Although the modern market is overloaded with an unsurpassed variety of really cool gaming consoles, sometimes, we all want to go back in time and play old-classic games that we played in our boyhood days. However, all these gaming consoles that were popular 20 years ago are already obsolete. You can’t buy these devices anymore and this is where you simply can’t do without emulators – programs that allow you to run retro games on your laptop or smartphone. And in this insightful post, we’ll get down to the main tips on how to set up emulators properly. You know that some emulators come with BIOS files by default, whereas others require the installation of PS2 BIOS. So let’s take a closer look at how to install PS2 BIOS files and enjoy your favorite retro games from any device.

Download a PS2 Emulator

Your first and foremost task is to download an emulator, compatible with your operating system. Download the latest version on your computer for free. So far, you can find emulators for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS-based devices. You should have two important files: emulator installer and BIOS PCSX2 Full.

How to Install PS2 BIOS: Steps to Follow

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to install this file on your device. Get comfortable and have a look:


  • Double click on the PS2 Installer file and open it. Don’t forget to put a checklist on all the features because all these components are crucially important for the stability of your emulator. Click Next.
  • Your next step is to copy and cut the BIOS file (that has already been downloaded) in the configuration folder. Click on the option “Extract here”. To see all the BIOS features, you should click on “Refresh List” and after that, you can choose the BIOS version that you want to use. Now, you can click on “Finish”.


That’s all! Now, you can run BIOS files on your computer and enjoy the gameplay.

What If PS2 Emulator Configuration Is Not Suitable?

If you notice freezing or lag, you are likely to have the wrong settings. Probably your settings aren’t suitable for your device. Make sure you are using the right installer file and the right BIOS file, compatible with your device.

What If the Game Is Not Suitable?

Bear in mind that now all games are supported by your emulator. The PCSX2 emulator supports the collection of Playstation 2 libraries, but unfortunately, some games may have bugs or even crashes. The only solution here is to opt for an ISO or game that has a different version. Simply put, try to download another game; if it works then you installed your emulator properly.


All in all, you see that all these old-classic games are still alive and you can use them on any device. You just need to have the right software suitable for your operating system. After you download an emulator, you need to be doubly sure if it includes a BIOS file. If not, download it separately and install it on your device. On average, this procedure takes a couple of minutes and you’ll have all these tools installed on your device! This solution has an ace up its sleeve – the virtual doors to retro gaming will always be open for you!


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