How to Dress Yourself Like a Real Princess for Important Functions and Events

Steal That Look – How to Dress Yourself Like a Real Princess for Important Functions and Events

Anyone can be a princess. With the right attitude and appearance, it does not take long for one to take on a princess-like appeal. And while you have to work on your interpersonal skills to develop a princess-like attitude, it is much easier to dress yourself that way and attain the look of a real princess.

Leaving the attitude part to you, let us focus on how you can dress like a princess. From a distance, you might think that it is all about buying expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes. However, it need not always be that way. You can dress like a princess on a budget as well. 

While the expensive route will lead to more obvious brands and solutions, you will have to put in a bit of effort if you take the less expensive route. After all, you are unlikely to find a magic lamp with a genie to grant you your wish, and turn you into a princess. 

And that is what we will do in this article. To help you steal that princess-like look, we will take you through the dresses, ornaments, and shoes you will be needing. We will also use famous figures, like the late Princess Diana, as references to help you get a clearer idea of the looks you should aim for. Note that we will avoid discussing makeup and hairstyles as they are more complicated, and it is difficult to set specific standards for these things.

The Dress

Given that you are targeting an important function or event, let us keep things formal. So in this regard, we will start with a gown.

On the less expensive side of things, you can opt for one of the many simple short-sleeved gowns on Amazon. They are usually plain with no ornaments or beads attached to them and are made using light fabric. Costing between $60 to $80, these are some of the best options you can go for in case you are looking for a less expensive way out. 

On Amazon, you will also find brands like Calvin Klein selling off-shoulder sequin and fishtail gowns priced at $150-$200. Although a bit expensive, these gowns are more suitable for night parties, especially if you are attending something where you will be the center of attention in one way or another. 

These gowns also resemble the ones that many important figures and celebrities wear at important events, like the one Kate Middleton wore at the 2019 Finance Gala in London. Her style and beauty complemented the red gown and made it look more exquisite.

You can also opt for brands like Gucci if you really want to burn through your savings. Gucci dresses will cost you easily over $2,000. Frankly, you should not spend so much on a single dress, unless you want to make a statement of sorts. Even then, going for a gown that costs upwards of a thousand dollars is ludacris. Instead, stick to anything under $250, and spend the rest on some of the other stuff.

The Ornaments

Ornaments will only compliment the dress you wear to the event. Besides, a princess cannot go to such exquisite parties without a beautiful ring or necklace with them. And it cannot be just an ordinary ring or necklace. The ornament needs to have a gemstone or other types of precious stones. 

Starting from the expensive side of things, you could go with an emerald ring. At their cheapest, emerald rings will cost you upwards of $10,000 for a 2.50 carat stone. Round and cushion-shaped rings cost the most. Emeralds in general are expensive, which is why you will have to spend quite a fortune if you plan on wearing a ring with an emerald stone. 

Of course, for lower clarity and lesser weight, you could bring the price down a couple of thousand dollars. However, you might as well go for the best if you want something as luxurious as emerald.

Not everyone, however, is fond of emeralds. Princess Diana never liked the emeralds on her jewelry. So if you are anything like her, you could go for sapphires, rubies, or even diamonds. 

Colored diamonds will be some of the cheapest options you can opt for. An orange or yellow diamond of around 0.22-0.25 carats will cost you around $500-$600. Green diamonds of the same size will cost around $1,500. So you can always turn to these stones if you are a little low on budget. They will be ideal for your necklace but will look good on rings too.

As for the band of your ring, opt for gold or platinum. These metals complement all sorts of stones and will bring out the best in them. 

The Shoes

When buying shoes, you not only have to think about style and elegance but also about your comfort as well. So while high heels are always the preferred option, you should know that other types of heels and shoes will work just as fine. 

Amazon will help you land some sweet deals on regular heels starting at just $50-$80. You can go for higher prices for more stylish shoes.

And you can also go for luxury brands like Gucci or Prada if you are willing to spend around $800-$1,000. This is actually a safe option given that such luxury items will provide you with more comfort. 

Then again, the shoes available on Amazon or any other online store or from a non-luxury brand can also provide you with comfort. So in case you want something simple and not too flashy, go with a pair from Amazon. Otherwise, feel free to pick your luxury brand and buy it from them. The prices, although steep, will not trouble your wallet in any way.

And with that, you are ready to impress all the other attendees at the event. So go nail that princess look, and arrive at the ball or function like the royalty you are.