Did you ever want to find out how to improve your pool game?

Like most sports that pose any real challenge, playing Pool or Billiards, as it is sometimes called, does require a degree of practice to become experienced at it.

Here are a few ways that you can become a skilled pool player and wow all your friends at your next table event:

How To Improve Your Pool Game

The Cue Stick

The Cue StickFirst, you must learn the proper way to hold your cue stick.

This factor alone will play a major role in your ability to shoot balls into pockets.

Because if your grip isn’t executed correctly.

You will find yourself experiencing discomfort in your hands; scuffing the table and missing shots, and ultimately not enjoy the game play due to these things. 

Tight Grip Is Not The Best 

 Tight Grip is Not The Best For example, many new players choose to grip their cue sticks far too tightly which results in game play that doesn’t flow naturally.

A strong grip will prevent you from successfully hitting balls – because of this you want to hold the cue stick tightly, but allow some flexibility to your grip.

Proper Way To Hold The Stick 

One method to do this, is to hold the stick toward the end with a firmer grip while allowing your index finger and thumb to encircle the end of your cue stick – making a sort of o-shape.

Do not grip down with your fingers here, but rather, allow the wood to gently slide through the circle so the stick moves with a direct approach and smoothly projects from your hand as you bump the cue ball.

The Posture

The PostureNext, you will want to focus on your body’s alignment during the shot.

This is sometimes called working on a pendulum swing.

Mainly the focus here is in keep your upper arm steady and allowing your lower arm to be the shooting appendage.

 You’ll want to align your body with the table and set your shot by considering how your aim will project from your initiated alignment.

Master Holding The Cue 

Master Holding The Cue When you master holding the cue stick with a proper grip and apply your body’s alignment when approaching your shot.

You are more likely to get your shot into the pocket you’re hoping for. 

This is how seasoned pool players can pick a pocket and ball, aim at it, and successfully land the ball into their chosen pocket.

Once you have gotten your grip and alignment down, you’re headed for good things.

However, you’re nowhere near mastery level – not until you are able to get down your bridge stance and implement all three strategies into your game play.

Bridge Stance

Bridge StanceSo, what is a bridge stance? Many, if not most people.

Who have observed pool players will see that some of them place a hand on the edge of the billiard table and make a V-shape with their hands. 

 The way to do this is to place the hand for stability on the edge of the table palm down.

Then, place your thumb and index finger side by side and make a space between your index finger and middle finger.

This space is where you will place the end of your cue stick and allow it to pass through your fingers as you aim at your chosen pool ball.

Putting It All Together

These three things alone can really make an impact on your abilities as a pool player, but there is always more room for improvement.

If you are really looking to hone your skills, you need to realize that the position of your feet and legs can also make a difference in the orchestration of your shot.

Improve Your Aim

Improve Your AimA small variation off in stance can put off your aim quite substantially – which is something to keep in mind.

A great way to make your stance solid is to place your front foot forward and pointed straight.

Proper Foot Placement 

Your rear foot should then be placed at a forty-five-degree angle, which will provide you with a solid centered stance and help keep the rest of your body motionless.

The smallest tremble can put off your aim, and, ultimately, your shot.

Be sure to evenly distribute your weight within your stance, as well, so that your balance is not put off.

The last thing you want to do is fall over so recall that your body’s position is everything! 

Find Your Aiming Lines 

Find Your Aiming Lines Also, begin the practice of finding your own aiming lines.

Look at the pool table, envision lines similarly to graphic paper, and practice lining your shot up with those lines.

By seeing the table as a grid, you hone how you approach it.

Steadying your alignment, arms, and hands, making you a much more successful billiard player.

More Practice Better Results 

Many of the tricks mentioned here are truly just nods towards science, and, much like racing, playing pool is a game of both tactic and observation.

The more observant you are, the better your tactics will improve, and the better your game will become.

Create A Routine 

Create A Routine Lastly, before you begin playing, create a routine that outlines your pre-stroke preparation.

Approach the table and start looking at your imaginary grid.

Next, practice a few stances to get ready for your shot. 

Initiate a few practice strokes and make sure your body is feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Once you have become familiar with both your own body, the table you are playing at, and the balancing needed to perform each shot playing the game should be a breeze.

Practice Drills 

 Practice Drills Once you become more practiced you can move on to learning practice drills.

Shooting balls in a line up to better your aiming abilities.

And also how the placement on where your cue stick strikes the cue ball can direct the ball’s flow and ultimately the success of your shots. 

The Spinning Movement 

For example, hitting a cue ball directly mid-center will affect the spinning movement of the ball. It will push it directly forward.

However, should you choose to hit the ball at the bottom or top of it, the spinning movement of the ball will change dramatically, thus changing the set up your shots.

Be An Amazing Pool Player 

how to improve your pool gameBecoming an amazing pool player takes time and dedication.

But employing a little effort, it can be incredibly rewarding! Pool is a cool hobby but there are other hobbies introvert people might be interested in



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