The gift of flowers has become one of the significant ways of celebrating people, especially on their birthdays. Their pretty petals and lovely smell go a long way to make the celebrant’s day colorful. However, what is the kind of flowers for birthdays among the numerous flowers available out there? 

The Rose flower stands out among all other flowers as a perfect birthday gift for a loved one or a casual friend. In the world of flowers, the rose is one of the most popular, and they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Their various colors have a significant meaning depending on the recipient. 

Nevertheless, so many other beautiful and colorful flowers can be used as a birthday gift. A bouquet of Lily, Iris, Orchid, Sunflower, Gladiolus, Gerbera, Tulips, etc., cannot go unnoticed. Keep reading this article for the best kind of flowers for birthday. 

What Are The Best Kind Of Birthday Flower?

Birthdays are a unique and personal day to everyone that has a birth day. While some people don’t give so much thought to this day, others go all out to celebrate their birthday. You can make your recipient’s joyful day more colorful by sending them a bouquet.

According to Urban Jungle Canberra, It’s maybe easier to send flowers to someone whom you know what their choice is. But, in a situation whereby you don’t know what they like, below is a list of perfect birthday flowers  


With the popularity of the rose flower, one would not need to introduce them. However, the different colors of the rose flowers need to be explained to make the right choices.

  1. Red roses: they are the most popular of all the roses, and they denote romance, passion, and beauty. The red rose is an excellent gift for your beloved wife or girlfriend.
  2. White Roses: denotes purity and innocence
  3. Pink Roses: denotes appreciation, admiration, sweetness, and joy
  4. Lavender Roses: denotes love at first sight
  5. Yellow Roses: denotes friendship. It’s a great birthday gift for a friend as well as pink. 


There are different species of lily flower, and they also differ in colors and shapes. The Easter lilies and Daylilies are popularly lilies known as the classic true lilies. They are trumpet-like in form and have six lovely petals, plus they have a wonderful smell. 

All of the lilies are beautiful altogether, and they make a great birthday gift. The lily denotes positivity and happiness hence a perfect gift for a happy day. Make your loved one’s day a more memorable one by sending a bouquet of lily as a birthday gift.


The Iris flower is another flower that makes an ideal birthday gift. The iris flower signifies so many things making them ideal for all occasions. The Iris denotes uniqueness, boldness, hope, and wisdom.

There are different colors of the Iris flower, but blue and purple are the most popular. Also, you can choose between the bearded or the beardless, depending on your preference. Nevertheless, they all make a wonderful birthday gift. 


Just like the lilies, there are different species of orchids, and you find lots of them in the tropics. They also come in different varieties of colors, and they denote luxury, beauty, and strength. With the Orchid, I bet you don’t have to look further for what to gift your exotic friend with. 


The name of the flower has already given an idea of what it might likely signify. The brightness and cheerfulness of the sun can be said to be true about this bold and beautiful Sunflower. This yellow and black flower comes in different sizes and can be quickly identified among other flowers because of its bright yellow color. 

Sunflower denotes loyalty and adoration and is usually associated with the fall. Do you have a loved one celebrating in the fall? You can bring more fun and charm to their birth day by sending a beautiful bouquet of Sunflower. 


Gladiolus is a very colorful flower that symbolizes strength, just like the Roman gladiator. The stalk consists of smaller adorable flowers that are arranged fascinatingly on the stem. A bouquet of Gladiolus to your partner on their birthday will go a long way in telling them how deep your feeling is towards them. 

And of course, it can be for a casual friend’s birthday, especially for that dramatic friend that is bubbling with energy. 

Gerbera Daisy

Light up your beloved birthday with a bouquet of this fantastic flower with different heavenly colors. The Gerbera is suitable for any woman irrespective of their age as they are lovely. If you are looking for an alternative for your Iris or the rose flower, the Gerbera is a perfect substitution. 

They denote purity, cheerfulness, and innocence and will, by all means, put a smile on the receiver’s face. 


The bright showy colors of the Tulip sitting in a lovely vase meet the eye once anyone gets into the room. They come in different colors, but pink, yellow, red, and white are the most popular tulips one will find around. Their shape is like a cup and symbolizes perfect love, plus they are associated with springtime. 

All of the above flowers plus many more makes a perfect birthday gift for persons of different age and gender. You can have a bouquet of a single flower and also an arrangement of multiple flowers in one bouquet. The choice is yours and who the recipient is to you. 

What Can Go Along With My Bouquet?

Many other accessories can accompany your gift of flowers; below are some of them

  • Personal Message Card

Sure, you don’t want to leave your recipient guessing who sent them flowers on their special day. Some inspiring words to express how you feel about them or what they mean to you will make a lot of meaning, 

  • Chocolate

A box of chocolates for a sweet tooth friend or sibling on their birthday cannot be easily forgotten. Especially when it’s their favorite sweet, you are just going to remain dear to their heart. 

  • Balloons

You can make that special one’s day more colorful by accompanying their flowers with a single or bouquet of lovely birthday balloons. This beautiful gesture will in no way go unnoticed right from the time of delivery till the end of the day. 

  • Stuffed Teddy Bears

This is a very adorable addition, especially for children or adults who don’t see the stuffed animals as childish. These cuddly Teddy bears can go a long way in making your beloved’s day a more memorable one.


Flowers are a very suitable birthday gift, especially with the significance that comes with each of them. However, knowing the right and perfect flower to choose from is also very important. This article has highlighted some flowers for birthdays to help you with the right choice. There are so many florists that will be happy to take your order right away, so! go ahead and put a smile on your beloved’s face. 


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