Leading Pest Control Experts Go Above and Beyond

It’s hard to enjoy being at home when sharing a roof with pests. They’re gross and icky, and they never leave you alone. Do you want to open a kitchen cupboard in fear you might see a roach scurrying away?

There are many reasons to fear rats and mice, which can gnaw on building materials and cause real damage or spread illnesses. If you have pests at home, you need to hire a pest control expert who goes above and beyond.

Here’s what their services look like.

Chemicals That Work

If you buy a pest control spray from your local hardware store, it’ll be strong enough to kill several of the pests. But not all of them. The idea isn’t to kill or trap most of the pests because that doesn’t get rid of the problem.

Pests reproduce quickly. So long as part of the infestation survives, it’ll only grow. To rip it out from the root, you need a pest control expert that uses custom solutions stronger than you can find on store shelves.

Experts who know what kills each pest and create custom solutions are the best answer. Otherwise, it’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole: you can kill one or many, but more will show up.

Safe for Pets and the Environment

People may worry about chemicals that are strong enough to kill pests. After all, if it can harm mice or rats, can people feel confident it’s otherwise totally safe? Yes!

The leading pest control experts make custom anti-pest sprays using ingredients approved by Health Canada. You need a solution that’s strong where it needs to be and soft everywhere else.

The leading pest control experts give you the best of both worlds.

Home Protection Plans

Finally, the best pest control experts offer home protection plans which give you proactive comfort and safety from pests. Here’s how they work.

First, an expert technician will inspect your property for any pests or things that attract pests to the premises. After removing them, they’ll dispense a custom spray that makes pests flee in the other direction!

Afterwards, they’ll return to your property to verify the treatment works. Usually, the return inspections find nothing. If there are somehow pests still on the property, they’ll get rid of them free of charge. Home Protection Plans are great because they give you confidence and peace of mind that pests won’t ever be an issue.

Friendly and Professional

Finally, the leading pest control companies send professional, courteous technicians to your door. They understand that you may be feeling a little ill at ease when you have pests at home, and they make it a point to be polite and respectful while under your roof.

The best pest control companies are locally owned, and the owners know the technicians personally and can vouch for their character. The last thing you need when dealing with countless tiny unwanted guests is an exterminator who you also want to leave your home!

From spreading pathogens, and causing property damage, to simply being icky, there are many reasons for wanting pests gone. Find a pest control service that delivers on all the above points, and you can get back to enjoying your home quickly.