point on gaining experience — not only do you get to beef up your resume, you get to sharpen your skills too. It helps you validate your own confidence in your abilities too, now that you have experience with working with organizations on a job. If your desired job prospect has specific skills to work on, make sure to engage in freelance work that helps you hone those particular skills.

This is also a great opportunity for you to have a taste of what your desired industry role looks like. What are your role’s daily expectations? Is the workload manageable? What software and appliances are used? You now have a tighter grasp on what skills to hone in order to appeal to the job you want. Although freelance work is usually paid, you can start small by volunteering too! For example, you could help set up a relative’s cafe social media page to grow your digital marketing abilities. 

Work When You Want To

Freelance work can either come in the form of contract jobs with a set deadline which only spans across a few days; or in the form of project-based work, which usually lasts over a few months to complete different projects.

This gives you the freedom to schedule when you would want to work and when you do not want to. As compared to part-time work, you rarely have fixed hours or fixed days of work to attend. If you think you can handle the workload of school and freelance work, then you should consider taking up freelancing. 

Time management is essential, and it will be inevitable for you to pick up this vital skill too. Poor time management skills could lead to stressful deadlines packed back-to-back. You are only human, you are not a robot, so make sure you know what you are signing up for and manage your time wisely. We highly advise that you never compromise one for the other! 

Learning To Be Independent

A quality that most freelancers have cultivated is resourcefulness, independence, and initiative. You are expected to be proactive enough to contribute during meetings and to stick to deadlines strictly.

As a freelancer, you do not have a supervisor to answer to or anyone to give you top-down orders too, so the onus is on you to stick within a self-regulated schedule and to check in with your clients. You cannot expect your client to chase you for updates. So take jobs that you can handle, instead of biting off more than you can chew. 

If you fail to display a high degree of initiative or to complete any work given to you, you might get blacklisted by your client. Trust us, word gets around very quick. A mistake could really cost you your career and your employability.

We are sure that the decision alone to take on freelance work already speaks volumes about your character, so we know that this will only be an enriching and eye-opening experience for you! Thus we have to reiterate that freelancing requires a lot of commitment on your end. 

Useful Resources

For those wanting to start a career in freelancing but do not know how-to, here are some useful links to help prepare you. 

  • This has downloadable invoice templates for freelancers to use and customize 
  • Canva
  • Similar to Ampter, this site has many creative templates for invoices. If you want to personalize them to your own branding, this site might help
    • If you need a website to search for prospective freelance gigs, head over to this one. They also have listings for part-time jobs.


In conclusion, while freelancing is rewarding and attractive for many, you do have to be strategic about the work you engage in. Think of it like going to the gym, which ‘muscle’ are you going to target during this ‘exercise’? Like every fresh grad hungry for work, you have to make sure that you are employable and that you stand out from other applicants.

On top of that, you get the chance to rub shoulders with higher-ups, depending on your project. Treasure the connections and network contacts you make during these projects. With a comprehensive portfolio and an outstanding resume, you might actually open up doors for yourself.


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