To make it look professional you need to use caulk & putty where needed, sand the separate pieces, and properly square all the edges. 

Furniture are essential items that you must have in your home for various uses. There are different types of furniture for every room and various rustic or classic furniture can add aesthetic value to increase the beauty of your interior. 

Buying these professional-looking furniture might be expensive for some people but the good news is, you can create professional-looking furniture at home, all by yourself.

If you have a knack for woodworking then here are a few tips you can follow to make professional-looking furniture.

How To  Make Professional Looking Furniture

1. Select The Right Tools & Equipment

You need the necessary types of equipment for your furniture project. There are different types of tools available depending on what you want to make. But in general, you need a workbench, wood, saw, drill, measurement tape, sandpaper, & chisel. 

Notably, wearing gloves while engaged in woodworking is a subject of debate and a matter of preference for some. Still, using nitrile gloves is a great practice when you work with solvents, stains, and other chemicals to finish and polish wood. If you need nitrile and different types of gloves for woodworking, check here for quality items.

These tools are required almost for all sorts of projects. While you are working on your projects, you also need some safety equipment like gloves and goggles to avoid sawdust and splinters getting into your eye or leave you with a cut. Once you get all your tools organized,  you can start on the actual work.

You also need some products to give your furniture a nice finish. Did you know that oil can be used to get one of the best finishes for both indoor and outdoor furniture? Yes, it is true and oils like tung oil or danish oil also come at an affordable price.

2. Start With Small Projects

If you are doing this for the first time and have very little knowledge and experience on how to make some furniture, then it is best to start with something small like a chair. 

You can use your creativity and imagination to make this small project and improve your skill. Once you develop on the basics, then you can start adding professional touches to your project. 

So have patience and dedication. Read some books or online articles on how to make well-designed furniture and try to follow those instructions to master the basics. 

Smaller projects will also require small space, but as you gain more experience you may need to buy a log splitter and a CNC router table to move on to the larger projects.

3. Use Caulk & Putty To Make It Look Better

Your project might not be perfect and there may be some dented edges or some imperfections but this happens to everyone. If you apply paint over these imperfections, although it will look a little better, soon enough when the paint wears off the imperfection will be visible. 

This is not what professionals look for. So, to get rid of this issue, use putty or caulk over these imperfections to get a better result and a finer looking furniture. You can fill small holes and cracks with putty and use caulk in between the seams of the furniture to make it look brand new.

4. Properly Sand The Furniture

We know how tiring sanding can be and it is one of the least liked parts of this amazing woodworking hobby. However, to give your furniture a smooth and fresh finishing, you absolutely need to sand the furniture. There are some factors to be considered while sanding- 

  • Sand the separate pieces using a belt sander or orbital sander before adding together all the parts of your furniture.
  • After combining everything, use a low grit sander like 60 to 80 to smooth out any uneven areas that were missed. Use a high grit sander like a 200 or 320 if there are any sanding marks, after sanding those uneven areas a few times, it will become smooth.
  • Do not use these high grit sanders on plywood. Use low grit and sand very lightly.

5. Consider The  Blade Width While Cutting

While cutting the wood for your furniture, the part you will be using can be called your good piece, and other parts that are not used are known as scrap pieces. Make sure that the width of your blade is on the opposite side of the wood you will be using. Otherwise, there will be broken edges or dents on the better side of the wood. 

If you accidentally cut a larger piece of your wood,  then adjust the extra length to your desired measurement. If it is cut short then there will be some serious problems.

6. Double-Check Your Measurements

Be sure to take proper measurements of the wood that you are about to cut. Although this is not a major problem, measuring properly will save you a lot of trouble later on. 

If you are cutting wood to make legs for a table then taking the proper measurement is crucial or else you will end up with uneven legs and a wobbly table. 

7. Check the Squares

Make sure that the squares are in perfect shape. Otherwise, the whole structure will be crooked and once you realize this, it will be hard to fix the issue as you have already combined all the parts. 

So, to make sure this does not happen, put all the pieces together and measure to see if the squares are evenly sized. The best way to measure is by checking the length of the corners. Use the measuring tape to measure the two corners of the square. 

8. Make Sure The Edges Are Squared

To ensure that all parts of the wood adjust properly together, cut the edges into perfect squares. If they are not, there will be gaps on the edges and the structure will become unstable. 

Square edges not only make your structure firm but also give a much cleaner and attractive look. If you find the edge uneven, use a sander or a chisel to smooth out the edges

Final Thoughts

Making Furniture may look like a hassle, but there are a lot of benefits to it. Not only are you having a good time by making something according to your taste, but you can also sell them once you are good at it. So, grab your tools and start making your professional-looking furniture.


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