Have you moved to a new neighbourhood? Wondering how you and your child are going to make new friends? First and foremost, don’t worry! While it’s natural to feel that change is scary, one must overcome the fear for a brighter and more friendly future.

Maybe it’s not in your habit to go out and mingle with strangers, but you can have them over at your place for a reason. Birthdays are the most common excuse for throwing a party. Now, if it’s a great party, your guests might want to stick around, while if it’s a bad one, the guests might beware of any future invitations.

To prevent the latter from happening, and if you wish to invite and impress the parents at your kid’s birthday party, you must read ahead for some simple steps.

1. Serve a welcome drink

You can keep your guests busy talking while you serve them some refreshing drinks. Since this is your first interaction with your neighbours, keeping a few choices is a good idea. This will show them how their visit was eagerly awaited. Keep the drinks ready because you don’t want to be busy in the kitchen and miss out on all the talks.

2.Cut the cake and ask for help during distribution

It’s your child’s birthday, and you don’t want to take away his thunder. Once everyone starts singing the birthday song after the child blows the candles, take pictures and include everyone.

This will make the guests feel involved in the celebration no matter how new you are to each other. Once the cake is cut, ask for help. That might break the formal boundaries and make the guests feel needed.

3.Train your child to receive gifts graciously

A child’s behaviour often reflects parental behaviour. Ensure that your kid means it when he accepts the gift and says “thank you!” When the parents see the child’s development, they can trust the good influence on their child. They might feel encouraged to move forward with fostering the relationship. 

4.Include games

Simply gorging on food is not a healthy way to celebrate a child’s birthday. Include some interesting board or indoor games to keep everyone entertained. Also, keep some sweet treats in the end so that everyone goes home feeling victorious and rewarded.

Meanwhile, the parents can indulge themselves in chatting and sipping on some wine. You can learn about the past of the neighbourhood and what happened until your arrival.

5.Avoid junk food

A parent should never spoil their child and neighbourhood kids. You should refrain from having junk food as the main meal at the party. Prepare something delicious that has no chance of causing food poisoning, so a homemade pizza may be agreeable, but not any fast food. Playing safe is the best policy when you are also responsible for other children in the neighbourhood.

6.Prepare for return gifts

Since it is the first party organized by you in the neighbourhood and involves young children, it is a kind gesture to acknowledge the presence of your guests. You, as parents, can make sure that you get your child some chocolate gifts for kids as acknowledgement. That’ll not only make the children happy, but their parents too will feel acknowledged for their welcoming attitude.


Be kind and respectful to everyone, although you may not like some people. Try not to be selective when it comes to talking to people in social gatherings. Be honest and be yourself to win hearts for good.


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