How can you ensure that your child gets a quality education? Sending them to an international school might be the key. You don’t have to send your child overseas to attend an international school. If you search thoroughly, you will find some in your nation.

International schools are different from normal schools in many ways. They are primarily English-speaking schools with international education facilities. In fact, schools like Invictus International School offers private secondary education. So you do not have to wait for your child to reach high school before attending an international school.

What Is An International School?

Before you think about putting your child in an international school, you must know what exactly an international school is. An international school is an educational institution where students are exposed to international education facilities. 

International schools are typically found in some of the nation’s major cities and cater to students with their services. Parents who want to give their child the best education and can afford to send their child to international schooling.

What Makes An International School Different From A Normal School?

Although the definition of international school and normal school is the same, the practical differences are off the charts. For example, with the normal school, the curriculum is limited to your region.

However, with the international school, you get value-based education, international curriculum facilities, advanced learning tools, the best teachers, and an environment for the holistic development of your child.

Here are some of the major differences that make international schools different from normal schools.

1. Exposure To New Culture

One of the major differences that you will instantly see is the standard of education you get in international schools. This is because international schools appreciate the other country’s culture and try to incorporate it into their curriculum. This makes the curriculum of the international school globally accepted.

Students studying in international schools get the chance to share their experiences and culture, which helps them become more open-minded. This helps the students to become more confident and acquire a global perspective.

2. Personality Development

As we have already said in the above points, international schools appreciate different cultures. This means they also appreciate different personalities. This helps the students to become self-reliant, confident and achieve better fluency with English.

The students can share strong bonds with other students from different corners of the globe. Furthermore, international schools teach the students to live independently, which helps them become responsible for their lives.

3. Small Class Sized To Enhance Student Engagement

International schools generally keep their class size small to only 20 students to ensure every student can communicate with the teachers. This makes the students confident about communication and attends to their problems. 

4. Focus On Extra Co-Curricular Activities

International schools believe education empowers a better world and an all-around development. Hence, they emphasize the extra co-curricular activities. These activities cover every aspect from dancing and singing to playing any sports. Furthermore, international schools know that different students come with different talents, and it is their responsibility to bring those hidden talents out to the public.

5. Increase Career Opportunities

Today, almost every enterprise works globally. Hence, these enterprises look for individuals who have already been exposed to different cultures and will be comfortable working with other employees. This is where students from international find leverage in their career opportunities. As a matter of fact, students studying in international schools are aware of their upper hand. 


International school comes in different shapes, sizes, and curriculum activities. In fact, some schools boast of having the best international educational infrastructure. Despite being different, if a school is catering to the services we have just mentioned above, it can be considered an international.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of what makes a school an international school. If there is anything more you want to know about international schools, do let us know in the comments section.


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