Are you planning a vacation to Lima? Here are some of the most popular tourist spots that you don’t want to miss.  

One of the most ancient and elegant cities that people rarely talk about is Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima is filled with the rich history of kings. This City of Kings is famous for its incredibly attractive sites. If you are planning your next vacation to Lima, let me be your virtual guide.   

The richly colorful islands of the pacific coast and unique ancient architects will definitely blow your mind. You will want to have a list of Lima’s most attractive tourist spots that are must-visits. After all, you need to make the most of your hard-earned money on your trip.   

Lima’s 12 Top-Rated Attractions for Tourists 

1.Miraflores District

If you are up for greenery scenes and beachy vibes, head on to Miraflores District, situated south of Central Lima. Miraflores is an excellent entertainment center in Lima, and the place has updated its tourist attractions in recent years. 

Just above the cliff of the coast sit colonial residences and high-rise buildings. This place is a must-visit for beach lovers. Moreover, many casinos and bars have recently been incorporated into this place to attract tourists.   

2.Museo Larco

The Museo Larco is one of the oldest museums in the world, with some truly impressive Columbian artifacts. It was built in the 7th century in a Columbian pyramid. In the current century, this museum has over 5000 years of Peru’s historical art collection. 

Some of its exotic collections are the Peruvian erotic pottery and accessories used by ancient rulers and priests. The list of collections goes on. One-day visits to this gallery might not be enough! 

3.Plaza De Armas

Plaza de Armas is one of the common sites that tourists visit in Lima. It is located just at the center, and you could say this plaza is the birthplace of the city. This amazing architecture holds the historical background of Lima and became a magnet for tourists. 

Don’t forget to click some pictures there! Carry your camera while visiting Plaza de Armas to cherish the beauty till you visit again.

4.Lima Cathedral

Another historic architectural beauty of Lima is its cathedral. From baroque to neoclassical, this huge building displays several architectural styles, blended into a beautiful and artistic mix. 

The uniqueness of the cathedral is its gold-plated main altar which shines brightly in the daytime. However, you will actually see the true beauty of the cathedral at night, when the entire thing lights up.

5.Covento de San Francisco


This is a monastery that resembles ancient Spanish baroque architecture. It has a massive library inside with more than 25,000 historical texts and Bibles created in the 15th century. More than the library, this monastery is attractive to tourists for the catacombs beneath it, where more than 70,000 bodies are buried. Now their bones are preserved as art that holds epic stories.

6.Parque de la Reserva 

Aside from the architecture, there is also a mesmerizing park in Lima that will give you a magical water tour. With 13 complex fountains, the Parque de la Reserva holds the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the largest fountain in the world. 

Although the view is pure and enticing all the time, nighttime holds something extra. As the sun goes down, the park becomes a laser light show set to Peruvian melodies. The fountains are not ordinary fountains but awe-inspiring displays of mystical beauty.   

7.Barranco District

Not an average district, Barranco will give you the most pleasurable vibes of Bohemian flavors. The beautiful artsy houses accessorized with blooming flowers will definitely make you feel shifting there! 

During the day, you will see busy people going about their daily work. But the night holds the real taste of the district. People become energized to party, visit bars, or have dinner in the small quaint restaurants.   

8.Parque del Amor

Amor means love, so yes, you guessed it: This is a love park. If you are visiting Lima with the love of your life, don’t forget to visit this stunningly romantic park and view the most beautiful sunset on the bay. 

What can be more romantic than wearing couples’ outfits, having coffee, and enjoying the sunset? This view with your loved one will make you forget all the stress of life for a while!

You won’t believe how pleasing this love park is unless you visit it!

9.Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a holy and religious place for the Peruvians, where three of the most famous and respected Peruvian saints lie. The monastery was rebuilt and remodeled many times after originally being built in the 16th century. You can also see its expansively beautiful pink tiled church.   

10.Museo de la Nación

There is no better place to depict the Peruvian culture, heritage, and history than Museo de la Nación in Lima. It is the largest museum amongst the many in Lima, with everything arranged in chronological order that vividly shows the transformation of Peru over the ages. 

11.Huaca Pucllana

In the Miraflores district of Central Lima lies an ancient clay pyramid constructed from seven staggered adobe platforms. Who said pyramids could only be seen in Egypt? Huaca Pucllana holds significant importance for the Peruvians, as all the nobles of Peru’s history were buried there. 

12.Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología, e Historia

Last but not least, here comes another museum. As you might guess, this museum holds the archeology, anthropology, and history of Peru. To be more precise, it contains over 100,000 artifacts that cover the entire history of modern Peru. 

Final Notes

No matter when you begin to explore Lima, you won’t be disappointed with any of these sites. All 12 of them are mind-blowing in their own way. As a virtual  Lima Travel Guide, I have made sure to cover many of the major tourist spots, but there is much more to see. If you are still contemplating visiting Lima, I suggest you start planning to encounter its exotic attractions as soon as possible! 


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