A dog, like a person, needs a personal space – a place to feel comfortable and safe when the owner is not at home. You should take care of this even before the pets appears in the house so that from the very first days they get used to their own place to rest.

The main types of beds

First, let’s take a look at simple beds or a rug. These are the most common and easiest to care for. Suitable for medium to large dogs that like to sleep stretched out.

Dog bed

There are two types: with a soft base or with a plastic one. It is quite difficult to care for soft sunbeds, moreover, they can lose their shape. Caring for a plastic lounger is easier, if you wish, you can put on a softcover (you can put a mattress in it), which is easy enough to wash.

The size of a bed may be a problem when you have no idea how to clean it. However, pet beds @ambientlounge are designed entirely of soft material, which can be removed and easily cleaned. 


Such a sleeping place is usually preferred by representatives of small breeds: Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranian Spitz. However, representatives of larger breeds will not mind such a place of their own. In the house, the dog will feel safe and calm. 

Why does a dog need a bed?

If the dog lives in an apartment, it is very difficult to organize a separate enclosure for it – there is no extra space for this. But there is a large selection of special small mattresses, mini sofas, rugs, bedspreads which will be a cozy solution for a four-legged friend.

They are made in different types, shapes, and sizes. So, you will absolutely find something suitable for your dog. Dog beds are easy to care for and carry, so there is no difficulty in cleaning and washing.

Factors to consider when choosing a dog bed

Today the pet goods market is full of a variety of accessories. In order to immediately buy a bed suitable for your pet, you should decide on its main characteristics:

The size of the dog

If everything is quite clear with an adult dog at this point, then in case you have a puppy, you can do it differently. So, you can buy a bed for growth – for this, you need to understand well what approximately the size of your pet will be when it grows up.

A sleeping place is considered ideal when the dog can not only curl up into a ball but also stretch out its paws. For this reason, the length of the bed should coincide with the length of its body from the tip to the beginning of the tail, and in width, it should not be less than the length of the legs.

Or, you can change the bedding as the dog grows. This option will be expensive, but it also has its advantages. You can change the type of lounger, which will help you understand which type your pet likes best. There are also beddings that can transform and change size.

The practicality of the material

Dog bedding needs regular grooming and washing, so choose a material that is practical, low maintenance, and strong enough to withstand a lot of washes. Also, it should not collect dust and wool. The filler for bedding is usually synthetic, but there are options with cotton or foam rubber.


It is worth noting that the lighter the litter, the faster it will become dirty and lose its original appearance. Therefore, a bed for a dog should be chosen in darker tones, on which stains will not be so noticeable.

The form

When choosing the type and shape of the litter, remember that you will have to constantly clean it. For example, in mats with bumpers, dust, hair, and dirt will constantly accumulate in the folds between the bumpers and the bottom. However, if cleaning does not scare you too much, you can choose a lounger of absolutely any shape.


Also, the shape of a sleeping place for a dog depends on what breed the pet has, whether it has hair, how thick it is, what temperature it likes, and in what position it prefers to sleep. For example, if your pet has a thick coat or does not like the heat, you should choose a bed that is more open.

How to take care of a dog’s bed?

  1. The main recommendation is regular cleaning (at least once a month).
  2. Treat with sanitary means once a month. If the bed gets dirty quickly, you should do it more often. Cleaning is necessary even if there are no obvious dirt and stains. This is necessary in order to prevent the appearance of parasites invisible to the eye.
  3. A convenient solution is purchased or self-sewn sunbed covers.

What you may need to clean a dog’s bead:

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Sprays with a bactericidal effect (they maintain the hygiene of the sleeping place and help fight odor);
  • Stain remover.

Final tip: Don’t chase low prices. Cheap materials will not last long and can be hazardous to your dog’s health. For example, poor-quality materials and dyes can cause animal allergies.


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