How to Create an Electronic Order Form

It’s never too late to invest in a software to create an electronic signature – any business would benefit from it. Moreover, it can even be completely free, especially if you only use it from time to time.

Using special software, you can place any order and remotely complete almost any transaction by validating it with an electronic signature. An electronic signature will serve as a guarantee of the truthfulness and authenticity of the information contained in a document, and will also confirm the legal validity of that document.

If we consider the use of electronic signature software from a practical point of view, it is worth noting that it is very quick and convenient to compose an electronic sample of the document. You can create an order form template, generate any document, collect signatures and sign all the necessary documents with the help of the PandaDoc platform.

PandaDoc – universal service for document automation

PandaDoc is a user-friendly and convenient software, which focuses on the automation of document management. Thanks to this platform, you no longer need to use several different tools to create, sign, send and track documents – PandaDoc gives you the opportunity to do all these actions in one intuitive interface.

An extensive library of samples allows you to quickly create the necessary documents and make adjustments online. This greatly simplifies document flow in the company, helps establish coordinated work in all departments and makes your team as operative as possible.

Using the PandaDoc platform, it is possible not only to automate, but also to simplify and speed up the signing of any document. Thanks to customizable working processes, you can create a sample of any document, as well as send and track it along the conveyor and conduct detailed analytics on the movement of any document.

The working processes automated with the help of PandaDoc are the best way to do more work in less time. These are only a few examples of what documents, in addition to the order form, this software allows you to create:

  • lease agreement;
  • invoice;
  • expense report;
  • purchase and sales contract;
  • agreement with suppliers;
  • employment offers.

PandaDoc software is successfully used by more than 23,000 companies, while winning in many ways. For example, users note the following results:

  • the average contract value increases by 17%;
  • the productivity also increases by 800%;
  • the time to create a document is reduced by 55%;
  • the closing rates are increased by 30%.

Customers also receive a number of other advantages:

  • they can create, sign and send any document in just a couple of minutes “on the go”, and they can send it to several people around the world at the same time;
  • they can prepare an order form template or any other document and then reuse it over and over again;
  • they can add variable fields of signature, text, initials, company, date to the developed sample of the document;
  • due to integration of PandaDoc platform with different daily applications (CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Stripe, Dropbox, etc.), users can download necessary files and documents directly from them;
  • they can create timely reminders about the need to sign documents that are in the workflow;
  • if necessary, they can initiate the signing of documents directly from their “mailbox”;
  • users can trust another person to sign documents;
  • they can receive real-time push notifications of any actions performed on the document.

If you’re not already using electronic signature software, now it’s the right time to fix it. PandaDoc can be your best choice to run your business successfully