Sunlight is one of the most important natural commodities. It is nature’s way of making sure our paths are bright and clear.

You should also know that this applies even right inside our houses. This is why it is important for windows, doors, and every point that allows access to sunlight to be rightly placed.

Unfortunately, we have gathered that some (especially) old houses are not good in this regard. This is because the 2 bedroom house plans used as a blueprint for construction did not pay attention to this.

It is sad to note that some architects are more concerned about some other details and this is at the expense of natural lighting in the building. As a result, we advise anyone that wants to have his/her house constructed to hire an architect that is highly skilled.

Among other things, the house plan must pay attention to the proper illumination of the interior spaces using natural light. Also, people that choose to get their stock or custom-designed plans online should make sure theirs is good enough in this regard. You can see some Truoba 2 bedroom modern house plans for more on this subject.

Considering that some homes do not get the right amount of the sun’s rays, this article will discuss 2 ways the narrative can be changed. We advise you to keep reading especially because of the benefits attached to allowing sunlight into your interior space.

Different Ways Old Houses can Benefit from Sunlight

For the record, the details shared here are not only relevant for those in old houses. It can also be applied in new homes that lack sufficient access to sunlight.

However, we have realized this is more of a problem with residential buildings designed and constructed long before now. Having established this, listed and explained below are some of the different ways such homes can still benefit from the sun’s ray:

The Use of Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are one of the biggest inventions as far as benefiting from solar energy is concerned. This is especially considering the edge it has over other forms of energy sourcing and even solar energy sourcing as well.

Speaking of the advantages of this option, you should know that it does as much as solar panels. However, it looks better because it is attached as a part of the roof rather than being bolted in.

Furthermore, using this option ensures that the energy supplied is free and clean. So, such homes may want to try it out.

However, some terms and conditions apply. First, this option does not work well for just every kind of roof. Certain roofing options go well with solar tiles – which can also be called “bottle skylight”.

One of the best roofing options for solar tiles is clay roofs. So, people that have this kind of roof or something similar to it in structure can make the most of solar tiles.


2 bedroom houses that lack enough access to sunlight because of lapses in their designs can have new windows created. However, this is not as easy as it seems.

For instance, breaking through a pillar can be tricky and is not advised. We even strongly advise against breaking down walls for this purpose. This is whether or not there is a pillar involved.

One of the things we recommend is getting access to sunlight vertically. This will involve altering the look of the roof by creating a skylight. It might also interest you to know that this installation usually looks good. So, it is a lot more than having an intake of natural light in your space.

However, there are situations where this cannot work out. For instance, those that do not have a roof right above them cannot use this option. Also, certain kinds of roofs are difficult to place a skylight alongside.

If your home meets all these requirements, you should be cautious about having this feature installed. One of the things you must do is install the right kind of skylight. Stay away from products that will end up causing leaks.

To do this, the skylight you have installed should be very airtight. You should also make sure it is positioned strategically. The truth is that not every part of the home will do well with this feature right over it.


Your home needs to have access to the natural ray of light from the sun. This is because it benefits you in many ways. However, some homes were not properly designed and are lacking in this area.

In this article, we have treated 2 important things owners of these homes can do to address the situation. We hope that people who fall into this category will make good use of the information shared here.


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