Prom DressesAdmittedly, we live in times when modesty isn’t trendy. Despite that, we compiled a list of the 10 most modest prom dresses to wear for your prom.

Lost of girls want to turn heads at the prom in a sizzling sequined number with a thigh-high slit and a halter neckline.

If you’re not like most girls, this post is for you – a young woman who will not compromise her standards for appearance.

Below is a list of the best modest prom dress designers.

Name  Best feature  Consumer rating 
Modest by Design of Midvale Best prices  5/5
DressAfford Most Beautiful Dresses 5/5
Beautylin  Best “Demure Couture” Designer 4.5/5
Landa Most Versatile Designer 4.5/5

Best Selling Modest Prom Dresses

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Best Prices: Modest by Design of Midvale

Modest By Design of Midvale has a very innovative approach.

The company came to be when the founders asked girls to design their dream dress at their website,

Whoever drew the best one would have her dream dress made by the company’s designers for free.

The tens of entries they got convinced them that girls nationwide were seeking less revealing evening wear.

According to them, what’s coming out for prom seasons lately are half-dresses.

Companies are making what they believe will be purchased.

Some dresses are altered to lower hems or make necklines higher, or by adding thicker straps or cap sleeves.

They take zippers out in order to raise the back of the dress. Sometimes the neckline has to be raised after resetting the sleeves.

Other times, a section of fabric can be sewn across a neckline. And all this at affordable prices.

Most Beautiful Dresses: DressAfford

DressAffordDressAfford creates very beautiful, high-quality special occasion dresses that are not revealing.

Fashion designers, customer service representatives.

And experienced seamstresses combine their knowledge in research and sourcing with cutting-edge technology.

Skilled craftsmanship, and creative processes to provide girls with beautiful prom dresses with elements of current trends.

DressAfford realizes how important a purchase the prom dress is and how challenging it can be to find a dress that fits.

Flatters the figure, and captures one’s unique personality and style.

They have carried out an extensive data study of body measurements and looked at different dress designs, styles, and colors to ensure the perfect fit and look.

The designer offers dresses in all sizes from 2 to 26W. The user-friendly website has been created to ensure a fast, easy shopping experience. 

Best “Demure Couture” Designer: Beautylin

BeautylinWe became aware of a relatively new modest formal dress fashion house, Beautylin.

And the designer and owner Linda Skinner (hence the name: beauty – linda, lin).

Beautylin makes modest floor-length and knee-length prom dresses and gowns.

But also dresses for other occasions and for older women.

The house’s appealing designs elevate modest party dresses to haute couture to highlight physical and inner beauty.

The designer calls the company “demure couture.”

Most Versatile Designer: Landa 

Landa Landa offers gorgeous silhouettes of all shapes and sizes with one thing in common: modesty.

They have a vast collection of formal prom dresses and gowns.

There are styles in silk, chiffon, and some sequined embellishments.

There are also fun tulle skirts, sleek formal gowns with sleeves and high necklines, and gowns with special prints or trims.

Some of the dresses have rhinestones and crystals.

On a final note, there are two more great sources of modest dresses: fashion house Venus and retailer A Formal Choice.  

Modest Prom Dress Patterns

Modest Prom Dress PatternsIf you want to save money and wear a modest prom dress, you’re in luck.

Websites like offer instructions on how to sew a modest prom dress.

You can buy vintage patterns online or at a local sewing store.

At, you’ll find Pattern Maker Software that gives you suggestions and lets you customize the pattern and fit.

You choose the fabric regardless of whether you’re making your own dress or have decided to hire a seamstress.

There are even instructions on how to sew a dress, including drafts of templates for sizes extra small to large. 

Sewing A Modest Prom Dress

Sewing a Modest Prom DressThere are printable handouts of some dresses available.

Using these, you can also remake revealing dresses, for example a sister’s old prom dress, into a more modest one.

For example, you can turn a strapless dress into one that covers your shoulders and back.

This is called the “shoulder shrug.”

This approach works for dresses that are too low on the back, without sleeves, but are high enough in the front.

You can also tackle a not-so-modest prom dress by adding a shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Shrug.

Buying a nice lycra long sleeve shirt to wear under the sleeveless dress, or wearing a shawl.

Think about making your dress from silk or satin and accenting it with lace, chiffon, or organza.

You will feel like a princess and nobody will know you made it yourself.

Cheap Modest Prom Dresses

For some really low-cost modest prom dresses, Amazon and eBay are the way to go. You can also try retailers like The Dress Warehouse, which offer huge markdowns on designer dresses due to overstocking or deals with the designers.

Alternatively, you could look for black Friday deals on your favorite dress and simply keep it for your special date.

Buyers’ Guide: Things To Consider When Buying Or Making A Prom Dress  

Before you know it, it’ll be time for prom again. It’s best to start looking for a dress around five months in advance.

This is especially true if you plan on buying it online, because you need to take shipping and potentially things like resizing and adjustments into account.

However, choosing the perfect dress isn’t easy. You need to know what kind of dresses you like.

Keep in mind prom is more formal than homecoming, so you’ll need something more official looking, preferably long and not knee-length or tee-length.

The good news is that long prom dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Know your options before you pick out one for yourself. The same dress can look very different when worn by different people.

If you shop at an outlet or a department store, try on different dresses to see what works best. 


TypeThe type of dress type is a key factor of your personal style.

Do you prefer a sweetheart or a high neck?

Sleeves or straps? Do you want a dress with a mermaid train? An A-line or a ball gown? Or a fit and flare?

Ask these question and your options will slowly start to shrink. It’s easy to pick a dress with a smaller number of options.

It’s the same if you want to make your own dress. 


Most modest prom dress styles will come in simple, solid colors. As “modest” refers to the style and not as much to color.

You can opt for a bold one like red or a pattern. You can choose a warm or cool color, or black or white. 

You can augment the dress with beadwork, dainty rhinestones, lace, or even get a striped dress.

There are dresses with tasteful floral embroidery. The choices are endless. As with type and color, knowing what patterns you like will help limit your choice.


Modest dresses work well with jewelry. Any kind will do, it depends on your preference.

People looking for modest styles aren’t likely to wear flashy jewelry, so just pair the dress with your favorite necklace or earrings. 

Personal preference is most important when shopping for your prom dress.

Look for the elements that you like until you are left with nothing but the best.

Your Body Type

Your Body TypeYour body type matters even if you choose a modest prom dress.

Of course, you can wear any dress you’d like without taking this factor into account.

But some will be more flattering than others.

There are a few main body types: athletic build, apple-shaped (weight mostly in the tummy).

Pear-shaped (carrying weight in your hips), and hourglass, where the waist is the smallest point of the body. 

You might want to pick a modest prom dress depending on your eye color, skin tone, or hair color. Why should you?

You’ll have a dress that compliments your features and is easy on the eyes. When choosing a prom dress, consider your undertones. Are you warm or cool?

This is not a personality question. 

What Are Your Undertones? 

If the veins on your wrist look green or olive, your undertones are warm. Blue or purple, you have cool undertones.

Bluish-green (in between) means your undertone is neutral.

If you have a warm tone, you’d look best in pink, red, or yellow.

Cool toned skin works best with more subdued colors like green, blue, and royal purple. 


We will close out with a section on the most frequently asked questions about modest prom dresses and all things related. Check for the answer to yours. 

Where Do I Buy A Modest Prom Dress?

department storeYou can look at your local department store.

If cost is a factor, check the clearance racks.

Also, there might be some nice clothes left over from homecoming.

It’s best to buy a prom dress out of season if you are cost-conscious.

You can also check out online retailers or your favorite designers’ outlets.

You could make your own or get a friend who’s handy with a sewing machine to make one.  

Where Can I Find A Modest Prom Dress With Sleeves? 

Online retailers like The Dress Warehouse have checkboxes to filter your search.

Just check “sleeves” and “prom dresses” and you’ll get the matches you’re looking for. Check Google for modest prom dresses near you.  After you picked the perfect, remember to read our article about how much to tip your prom valet 


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