Today, we are going to answer the question is learning a trade at 30 too late?

When it comes to building a good career, a white-collar job is usually what comes to our mind first.

However, time and time it was proven that learning a trade can be more beneficial for certain people. The next logical question is learning a trade at 30 too late?

Change In The Labor Market 

The demand for young specialists exceeded the real number of applicants.
So, finding a job in the office was not a big deal. Especially for those with degrees.

But now things have changed. The labour market is overloaded with university graduates. And the competition is enormous. It’s also challenging to find jobs that don’t drug test.

Such severe environment requires much patience and strong ambitions to survive. Not to mention those years that need to be spent in university campus. 

In fact, you don’t need to go through such a long path to make a good living.

Vast Opportunities 

The list of opportunities is vast. And it is not limited by the selection of university subjects. 

Learning a trade can be a good alternative. Don’t rush to close the article on the phrase “learning a trade”.

It can offer much more benefits than you may think at first glance. 

So, throw away your stereotypes and try to consider the point. Maybe learning a trade is exactly what you need to achieve great success.

Is Learning A Trade At 30 Too Late 

The answer to that depends on a few factors.

1. Time

TimeFirst of all, think of the time. It is our most valuable resource.

How many years does it take to get an undergraduate degree?

Master’s degree? Doctorate? 

If you are a doer rather than a thinker, you would spend this time much more productively learning on the job.

Real life experience can be much more valuable than any degree. And this is exactly what learning a trade offers.

While university students are still in the classroom, trade skill students are already graduates.

2. Money

MoneyAccording to the stereotypes, top managers in large companies earn much. And that is true.

But let’s analyze what it takes to reach that level of income.

Getting to the peak means going through a long path.

And investing into this path big sums of money. 

First of all, while getting your degree, you will have to pay tuition fee. The majority of students get loans.

After graduation, a lion’s share of their entry-level salary goes on repaying the debts.

Moreover, working in an office doesn’t guarantee you high profit even after several years of experience. Don’t forget about enormous competition.

So, if you are seeking to make real profit as soon as possible, learning a trade seems to be a good solution. 

3. Demand

DemandTrades are always in demand. While large companies are overloaded with office workers.

There is always a great need for nurses, chefs, plumbers, beauticians and HVAC engineers.

These jobs will never be replaced by robots, as well as will never lose their relevance.

Moreover, many people who started with learning a trade end up with their own businesses.

The reason for that statistics lays in the fact that they study and train for real life.

With enough practical experience, they become ready to work for themselves much quicker than college students.

So, Who Should Learn A Trade?

According to the points described above, learning a trade seems to be a good idea if you:

  • prefer practice to theory;
  • want to spend your time rationally;
  • seek to earn real money here and now;
  • want to be always in demand;
  • plan to start your own small business.

If you found yourself in at least two of these statements – choose the trade you enjoy most and move into action.

Trades For Any Tastes

Trades for any tastesAccording to a recently conducted research (soruce).

By the year 2022 one third of all new jobs will be in the fields of construction, health care, and personal care.

The fastest growing occupations are solar and wind energy technicians, followed by plumbers.

Machine tool programmers, HVAC mechanics, and iron and steel workers.

All these jobs become available after learning a trade.

Here are some of the highest paying trades to consider:

  • construction manager;
  • legal assistant;
  • electronic engineer;
  • environmental science worker;
  • beautician;
  • solar or wind energy technician;
  • chef;
  • practical nurse;
  • landscaping designer;
  • architectural drafter.

As you see, the list is diverse. You can find a trade which suits your personality best and begin learning right now.

Never Too Late

Never too lateIf you are in your 30s, making fundamental changes in your career may seem to be a difficult task. 

Most likely, by this time you have already graduated from a university or a college.

After applying for an entry-level position, you got a job.

Then you worked hard for a few years in an office, but suddenly realized that it’s not your thing… 

If such situation seems familiar to you – don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people get disappointed with their first speciality.

But if that happened, the wrongest thing you may do is leaving things as they are. 

Try to forget how much time and money you have already spent on your first education.

Don’t think much of what other people say and throw away all fears. It’s high time to change something.

And again, here comes learning a trade as a perfect solution.

What brings you true happiness? Maybe you have always dreamt of becoming a florist and opening your own shop?

Or gourmet cooking brings you relaxation and joy? Or maybe you are altruistic enough to help other people, so nursing is your true vacation?

It is never late to make the right choice. Moreover, in your 30s you will less likely make a wrong decision.

Your life experience and understanding of yourself won’t let you to. 

Check the available opportunities. You can learn a trade at a community college or vocational school.

If you find an apprenticeship program in the chosen field, you can even learn on the real job from the very beginning. 

As you see, learning a trade have much more advantages than it may seem.

And it’s only our stereotypes that interrupt us from considering a truly viable option in the professional world. Finally, you may want to check our other posts about trade hobbies



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