Rather than looking at it negatively, life after divorce shouldn’t be such a negative and daunting thing to go through. Yes, it’ll be stressful, without a doubt.

There are adjustments to where you’ll now live, familial relationships, saying goodbye to memories you’ve built if you’re moving away, and financial adjustments, among the many. But, as you start this new chapter of your life with one less person in it, it’s also a great time for you to jump-start the right way.

Among the many changes you’ll be dealing with has to do with discovering post-divorce hobbies. Pursuing a project is a good way to keep yourself busy and also have an opportunity to divert any negative emotions and energy you’ve held on to for so long. 

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself in your previous marriage, a post-divorce passion project can help you step in the right direction of recovery. Family law experts recommend this also as a good way to move on, so you can set off your new life on a happier notion, without grudges to your ex-spouse.

With your divorce now a finality, there’s no better time to pick up where you left off or pursue what you’ve long wanted to do. You can get inspired by these project ideas you can explore:

Start A Vegetable Garden

It’s said that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water and take care of it. This adage has a literal application both to life and to gardening. 

Perhaps you’ve long wanted to start a green space, but you’ve been with someone who just sucks the energy out of your pursuits that you didn’t find the energy for some me-time in the garden. Bring to life that green thumb and start your own at-home vegetable garden.

When you shower your vegetable garden with some love, your plants will love you back. Who knows, you may not just be able to feed yourself but you may even be able to share your produce with local food banks and charities.

Start Writing Short Stories

Passion projects are supposed to spark your inner creativity. And, if you’ve always loved writing and missed holding the pen for so long now, why not start writing short stories again.

Or, you can even start with a journal, diary, or whatever it is you wish to write about. You can fly by time and pour away all those unspoken thoughts left in your mind, now on concrete pen and paper.

If you’re more of the digital type of person, you can choose to start a blog, too. With your blog, you can talk about anything under the sun. You can even use that platform to motivate others who may have gone through your experience, or whatever other journeys life has given you.

Who knows, if you keep going, you may even set yourself on the road to having some of your stories or journals published.

Learn Calligraphy

If you love art but you just can’t paint or draw, calligraphy is for you. There are many things you can do with your calligraphy skills like print personalized note cards, invitation cards, and even do special orders for quotes and sayings some friends and family members might now ask you to do.

Calligraphy is a very beautiful art form and once you get the hang of it, you can make it a side project that puts you in between writing and painting. It can be a good form of stress relief, too, which is highly needed if you’re coming from an emotionally draining divorce.

Start Sharing Your Life By Doing An Online Vlog

Have you always had a penchant for taking videos? Whether it’s in documenting your personal day-to-day life or your travels and other things you’re passionate about, if you love taking and editing videos, you’ll find it a good idea to launch a vlog on the web.

You can even use your online vlogging channel as an avenue for you to share inspirational ideas and thoughts either by yourself or through having other inspirational individuals as your guests. If you have skills that you can teach about or share with the world, you can also use the web for that purpose.

The possibilities on different video-sharing platforms online are endless and it all begins with something as simple as finding your niche.

Train For A Marathon

With the hype for a healthier lifestyle, marathons have become increasingly popular over the recent years. They aren’t just hosted for the purpose of having a fitness or health event per se.

But marathons are also used to bring to light many causes, advocacies, and even fundraising activities.

If you’ve long wanted to join one and perhaps even also join a committee of organizing one day, there’s no stopping you now. All you need is a good pair of shoes and your athletic gear, and then you’re good to start training. 

Apart from starting that healthy lifestyle and supporting various causes, you can even start traveling the world through international marathons.

This is a passion project you can do your entire life, for as long as you’re able, to add a sense of excitement to this brand-new life you’re creating for yourself.

Launch A Podcast

A podcast is for those of you who love talking and may have a lot to talk about yet don’t necessarily like being in front of the camera.

Like an Internet streaming channel, your very own podcast is another passion project that’s worth pursuing. Apart from watching videos, people nowadays love to listen to music and podcasts while they’re on the road, commuting, and even when they’re doing mundane tasks.

You may even be able to make a difference in at least one person’s life by becoming their escape from their boring and routine life at home.

If you’re normally the chatty one but have been silenced by your former spouse, bring back that chatterbox inside of you and share your thoughts with the world – starting with your listeners, at least.


The list of passion project ideas above doesn’t comprise everything you can do post-divorce.

After feeling stuck for a long time in a loveless marriage, with your divorce setting you free, you can now be a happier person along with professional guidance. This buys you more time and mental energy to pursue everything you’ve lost interest in doing in the past. 

It’s up to you to select from the abovementioned ideas or follow your heart with what you’ve always been passionate about doing. By doing so, you can walk out of your divorce happier and more ready to move on and start a new life.


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