A pompadour haircut is a hairstyle where lots of hair is left at the top of the head. It is a classic hairstyle that may be styled either to the side or back. There are a few steps to consider when asking for a pompadour haircut.

The first step in asking for a pompadour haircut is talking to your barber about the haircut’s specific details.

Communication is the most effective method in requesting the hairstyle you desire. Here’s what you need to know about getting your pompadour haircut styled in your barbershop.

How Can I Ask For Pompadour Haircut?

To ask for the pompadour haircut, you need to give your barber the precise information of what you want. Try to study the terminology used to describe the particular pompadour haircut you want. When words fail you, show your barber a picture of the hairstyle.

The pompadour haircut may seem similar to the quiff but they are quite different. The quiff is a piece of hair brushed upwards and forwards, it gives the illusion of a wavy, effortless look. The pompadour on the other hand is brushed backward to make appear thick and sleeker.

 Although the difference is elusive,  the styling methods are sole and unmistakable.That being said, we will outline some of the types of pompadour. This will broaden your knowledge of how to accurately ask your barber for your pomp cut.

The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour, known for its length and high-shine, requires plenty of hair that has been cut slightly shorter at the back and sides compared to the rest, with the fringe left at the crown longer than the hair.

The Modern Pompadour 

This style is characterized by a strong contrast between the shortness of the hair on the sides and back. Unlike the classic pomp, the modern variation allows the hair to be clipped to a standard length on the sides and back.

The Short Pompadour

As the name implies, either to a standard length or faded, the sides and back are clipped short. The hair at the fringe, though longer than the sides and back, does not go beyond about 4cm. This short pomp is a short alternative to the classic.

The Textured Pompadour

This haircut is ideal for folks with kinky hair texture. It’s different from the styles of distinct clean lines and tousled look. It requires texturizing clays and pastes.

What Are The Terminology I Can Use To Request For A Pompadour Haircut

To get your desired pompadour haircut, you need to be aware of the common terms. It’s hard to paint the perfect picture of what you want without having the right words. To help you communicate your desired pompadour haircut style, you will need to be conversant with certain key words and phrases. 

You can find some of these common keywords that will help you ask for your pompadour haircut below.

  • Thinning– barbers will also use thinning to minimize heaviness if the hair of a man is remarkably thick. Thinning may be carried out, from layering to razoring, using a range of instruments and techniques. There is also a type of scissors, thinning shears, used specifically for the operation.
  • A taper– although a fade is very similar to a taper haircut, it does not require buzzing the hair to the scalp’s level. Much of the time, it will leave the hair on the sides and back longer than a fade. 
  • Point cutting – the name given to one of the standard hair shaping techniques is point cutting. Point cutting includes using at an angle the points of the scissors and snipping strands. For a harmonious blend, the aim is to create texture throughout the hair. 
  • Haircut numbers– you’ll find that barbers use numbers from 1 to 8 to define shorter silhouettes while learning how to ask for a haircut. These numbers for haircuts apply to the size of the guard used on the clippers. 
  • The neckline– the neckline in the hair industry refers to the hair at the back of a person’s neck, i.e., the nape. Men tend to wear their tapered/faded, squared, or blocked necklines much of the time. A faded or tapered one blends out and will grow back smoothly.
  • The fringe– there’s a fair chance you do not know what a fringe is if you live in america. Clear and easy, the word is used to describe bangs almost anywhere else in the world. As a consequence, the same thing as a hairstyle with bangs is a fringe hairstyle.
  • The razor– the word “razor” may describe either a haircut or a form of texture in a barbershop context. Razor-texture applies to highly layered hair. A razor cut involves cutting a razor blade or a similar device with an incorporated razor into the scalp. 
  • The fade– a super short haircut is called a fade, with a gradual transition closely to the scalp. The technique gets its name from the fine gradient resulting from the method of cutting.
  • The undercut–  undercut hairstyles are commonly defined in two ways for men: as disconnected or fading. A disconnected undercut divides a longer top with a distinct line from a shorter bottom. A fading undercut has the incremental transition associated with faded haircuts on the flip side.

What I Should Consider Before  Asking For A Pompadour Haircut?

The pompadour haircut is s a classic as it is trendy and an effortless look. It remains a barber’s favorite, but there are different criteria for styling. Listed below are a few stuff to considerbefore you ask for that pompadour haircut.

Your Hair Type

Apart from the regular hair texture categorization of hair type, considering your hair density is important. If you have a scanty or thinning front line, you might want to consider another appropriate look to suit you. So unless you have plenty of hair (4-6cm) at the fringe and good coverage  – then the pomp is not for you. 

Folks with thinner hair may find it convenient to create and maintain a pompadour, unlike guys with naturally kinky hair.

Facial Hair

Historically, a clean-shaven face used to be the favored partner of the pompadour, but the hairstyle has since evolved. It has been tested and tried even with a face full of beards that this hairstyle looks just as good. To achieve a sleeker and modern look, a disconnected pompadour with the hair clipped short at the back and sides.

There is also nothing exactly wrong with a classic long-on-the-sides pompadour coupled with a beard. This cut will establish some much-needed contrast between the pompadour’s volume and your beard’s.

The classic pompadour is more formal and needs a strong pomade to stay in place, but guys can opt to get modern pomp with a natural-looking finish that is more textured.

The Length Of Your Hair 

The most important tip is to have the right amount of hair in the right places. The hair at the top is longer while a shorter cut on your sides seem about right. This amount of hair would give a significant amount of volume to comb and sweep back

How to get my pompadour to stay 

We believe the information contained in this article has helped you ask for your pompadour haircut. The next challenge ,is how to get your pompadour to stay. The basic styling approach is the same, whether you want a sleek, tightly sculpted, or loose pompadour.

  • First, make sure you start with hair that is freshly washed and conditioned. 
  • Lightly use a towel to dry your hair. Then, blow it dry with a hairdryer as you comb backward from your forehead and temples backward towards your crown and the back of your head, shifting each time from root to tip along the full shaft of the hair. 
  • Next, add a volume of pomade or hairspray and massage properly into your hair. Be sure to first steam the pomade before running it through your hair. 
  • Using the procedure given in step two, resume combing. Using the other as you comb with one hand to rub softly the hair you’ve just combed. This technique helps smooth the hair further and form the look.
  • Going on to create the quiff next. Gently force forward the hair that you have just combed backward with the palm of your free hand. Comb your fringe straight up and down so that it curves your head up and down.
  • Stop combing once you are satisfied with the shape of your pompadour. Depending on the finished look you want, use a strong-hold hairspray to help keep everything in place. 


The pompadour is classic hairstyles that have been transformed to fit modern trends. it may e confused with a quiff.

Learning about a few hair cut terminology would help you get your desired hair cut. We have provided you with the kinds pompadour haircut so that you can ask for exact one you want. 


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