So with the festive season just around the corner, here’s our detailed review of the best matching pajamas for couples.

One sure way of reinforcing the love between you and your significant other is by getting a great pair of matching pajamas.

And if you have a couple of little ones running around, you can add them to the mix too!
We’ve also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to let you know the exact features to consider before making your purchase.

Best Matching Pajamas for Couples

Top Matching Pajamas for Couples

1. Sykooria Christmas Family Matching Pajamas-100% Cotton Pajamas For That Comfy Feel

If you’re searching for high-quality pajamas made from the ideal ratio of polyester and 100% grade cotton, then look no further.

The Sykooria Christmas Family Matching Pajamas are warm, soft, and illuminate the perfect Christmas spirit during the festive season. With a classic neckline, anti-fade features, and a long-sleeved design, these are no doubt Pjs for the ages.

A touching message is printed on the front of the shirt, boldly stating, “Joy Love Peace Believe Christmas.”

With a lightweight and ergonomic design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another pair of pajamas as comfortable as these. Indeed, they are ideal for lounging with the kids while watching movies, giving gifts, and having a hearty breakfast.

What We Liked 

  • Some of the most comfortable pajamas in the market. The lightweight design ensures you receive ample air circulation while sleeping.
  • Easily machine-washable
  • Anti-fade features

What We didn’t 

  • The pajamas can be a bit too tight for big and tall people.

2.AW BRIDAL Matching Pajamas for Couples

Couples pajamas sets are made of 100% polyester, which is breathable, comfortable and lightweight. Soft pajamas sets bring you the freedom to move around, whether sitting on the couch or lying in bed.

3. Matching Pajamas Sets, 4-Piece Cotton Pajamas His and Hers 

Perfect for lounging wear, sleeping wear, daily wear, casual wear around your house. High quality 100% cotton fabric, super soft with skin touch, lightweight and breathable.

4.Ekouaer Couples Matching Pajamas Sets Velvet PJs

Pajamas matching set features classic long sleepwear style.His and hers pajamas sets couples with v neck,one chest pocket,long sleeve pajamas shirts. These two-piece pajama set with long sleeve sleep top and long lounge pants set,with superior stitching


5.U2SKIIN Couple Pajama Sets, Plaid Pajama Set for Men and Women Soft Warm

This super-soft, lightweight, and versatile pajama set made of premium quality microfleece provide ultimate comfort whenever in use. The super-comfortable pajamas set features a classic V-neck, decorative button, and contrast color design, which gives it an elegant and stylish look

6.Matching Robes for Couples, 2Pcs Mr and Mrs Robes Satin Couple

Set of 2 embroidered luxurious satin robes: Mr and Mrs robes, Wifey and Hubby robes. Featuring kimono oblique V-neck, half sleeves, side pockets

7. Burt’s Bees Matching  Family Jumpsuits – Pajamas With A Soft And Lush Interior

With the Burt’s Bees pajamas, you’ll have your ‘his’ and ‘hers’ onesie on deck, not to mention a fantastic mini-onesie to introduce the new member of the family to their first Christmas!

What makes these boyfriend and girlfriend matching PJs a must-have is their zip-front opening. If you’re feeling a bit warm, you can zip it down to get some air flowing in.

This also makes it easier for you to remove the onesie when you’re off to enjoy the New Year with friends and family! They are also designed with a soft, plush interior to make you feel as comfortable as possible as you sample the joy and happiness of the festive season.

What We Liked 

  • Ankle cuffs and ribbed wrists ensure that your onesies stay secure.
  • Super comfy thanks to a lush interior

What We Didn’t Like

  • The onesies for kids are a little tight-fitting.
  • Are not designed for sleeping on, only to be used for lounging in the house.

8. PajamaGram Matching Pajama Set– Simple, Subtle, And Extremely Durable

If bright colors don’t tickle your fancy, then you can settle for the polite and simple PajamaGram matching set.

Despite its subtle colors, they are one of the highest quality pajamas in the market. 

The pajama set can be bought either for couples, or the whole family. The set comes with a blue Henley top that’s matched with white and blue pants that are dashed with red snowflakes.

After every wash, you will notice that the pajamas feel softer. Don’t worry; this is just the durable fabric becoming smoother for enhanced comfort.


  • Ideal for both couples and families planning to enjoy their Christmas in the house.
  • The pajamas are manufactured from high-quality fabric, making them long-lasting.
  • The kid’s pajamas are designed with a flame-resistant feature.


  • The quality of the sewing is not as excellent as you might expect for the price, especially around the seams.
  • The adult pajamas feel a little itchy, especially on the top.

9. Karen Neuburger Matching Christmas Pajama Set– Drink Up Grinches, It’s Christmas!

If you’re looking to have a naughty little item on your list (“Drink Up, Grinches!”).

Then the Karen Neuburger Pajama Set is ideal for you and your partner. Manufactured from high-quality fleece, polyester, and cotton, you’ll see that this is one of the best ensembles to have on Christmas Eve. 

Plus, you can get the complete Grinch family pajamas set to dress your little ones for that auspicious family photoshoot!


  • A fun and colorful print for the whole family
  • Warm pajamas that are incredibly soft


  •  The children’s options are not unisex; they look like they were made mostly for girls. 

Matching Pajamas For The Whole Family

10. Sleepytime PJs Christmas Pajamas– Wholesome Pajamas For The Entire Family

Isn’t it simply adorable to match with your partner and the kids during the festive season?

Just picture it: it’s on the eve of Christmas, and the whole lot of you are nestled beside the fireplace in matching onesies as you read a fascinating story on the ghost of Christmas past.

Indeed, the super-soft Sleepytime Pjs are certainly something to consider if you’re searching for the best family Christmas pajamas

These onesies are manufactured from high-quality fleece for the adults, and flame-resistant fleece for the children.

They are plush, warm, and offer the right amount of space and comfort in the right places for air circulation as you sleep. Their bright red color, complemented by snow-white pine trees and deers, definitely adds to the Christmas aura in your household.

SleepytimePjs Family Matching Cotton Red, White, and Blue Pajama Set

Image Credit: Walmart

What We Liked 

  • Are ideal for uplifting the Christmas spirit in your home.
  • Created from high-quality fleece, with the children’s onesies being flame-resistant.
  • Provide plenty of air-circulation as you sleep.

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Female customers have complained that the onesies are too tight around the legs.
  • The material used for the children’s onesies feels cheaper compared to the adult ones.

Christmas Family Matching Pajamas Set Adult Kids Baby Deer Printed Tops

Image Credit: Walmart

11. Pajama Gram Matching Family Fleece Pajamas

Pajama Gram is one of the most well-known resources for family pajama sets.

These fleece button-up shirts with matching pants are perfect for cozy relaxing through the holiday season. These pajamas come with a softness guarantee.

Choose whatever sizes and pieces you need with this set. You can mix and match for, however, many people and whatever sizes your family requires.

These are a bit more expensive, and the charge is per set, but they are comfortably cozy and will be reliable for your family through many seasons.


  • Natural, high-quality fabrics that are made roomy to accommodate that first-wash shrinking
  • Perfect color patter for the holidays that can actually be worn all winter long
  • Mix and match the sizes and quantity that you need
  • Super soft, comfortable, and durable


  • While the company says they make them roomy, reviews recommend sizing up
  • The fabric is heavy and warm

12.Our Family PJs Matching Family Set

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…. That’s our first thought when we check out these sweet snowman-themed pajamas that are perfect for the entire family.

This set sports a snowman’s face with a carrot nose on the top and warm fleece pants with a variety of snowmen across them.

These sets are comfy and cozy and perfect for every member of the family. They are surprisingly inexpensive per set. You can mix and match your sets, purchasing exactly what you need to fit your family best. There is a multitude of sizes, including toddlers.


  • Work well for Christmas or winter time in general
  • Very soft and comfy
  • Super affordable, especially when purchasing multiples for the family
  • 2-piece set includes a raglan tee and fleece pants


  • Must size up for best fit
  • Sizes are somewhat limited but do have a good overall range

13. Shelry Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

This is a fun set that offers a bear shirt with your appropriate title (i.e. mama bear). The t-shirt top is raglan-style and the pants are fitted cotton with a fun winter-time design.

This cozy pajama set will get your family in style and ready for the holiday cuddles.

This company offers several different styles. While we’ve described the bear style, you can also choose from snowflakes and reindeer or Santa’s elves as well. There are styles and sizes for everyone in the family.


  • Made with 100% organic cotton
  • Warm & soft material
  • Yard-dyed for lasting colors
  • A variety of sizes to fit the whole family


  • Thin fabric used on design
  • Heavy dye smell upon receiving

14. Funny Custom PJ’s 

What To Look For When Buying Pajama Set?


When it comes to selecting a new pair of pajamas, the material is one of the most critical elements to keep in mind.

Indeed, choosing the wrong material can irritate the skin and result in sleepless nights!

For example, most pajamas should be made from moisture-wicking fabrics that ensure you remain as comfortable as possible through the night.

Here are the most common fabrics to check out:


Silk is a super-soft fabric that comes with several benefits. Including maintaining your skin’s hydration, and soothing irritated skin.


It’s also famous for its hypoallergenic properties. As such, pajamas manufactured from silk have a higher price tag as compared to its contemporaries.


For most casual shoppers, they might fail to know the difference between silk and satin.

So to clear the air, satin is a soft material made from a blend of fibers such as nylon, polyester, and silk.


On the other hand, silk is a naturally occurring fiber that is extracted because of its super-soft properties. Nevertheless, satin offers the same gentleness as silk but with a lower price.


Most pajamas manufactured from cotton are durable, soft, and easily washable. The only major disadvantage of cotton fabrics is their poor insulating properties.


Linen is a material that’s derived from cellulose fibers and feels quite soft and gentle to the skin; somewhat like silk.

It is quite durable, and one of the best quality choices for warm tropical climates.


The main reason why fleece is such a popular fabric for quality wear is because of its water-repelling features.

It is also washable, breathable, and an excellent insulator, especially on cold nights. Nevertheless, it can be quite heavy and a heat burden in warm temperatures.


When it comes to style, there are plenty of options for your pajamas. You can even have them custom made! That being said, here are the most common style preferences for most consumers.


Sets are coordinated pajamas that come with top and bottom halves, made to match.

The top and bottom are usually manufactured from the same material, and designed in such a way that you’ll feel weird wearing one without the other!


Onesies have become the most popular cheap matching pajamas for couples in the market.

They have a pretty decent and straightforward construction. Comes either as a zipper or as a button-front closure.

They can be designed as a single color, pattern, or animal-themed depending on the customer’s preference or the time of year. Despite onesies coming in all shapes and sizes, most of them tend to be tight-fitting.

When all’s said and done, the best PJs for you and your family are the ones that you are comfortable in. 

Ensure to check that you’ve ordered the right size before shipping, and chosen a selection that will bring joy to your home this festive season! 


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