Sports betting is the biggest form of gambling in the world. Just like casino gambling, gamblers must have sufficient knowledge of the game to increase their chances of winning and it offers larger betting options than the other forms of gambling combined.

For instance, in football betting, you can place stakes on both teams to score, home win only, away win only, number of goals, and many other betting categories all on one game. Moreover, those with sufficient knowledge of the game, go as far as placing bets on the possible scorers or assists makers in the game.

Although sports betting is very common, casino gambling still remains the biggest source of fun and thrill with the thousands of games offered by casinos like King Billy providing the deepest satisfaction to gamblers.

Making money off sports betting is the major reason people place sports stakes. However, unlike casino gambling where the outcome of the results are determined by the strategy and decisions you take, sports betting is a little bit different because the outcomes are determined by the players or athletes competing in live events.

Football is a global game and as you support a team, placing sports bets will make the game more fun and here are ten football betting tips that will help you make the right betting decisions.

Claim the sign-up bonuses

Once you sign-up to play sports bets online, you will receive a welcome bonus. Some of the most attractive sign-up bonuses offered by some sports bet shops are a 50% bonus on any amount of money you invest.

However, when opportunities to claim some of these mouth-watering bonuses presents itself, grab it with both hands because it could be your one ticket to the biggest gambling win of your life.

Check the form table

Unlike in casino gambling where learning the rules of the game and developing a strategy are important factors that will help you win, having adequate knowledge of the form of the team you are rooting for is very necessary.

A form table is simply a representation of a team’s performance over their last five games and getting these details will help you make the right decisions.

However, you can also check the head-to-head record to know the outcome of past meetings with the opposition they are playing, to help you make the right decisions.

Use the predictions of football tipsters

In football betting, there are football tipsters that offer betting predictions on a consistent basis to people. While you must understand that just like us, they are all humans and these predictions are only based on their personal views, using the predictions offered by expert football tipsters on some occasions will help you pick the right games.

Check the injury table

Injuries are very common in the game of football and loss of a key player to injury will reduce their winning chances and weaken the team. However, while some teams may have a squad depth of players who can deputize very well, some teams simply lack this and it will naturally affect their performance.

Hence, before placing sports bets, check the injury table and if key men are absent without any reliable replacement, you can avoid those games altogether.

The premiership is the most competitive league

The amount of money that is generated in the premier league from television rights money alone has created a little balance between the small teams and big teams. In the past, the big six were the main teams that could sign the quality players.

However, at the moment teams that are even joining the league from championships are equipped with enough financial power to sign top players. Hence, when placing bets on premier league games, understand that it may not always go the way you desire as an upset always happens every week.

Avoid sentiments

It is very normal to have a list of best players, coaches and teams we support. However, to increase your chances of winning, put emotions aside when picking your bets even if it is against the team you support.

Pick a draw in some cases

Win, Lose or draws are the three outcomes of any football match and when it becomes increasingly hard to pick the winning side, do not be scared of putting your money on a draw.

Avoid placing bets before the season starts

In football betting, most people place bets on the team that is going to lift the trophy before the first ball is kicked. Although your predictions can easily come to fruition in the less competitive leagues, placing pre-season bets in highly competitive leagues is not advisable as injury to a key member of the team or a bad patch of form can turn a title favorite to a top four contender.


In addition to the tips above, defining your goals and setting targets are two other tips that will help you when placing sports bets and applying all the tips consistently will earn you lots of money. Nevertheless, if you don’t like sports betting, visit King Billy Casino right now to enjoy thousands of casino games.


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