If you are looking for an inexpensive two-piece elongated toilet that has a top-notch flush discharge capacity, your search stops at the Kohler Archer Toilet. This easy-to-install, artistically crafted facility pours at the rate of 1.28 gallons per flush. It is designed with a Comfort Height structuring that secures a majestic seating for its users.   

The Kohler Archer toilet balances out the need for a very sleek toilet in design, all without neglecting the user’s comfort. Its state-of-the-art aesthetic configuration is one thing. There’s more. This toilet has some top performance with a good measure of durability. This renders it quite easy to utilize and maintain. 

The qualities of the Kohler Archer toilet propel it to the very top of the “to have” list of every home. Its highly efficient flush mechanism, water conservation, and durability are all unbeatable features; you’ll hardly find a product with these features and look away.

The Kohler Archer Toilet 1.28 GPF—A Product Overview

Colors:  White, Biscuit, Almond, Dune, Ice Grey, Sandbar, Mexican Sand, Cashmere, Thunder Grey, and Black

Dimensions:    L 29″, H 30″, W 17-7/8″

Height of Seat:      16-1/2″ (without the seat in place)

Weight:      96.5 lbs

Handle:    Left-sided

Rough-in:     12 inches

Bowl shape: Elongated

The Kohler Archer Toilet—Top Features

The Kohler Archer is a two-piece toilet made of Vitreous China anointed with an enamel coating that dates back to ancient Egypt. The beveled curves on this beast-of-a-beauty enable it to conserve water at an optimum level. 

The 1.28 gallons per flush capacity function is a testament to its water efficiency; up to 16,500 gallons in a year when compared to the regular 3 by 5-gallon toilet. The seat and lid come in handy as they are positioned for an easy unlatching when cleaning.  

It comes in a polished white finish that is reflective of a toilet having that luxurious twist to its creation for customers. It also comes with a one-year warranty. So, you do not have to worry if your product malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect that is no fault of yours.

Asides the state-of-the-art Aquapiston Flushing System that this toilet tank has, the Kohler Archer also has a left-sided polished chrome trip lever for a handle. This enables it to tilt forward or backward when flushing. 

Aesthetic appeal

It has a minimalist design that doesn’t subtract from its aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling style. The toilet tank is nice and simplistic, without missing out on its aesthetic qualities and overall elegance. 

The icing on the cake for users would be the customizable feature. The Kohler Archer toilet is available in an assortment of colors peculiar to the Kohler brand; segueing into the theme color of your toilet decoration. 


It also allows for a combination with the K-4356 bowl to achieve a complete K-3551 Archer toilet. Its compatibility with other products in the Archer collection is a mouth-watering prospect for Archer customers.

Water efficiency

The Watersense certification of the Kohler Archer toilet means that it meets the guidelines mandated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This includes the usage of no less than 20 per cent less water than the regular 1.6-gallon toilets. 

So, for users who want that added speck of value that they’re getting when purchasing a product, environmental friendliness is a noble added-value. The water conservation feature of the Kohler Archer makes it eligible for customer rebate in some municipalities.  

An Aquapiston Toilet Flush System

The technology optimized in the Kohler Archer makes for an exquisite application of its flushing mechanism. It is constructed to give a precise, concise, and a not-all-over-the-place flushing experience.  Asides its high-efficiency 1.28 gallon per flush capacity, the Kohler Archer brilliantly equips a single flush gravity technique. 

This single flush gravity technique makes excellent use of the force of gravity to flush. It also uses the architectural innovation of a precision engineer tank to create that forceful siphon effect during flushing.  This makes the flushing experience very comparable to the launching of a missile; with its pinpoint accuracy and force of execution needed to propel it to the target area. All you have to do is “Fire in the Hole” and Voila! All clear!

360 Spin Flush 

The Kohler Archer Toilet is equipped with an Aquapiston canister that gives a spin-flush of 360 degrees. The canister flush valve also ensures that it optimizes flush performance and resists warping and deterioration.

It also ensures that lower actuation force is needed, unlike a flapper. This is more like the part that ensures the precision of the flushing experience. For us, this is not just a “nice-to-have”, but a “must-have” when executing that killer-flush after using the toilet. It works to ensure a cleaner bowl.

Warranty Cover

The KOHLER product has a one-year limited warranty for its customers.


The Kohler Archer is available in different colors of finishing. They are White, Biscuit, Almond, Dune, Ice Grey, Sandbar, Mexican Sand, Cashmere, Thunder Grey, and Black.

Setting up/Installation

One point of convenience from using the Kohler Archer toilet is its ease in the installation process. It is easy to install, like the majority of the modern toilets that are made today. Even people with limited DIY experience should be able to perform the task of installing it.  

As has been said, the Kohler Archer toilet is a two-piece structure. It automatically fits. One would simply just have to connect the base to the floor, and also connect the tank to the base thereafter. 

Another advantage of the two-piece structure is that it is easier to carry. This aspect of it makes it better than the one-piece variation. It also uses the drainage system installation, which makes it a lot less complicated, so there are no water leaks. 

Positives – What We Like 

Of a fact, the Kohler Archer is less expensive when compared to other like-for-like toilets in the market. For instance, the promenade II. Its elegance also weighs considerably especially as it does not whittle down its performance. Buyers also love the fact that it is ADA compliant as that makes it usable for a broad spectrum of users. 

Comfort Height 

The Comfort Height build that the Kohler Archer toilet provides for its users tickles their fancy. With this height, it is a lot easier for users to sit or stand. They also like the fact that it was made of China Vitreous. China Vitreous implies that Kohler Archer is a top quality product. They also find it easy to install, like most other toilets.


A non-compliance with the BAA means that it does not comply with the Buy American and Trade Agreements Act. BAA compliance means that the end products must have used locally-produced raw materials in its production. We don’t feel great about this. This is because we feel that companies should do more in patronizing locally made raw materials for their products.

It also doesn’t have a dual flush. This means that buyers cannot regulate the amount of water that is being flushed. 

Finally, it does not have a toilet seat coming along with it. So, buyers might have to buy a toilet seat if they desire one. Besides, some buyers don’t like the fact that the seats and supply lines are not included in this product. That would have been the total icing on the cake for most.


A worthy competitor for the Kohler Archer would be the TOTO Promenade II. The two products share remarkable similarities in their designs, even though the Promenade II has a more tank style as we know. The Kohler Archer, on the other hand, has more of a simple tank design. 

That being said, Archer’s base is highly preferred. Overall, they are aesthetic, classy, and luxurious in their design. They are ADA compliant products, and both have a floor-to-seat distance of over 17 inches.

The system utilizes around three waterjets that usually form a whirlpool-like wave of water rush. This makes it forcefully evict any wastes from the bowl. Hence, you’re guaranteed to have a clean bowl.  

Promenade II – A Two Piece Toilet 

Promenade II is also highly efficient in its use of water. The promenade II is also Watersense-certified, and it only uses 1.28GPF. So, just like the Kohler Archer, it helps a lot in saving water, and this, in turn, means a good amount saved in water bills. 

Both of them are two-piece toilets and quite easy to install, as you may have already suspected. One should be able to install them by one’s self as long as one can always lift them, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 

Another thing to consider is that the Kohler Archer might be a little less expensive than the Promenade. Although, it does not in any way, shape, or form, distract from Promenade being more-or-less on par with the Kohler Archer toilet. This comparison is drawn in the context of style, elegance, and the utility it serves.  

Perfect For The Eldery & Disabled 

Beyond the glitz, the distance between the floor to the seats of the Kohler Archer toilet is over 17 inches from the floor. This means that a wide array of individuals can use it (i.e. the elderly, disabled, and people that have just recovered from major surgery). Although this is specifically targeted at the disabled, people who have difficulties with standing up and sitting down can also benefit from this feature. 

Finally, what we consider as the dealmaker in our assessment is its beveled edge base. It tickles the aesthetic fancy of users and makes it downright irresistible to pass on. This toilet makes for a glittery cynosure in a well-furnished restroom. 


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