Have you ever stopped to notice how popular and polarizing college football is in the US? One could easily argue that NCAA football is almost as popular if not more than some of the country’s most important professional sporting leagues, like MLB, NHL, and MLS for example.

Now, with it being so popular, there must be a way for fans to make money off this action isn’t there? Why yes there is, with college football odds oddsmakers from around the country continuously offering NCAA football fans and sports fans, in general, the option of making money off betting on their favorite matchups, teams, and events going on around the college football world.

Now, given that the college football season is comprised of so many different teams and matchups per week, having some insider tips on what to focus on when betting to maximize your winnings can definitely give you an advantage. So let us help you by giving you some expert insider tips for you to make money off college football games and action.

First of All, Pick A Team or Small Group Of Teams To Bet On

Have you ever heard of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team? It’s as the name says, the football team from the University of Alabama. It’s also the closest thing you can have to college football royalty.

Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide team are used to dominating every opponent they encounter and for them winning championships is almost as easy as scoring a touchdown while playing against a team of statues.

This has made Alabama a perennial favorite pick for college football betting pundits, who like Alabama, not because they’re a set fixed pick to win every game, but for other betting reasons, like how many points they’ll score, how many of those points will come from touchdowns, how many sacks the defense will have. 

Picking a team to follow and bet on or a small group of schools that you can keep track off and follow on a weekly basis will automatically help you understand which will be the best ways to get the most advantages and money from each of your bets.

Some experts like to concentrate on a specific conference, others like to pick a few of the biggest schools in each conference to bet on, while others just stick to one school, usually their own alma matter, and ride with them week in and week out.

All of these options are viable and can lead to hefty wins, but remember that concentrating your bets can sometimes pay bigger dividends than playing all over the place.

Take As Many Outside Factors Into Account When Betting

When betting on college football action, one of the main tips that all fans should take into account is that just as important as the team you’re picking to bet on is other external conditions that could seriously weigh-in in on the finished result of the game. For example, weather conditions.

Depending on which school you wish to follow and bet on, where they’re playing and the weather conditions of wherever they’re playing in, your final bet could seriously be affected by negative climate conditions.

Who knows, maybe you’ve picked a team from the south or from the sunny west coast, and while they will surely be great picks, if playing in weather conditions that don’t favor their playing style, you could be setting yourself up for betting failure.

Another main factor to take into account is rivalries. Just like in pro sports, schools usually have in-game rivalries with other schools that automatically make them play different when matched up against each other. For example, let’s take the University of Auburn.

They have been going through some hard times after being one of the most dominant schools in college football for the past years. But all that is put aside when they play the University of Alabama in the famous “Iron Bowl” matchup.

Auburn has been known to give Alabama a true run for their money in each of their “Iron Bowl” encounters which automatically proves the point that even if a team is down, when it comes to rivalries, everything is different. Watching out for factors like these, including matchup records, stats and others will help you get a better chance of winning.

Don’t Just Bet On Games, There’s Other Action

If you’re an NCAA football fan who wants to win a few extra bucks betting on college football action take into account that there are other options on what to bet on apart from games. Bet on the favorite to take any of the personal player awards given each season.

Bet on the favorite teams to take every sub-conference and conference title. Bet on which teams have the best chances of making it to the college football playoffs.

In the world of sports betting, especially with sports like football, there will always be an ample array of options for fans to make money while wagering on their favorite college football-related events.


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