While applying beard oil is not rocket science, there is just the right and the wrong way of doing it. Find out How to Apply Beard Oil the correct way.

As you may be aware, the best beard oils have a horde of benefits to offer. For instance, some of the leading beard oils available today have vital vitamins that help restore the beard (Source).

Such oils have also been proven to soften facial hair and strengthen its roots.

All in all, many people today apply beard oil to enhance the feel and look of their facial hair. While this is the case, you may be applying your beard hair the wrong way.

So, when should you apply beard oil, how much should you apply and how should you apply it? Such are some of the questions this guide will be addressing. If you do not know how to apply beard oil, here is how it should be done.

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When Should You Apply Beard Oil?

Well, some men may not know this, but beard oil is best applied on when the facial hair is moist. As such, the best time to apply this oil is right after showering. Not only does showering clean the facial hair, it also opens up skin pores.

This, in turn, makes it easier for the hair to absorb the oil. Once you get out of the shower, you should use a dry and clean towel to dry your face. However, it is not advisable to dry the beard completely. Try to leave it a little bit damp.

How Much Beard Oil Should You Apply?

Secondly, you need to know just the right amount of beard oil to use for each application.

This is something that quite a number of men today do not get right. In order to reap the benefits of the best beard oils, you just have to apply it in the right amounts.

The amount of oil you should apply on your beard each time varies from one person to another. This is mainly influenced by the thickness and length of your beard.

Based on the length and thickness of your hair, here is a general guide of the much beard oil you should apply:

  • Up to a month old beard: 3 to 4 oil drops
  • 1 to 3 months of growth: 4 to 6 oil drops
  • 3 to 12 months of growth: 6 to 10 oil drops
  • Beard older than a year: not less than 10 drops of oil

While this is the basic guide of the amount of beard oil you should use per application, you may need to use trial and error method to ascertain the right amount. Again, beard oil will not evaporate after application as water would.

As such, applying too much of it is not advisable—can easily embarrass you. If this is the first time you are using beard oil, it is advisable to start with smaller amounts. You can then increase that amount gradually based on the initial experience.

The right amount of beard oil should make your facial hair feel fully-coated and softer. Provided that you have applied the right amount of beard oil, you will also find the beard comparatively easier to condition.

How Often Should You Apply Beard Hair?

Now that you know the much oil you should use, you must be wondering how often you should apply it, right?

Well, this varies from one person to another and depends on several factors. To begin with, it will depend on what beard oil you are using.

Basically, it is okay to apply beard oil once a day. However, there are several factors that may affect this. Some of the factors you need to consider, in this regards include:

  • If you have a short beard and live in a humid climate, you will be okay with a single application every couple of days
  • Bearded men who live in dry climates should apply beard oil more than once every day.

The frequency with which you apply beard oil is also a matter of personal preference. Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with applying beard oil every day. As a matter of fact, most experts are for the opinion that beard oil should be applied at least once every day.

Such a frequent application will make your facial hair healthier and better looking. Beard hair also has several health benefits for the skin. As such, you may as well apply it to your neck to reap such benefits.

If you take some time out of your daily routine you can test different styles with your beard as well.

The Best Way to Apply Beard Oil

Regardless of the much oil you use or the frequency with which you apply it, you just have to apply it correctly. In order to apply beard oil properly, here are the steps you need to take:

Pour the Oil

The experience you have pouring your beard oil will depend on the brand you are using. Some of the leading beard oil brands feature innovative caps that give you control over the much you pour and make pouring easier.

Depending on the thickness and length of your beard, as well as on the desired results, you should pour just the right amount of oil onto your palm. In order to make pouring easier, some beard oil bottles come with a dropper.

In such a case, you should return the dropper to its original position in the bottle immediately after dispensing the right amount of oil. Leaving it on the countertop or other surfaces may cause it to attract contaminants.


Now that you have the right amount if oil in your palms, you can proceed to apply it on your facial hair.

In this regard, this is the procedure you should use:

  • After showed pat your face with a clean towel, leaving the beard damp
  • Apply the right amount of oil into your palms and spread it evenly on the palms and fingers. You can do this by rubbing the oil between your palms.
  • Work the oil into the skin before spreading it to the beard itself. This way, it will be easier for the beard oil to get to the hair roots.
  • While spreading the oil on your beard, it is advisable to apply it across and along the grain
  • To achieve this, you need to brush the palms along the sides of the beard. You should then rub them down the front of the beard.
  • Now bring the palms upwards, through the bottom of the facial hair to spread the oil on the beard even further
  • Finally, you need to use your fingertips to coat the mustache hairs with the oil.

Comb the Beard

The final step in applying beard oil is combing and conditioning the beard. In this regard, you are going to need the right comb.

Combing, in this case, will enhance the absorption of the oil, prevent ingrown hairs and make the beard appear fuller.

While many people think of this step as obvious, there is the right and wrong way of combing the beard, in this case. In this regard, this is how it should be done:

  • After you have applied the beard oil, you need to comb the hair slowly. This way, it will be easier for you to untangle any knots.
  • It is advisable to use a comb with wider teeth. Such a comb would be easier for you to glide through the beard.
  • The best way to comb the beard after applying oil is to start low, working your way higher
  • With the teeth of the comb facing upwards, start combing the bottom part. You should start combing the hair on the neck region as you work your way to the chin and cheeks
  • This combing action is aimed at separating the facial hair
  • Afterwards, you can give the beard a fuller look by combing it downwards. While doing this, you should condition the beard to your preferred style.

Ready to Apply Beard Oil?

Regardless of your preferred brand, beard oil has been proven to offer a horde of benefits for the skin and facial hair.

For instance, the oil prevents beardruff, moisturizes the beard, enhanced the texture and aesthetical appeal of the beard.

However, you just have to apply it correctly for you to reap such benefits. If you do not know how to, this guide will help you apply beard oil correctly.

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