Pearls are a statement jewelry piece radiating natural elegance and glamorous charisma. You can wear them around the neck, on the earlobe or on your wrist. They are perfect for work, a romantic date night, even with your everyday jeans and a plain t-shirt. Good quality pearls do not require much to leave an impression.

Choosing the right pearls for your personality can be both fun and challenging. Do you want to enhance your personality with classic, accentuated, or minimalist kinds of pearls? The choice and feeling vary from occasion to occasion and may depend on your character.

In the article below we offer you some tips on how to find the right pearls to match your personality.

The Confident Woman

A woman that radiates a confident personality likes to wear a so-called statement piece, a piece of jewelry that stands out in the crowd and is visible from a distance. This can be a large pearl necklace, a pair of chunky pearl earrings, or a big pearl ring on the finger. This type of woman exudes confidence and likes to be the center of everyone’s attention.

If you are an ambitious and successful person who is happy to express your status with your jewelry, then opt for the South Sea pearl necklace. You can choose a luxurious one from the Pure Pearls jewelry collection which offers the ultimate glow and appealing silky pearl texture. The South Sea pearl is known as the Queen of Pearls, a cultured pearl unlike any other.

By wearing this, you are projecting a person who is not backing down from a major challenge and prefers to invest in large but stylish jewelry.

The Creative Bohemian Chic

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Bohemian chic or boho-chic is a trend that has been around for a while. The bohemian personality is aspiring to reach that inner calm while remaining down-to-earth so the best way to call such people is free-spirited. 

They often wear symbols such as a star or a moon which symbolize their connection to nature, mystery, and femininity. Since pearls are harvested and found in natural surroundings such as freshwater and the deep oceans, a woman with these traits would feel comfortable and glad to wear pearls too.

The boho-chic style can also signify that the person has a creative and artistic personality that appreciates crafts and prefers jewelry that expresses one-of-kind style. This is an inspiring person who always manages to find an interesting spin on the most boring parts of everyday life. Playing with color and shape is her thing.

This is why the pearl piece we recommend and that would suit this kind of woman is a lustrous Tahitian baroque pearl bracelet, which is daring but also unique.

The trendy and cool personality

The woman with a trendy personality knows the outside world and is known among her close friends for having a good style and setting trends. If you find yourself in this type, your unique style inspires others and you dare to go your own way. The jewelry you wear is often different and eye-catching and being basic is not an option for you.

You are attracted to strong colors and flamboyant is an overall staple in your wardrobe. Your cool personality is unapologetic and you do what you feel like doing.

A freshwater pearl would be the obvious choice for you, as it offers satiny luster and natural pastel colors that you manage to infuse with your sense of style and character. The natural lavender, pink, and pastel hues are the wonderful expression of your cool approach and attitude.

The romantic glitz and glam personality

A romantic piece of jewelry does not have to be a charm with hearts. Think rose gold, light pink, thin chains, and feminine details. The romantic is a woman who sees the beauty of the world and its surroundings. You spread love and empathy around you, you have a big heart and an open mind.

You also radiate Hollywood timeless glamor instantly and go a long way with your big smile and colorful personality. A true diva who likes to adorn herself with rhinestones, pearls, and glitter.

You radiate sensual elegance that never goes out of date and you are weak for classics in all their forms. You prefer your jewelry with minimalist and simple details. Therefore, the best pearl choice for you would be the Japanese Akoya pearl necklace, which is considered the most classic white pearl strand. It has perfectly shaped round beads with a sharp metallic luster that will convey your personality in the best way possible.

Playful and original

The playful person is fun and full of life and is in no way afraid of mixing things up when it comes to pearls. You have a great dose of positive energy within you and love unexpected details that make you laugh. Life for you is a party. Your pearls are usually original and with surprising elements.

The ideal choice of pearls for you would be the Hanadama necklace pearls. You can layer two or three of these necklaces starting from intensely bright colors to deep rose overtones which will give you that fun and playful effect.

Stylish and sexy

You have an open personality and a seductive side that often comes out in the way you express yourself. A flirty personality that is comfortable with herself and is not afraid to highlight her sexier features. You prefer pearls that move when you are out dancing or strolling around town that draw the eyes to you.

A pearl choker made of Akoya or Tahitian pearl is a great tip if you want to emphasize this personality. It goes perfectly well with a dress and also with a more casual outfit such as an open-neck top.

Final Thoughts

Your style tells a lot about who you are as a person and how you express yourself. So does your jewelry and wearing pearls is also an excellent way to express your personality.

Whichever type you may be, there are pearl varieties and styles that everyone can choose and identify with.

That’s what’s the fun about dressing yourself with pearls. You can instantly lift your mood by wearing a detail that reflects your true self.

Remember to invest in pearls that truly express who you are as a person and what you stand for. This is a big part of how you represent yourself to your surroundings without having to speak. In the text above we help you pick and choose the right pearls for you, based on your personal qualities.


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