The average lifespan of a mattress is 5 to 10 years.  You might be asking yourself if you are due for a new mattress. Let’s explore this dilemma.

It is hard to imagine but by simply sleeping eight hours a night accounts to 2688 hours a year in bed!

Your emotional, physical and mental wellness are all directly related to how well you sleep on a nightly basis.

Average Lifespan Of A Mattress: Is It Time For A New One?

The mattress that you sleep on every single night is going to affect your day to day activity, therefore it is essential to purchasing the best possible mattress.

A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy amount of sleep and that is what we provide. 

Should I Purchase A New Mattress? 

The quality of the sleep you receive at night dictates the type of day you will have. 

Do you: 

– Are you sleeping worse than you were the previous year? 

– Wake up feeling stiff and aching? 

– Your mattress has more lumps in it then your mother-in-law’s mashed potatoes? 

– Your mattress is pushing almost a decade in your bedroom? 

The lifespan of mattresses will vary by brand and usage, however, most chiropractors and mattress manufacturers recommend changing a mattress out at least every 6 to 8 years. 

Did you answer yes to any one of the above questions? 


How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Specific Situation 

Lifespan Of A MattressIt is absolutely essential to have the proper knowledge of the various mattresses you will be examining two choose the best one for your needs. 

There are basically two types of mattresses available on the market: memory foam and innerspring. 

Innerspring mattresses are the most widely purchased and are known by their coiled metal springs that are nestled between padding and foam.

These mattresses will typically last 5 to 10 years and are one of the least expensive options available. It may be hard to imagine but a spring coil system cost about $13 to be manufactured! 

Memory foam mattresses or a tad more expensive offering better body support due to their higher density foam interior. It is essential to understand that not all memory foam mattresses are manufactured equally. 

The Most Important Aspects Of Your Mattress 

When trying to find a winning mattress you want to be aware of the size, support and softness. Check out these Bear mattress reviews.


A mattresses overall softness is going to help maintain your body’s comfort level and keep you relaxed at multiple angles throughout the night. By simply testing a mattress out for a few minutes in a store is not going to help guarantee the best night sleep. 


The mattress that you choose should be solid enough to provide adequate support based upon your sleeping pattern and overall body shape. Softness and support go hand-in-hand with the mattress and a good mattress should be able to support your body while providing proper spinal integrity


In the case of mattresses, size does matter! Conducted studies have shown that a healthy individual will move between 40 to 60 times a night with 10 to 12 full body movements. 

In order to best suit the size of your body, there are seven varieties of mattresses to choose from. 

There are several considerations which must be made in consideration to a mattress size including, who you sleep with, size of the room, budget, body size as well as general comfort preferences. 

It is recommended that you choose a mattress that is at least 5 inches longer than you and your partner as well as one that is why do not in which you will not disturb your partner. 

How Much Should I Spend On A New Mattress? 

The cost of a mattress can vary wildly depending upon the material and size. However, when the quality of your sleep is concerned, cost should not be an overwhelming factor.


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