Divination is something that has always intrigued humans, and evidence is showing that many forms of divination were practiced throughout history, dating back as far as over 4,000 years ago to ancient civilizations.

Today, as then, there is just as much mystery surrounding divination and millions of people visit diviners and readers each year to learn more about the future, the present, or the past.

If you are interested in learning about divination or you are thinking about visiting a diviner or reader, here is some information about the various methods of divination for beginners. 

Fortune Telling 

Fortune telling is one of the oldest methods of divination and there is evidence to suggest that it was practiced over 4,000 years ago in Chaldea, China, Babylonia, and Egypt, and today has practitioners in almost every culture, and gipsy fortune tellers are now available online at sites like Mediumchat.

Fortune telling is what the name suggests, is when someone makes accurate predictions about your future. Many people use fortune tellers for advice or to have questions answered. 


Cleromancy is also a method of divination that has been around for a long time and is the easiest to perform since it can be done with almost any object. In modern times, however, diviners commonly use either pebbles or dice.

Essentially how this method works is you will ask a question, the diviner will use dark and light-colored pebbles and place 13 of each in a bag, then the question will be asked twice more and the diviner will remove a handful of pebbles.

If there are more dark-colored pebbles, the answer is no, and if there are more light-colored pebbles, then the answer is yes. The same number of pebbles means no answer.


Tarot cards are often used by fortune tellers to see into a person’s present, past, or future. Reading of the cards takes a lot of time and the results entirely depend on the reader’s ability to interpret the cards.

A typical deck of tarot cards consists of the regular number of cards in a deck plus 22 extras, which are a combination of lovers, the devil, and death. It is best to visit an experienced tarot reader as it often takes years to learn how to correctly interpret the cards. 


Lithomancy is the art of using crystals to interpret the meaning of an answer to a question. Lithomancy is very similar to tarot cards in terms of interpretation.

The process itself is rather simple; 10 crystals are placed in a specific bag called a mojo bag, the bag is shaken and a question is asked.

Once a crystal or stone is removed from the bag, the diviner will interpret the answer with their abilities to make sense of what it means in relation to the question that was asked.  


Another ancient tradition dating back around 2,400 years ago is astrology, and it is somewhat different from the rest of the divination methods on this list since it requires less reliance on psychic abilities.

Astrology is essentially the study of the stars and their influence on what happens in the human world. An experienced astrologer will know the meaning of the planets and understand houses as well as zodiac signs.  

Astrology has long been a popular kind of divination, as astrologers think that the exact location of planets at the moment of your birth has a direct impact on your personality traits, and may even be used to foretell your future.

If you want to learn more about your personality qualities as per your zodiac sign, keep an eye on astrological websites, publications, or newspapers. During the research, many amazing things are uncovered.

For example, while some people think of the Libra zodiac sign as “ready to be alone,” they actually absolutely hate the concept of being alone for an extended period of time.


Scrying is a very common form of divination and is always represented in movies with diviners using a crystal ball. This is exactly what scrying is and it has been practiced for thousands of years.

There are other methods of scrying other than using a crystal ball, such as water and fire scrying. As the name suggests water scrying involves looking into a body of water, large or small, and fire scrying involves looking into a fire or flames to either communicate with the dead or see visions of the future. 


Cartomancy is another popular form of divination and only requires a deck of 52 playing cards. Just like tarot cards, each playing card has different meanings based on face, suit, and number.

A question is asked and the diviner will draw different cards and interpret the meaning of the cards laid out on the table. Again, as with tarot reading, experience is very important as it often takes a very long time to successfully interpret the cards.


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