Paving the way for a carefree summer, the latest trends to pop up on the jewelry scene are bright, colorful, and cheery. Versace’s latest jewelry collection, for example, features countless hues of eighties neon while Chanel has modernized classic pearls by streaking them with hot pink.

Gemstone accessories, large glittery earrings, cute charms, beaded chokers, modern anklets, elegant pearls, and chain-link necklaces are some of the latest jewelry trends to look out for this summer.

Gemstone accessories

Popular throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s, gemstones are back in fashion again. And now, fresh geometric shapes are putting a modern twist on these classic stones. For example, you’ll find necklaces, earrings, or bracelets featuring gemstones shaped like octagons, hexagons, triangles, or tapered baguettes to create a chic yet fun look.

When it comes to specific types of gemstones, you have plenty of beautiful options to choose from. For example, sapphires, known for their stunning deep blue hue, can complement both casual and evening outfits. 

Sapphires in cuts like emerald, cushion-cut, and pear can lend your outfit an effortless vintage look, particularly if paired with yellow gold. Alternatively, ruby is a beautiful, popular gemstone that can help bring your summer outfit to life. A ruby necklace or ring looks great with contrasting colors like black, white, gold, and electric blue.

Large glittery earrings

Large glittery earrings will add some glam to your summer wardrobe. Available in virtually any shape and color, bedazzled earrings are a style must for lovers of statement jewelry. For example, you could don a pair of giant sparkly hoops or colorful crystal earrings. And, since these earrings are so playful and eye-catching, you likely won’t need to add any other accessories to your ensemble to make a fun and summery style statement. 

Cute charms

Quirky, fun, and a throwback to the carefree days of childhood, charms are the perfect accessory for summer. They can be worn with virtually any outfit in your summer wardrobe (from floral dresses to plain white tees and jeans) and in a myriad of unique and stylish ways.

For example, opt for a simple traditional charm bracelet for an understated and elegant look. Alternatively, a charm cluster necklace with multiple cute little charms on a delicate gold chain can look great layered with a colorful chunky choker necklace.

However you choose to embrace this trend, you can always add your own favorite charms like fruits, initials, or birthstones to your jewelry and create a truly unique fashion statement. 

Beaded chokers

Beaded chokers are a fun trend that can inject a playful touch into your wardrobe. With endless designs and colors to choose from, beaded chokers make a nice change from standard gold and silver are the perfect accessory for any summer activity — whether you’re headed to the beach or for a bite to eat.

They look great with minimal outfits like simple white t-shirts and jeans, as well as outfits already bursting with print and pattern. You can also have fun stacking beaded jewelry to create a youthful and easy-going look.

Modern anklets

Able to put the perfect finishing touch on your outfit, anklets are currently having a resurgence in popularity. Today’s modern anklets have been updated with chic and elegant adornments such as diamonds, gemstones, and beads.

However, you’ll also find anklets made out of heavy-duty chains are also on-trend, turning this typically dainty accessory into a statement piece in and of itself. The best thing about anklets is their versatility; they can complement any and all outfits (from sneakers to platform sandals) and instantly add unique style and interest.

Elegant pearls

As seen lately on the likes of Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, and Kamala Harris, pearls have been recently spotted on major celebs as well as the runway. These beautiful natural gems can automatically add effortless elegance to any outfit this summer.

A traditional single-strand pearl necklace, for example, can be layered with a simple gold charm pendant. Or, you may choose to stack your wrists with multiple pearl bracelets for a bold yet chic look. 

Chain link jewelry

Thick and heavy chain-link bracelets, necklaces, and earrings make for an eye-catching summer jewelry trend that’s not for the faint of heart. And, the bigger your chains, the more you’ll stand out.

For example, a two-toned silver and gold chain can effortlessly elevate your look while a chunky gold choker with a gem in the center can add a touch of elegance. Dainty chain link necklaces can also be layered together for a super-trendy look. 

Summer is the perfect time to show off your best jewelry. Gemstone accessories, large glittery earrings, cute charms, beaded chokers, modern anklets, elegant pearls, and chain-link necklaces are some of the latest jewelry trends to have fun with this season.


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