If you are planning to make a trip to another city or country and find it challenging to travel with kids along, we have some great advice and suggestions to make your trip easy and safe. A little pre-planning and smart strategies can make this daunting experience a pleasant and exciting one. The use of smart gadgets such as a nanny cam with audio as well as snacks, diapers, and toys can make the task smooth and tension free.

If you are wondering whether you should forget about traveling with your toddlers, then stop thinking and start packing. Here are some points you need to keep in mind to make your trip hassle-free and avoid glares and looks passed by your flight mates:

Pack some toys and goodies

Do make sure to keep your child busy and entertained by giving him toys to play with. Get hold of some small-sized toys like rattles, a doll or a Gameboy that is easy to carry and can keep the child engaged. It would be a good idea to pack some munchies to keep the kid’s mood pleasant and not make him irritable or grouchy. A lollipop or some jelly that is sweet and takes time to finish are some excellent options. 

Pack your toddler bag well

It goes without saying that traveling with kids means additional luggage. Yes, you will be carrying a heavy, bulky bag with you all the time to be safe rather than sorry. It is advisable to carry extra clothes, diapers, baby wipes, formula bottles, etc. While traveling with your kid as you could need these things anytime. 

Plan ahead with your airline

You know best about your child’s nature and concerns regarding flights. If your kid has special emotional and psychological needs, some airlines allow you to board right after the first-class passengers before passengers without children. In case your kid has autism, feels claustrophobic or is afraid of flying, this gives him a chance to settle down and control his nerves. 

Decide your priorities

It is a fact that traveling with kids is just not the same as traveling alone or without a kid. You are free to explore and travel freely with plenty of options to try out without kids. On the spot decisions and detours or diversions are expected while traveling with friends and are acceptable. However, traveling with a child is a different ball game altogether. You need to slow your pace, chalk out a plan carefully and stick to it. 

Children have a tendency of getting tired and impatient real soon. This can make them hungry, sleepy, frustrated or all of the above. In order to save yourself from any embarrassing situation, plan out things in advance and keep your options limited. Do ask for your child’s preferences and try to include them while traveling so that he does not feel left out.

Keep your gear handy

It is important to be thoroughly organized as your hands will be full while traveling with toddlers. Keep your cell phones or IPad fully charged. Keep all chargers and Wi-Fi devices with you. The last thing you want is to run out of battery while trying to communicate with any family member or any emergency service. Make sure to test all devices while packing for any malfunctions. 

Select a child-friendly location to stay

While selecting a resort, hotel or guest house, make sure it is children friendly. Find out if the hotel has a play area or a pool area for the kids to enjoy. If you are visiting a new town or city, do some research and find out what kids can enjoy and eat there. This will help you not have cranky kids during your trip.

Avoid peak seasons

If you are traveling to visit any top tourist destination, avoid the peak seasons. Try not to travel with kids during summer vacations, Christmas holidays, etc. During peak season, most flights and hotels are jam-packed and many locations are overcrowded. This does not allow you to enjoy much and you cannot have a hassle-free trip. Travel during off-season days and look for discounts at various airlines and hotels. This can help you save a lot of energy and cash as well. 

Go for a dry run

If you plan to have a major trip for the first time, try to practice first so that your kids get used to staying away from home and traveling for long hours. This will help you determine and work on the travel habits for the whole family. You can be better prepared for bathroom breaks, nap times and sorting out fights.


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