Appealing a fine might not come easily; however, you can appeal a parking ticket when you get one unfairly. Especially when you can prove you are parked legally or have a valid reason why you can appeal and have the ticket withdrawn. Then, I guess we are left with how to appeal a fine. 

You can appeal when your fine is at the Penalty reminder notice level or infringement notice level. Your case would be submitted as a Notice of Objection if you got illegal parking or an Overspeed ticket. This case can be appealed at a Magistrate’s court or Children’s court if you are less than 18 years old.  

However, you might not be able to apply to court when your fine has gotten to the Notice of Final demand level. Requesting a review for an infringement notice is the only option you are left with. Keep reading this article for more information on how to appeal a fine. 

What Are The Different Ways To Make An Appeal?

There are two significant ways to make an appeal

  • Appeal online
  • Appeal in person

Appeal On Line

According to Astor Legal, You will not be needed to go to court for a hearing if you are appealing online. However, you will have to fill a complaint form online and be sure to get a mail to acknowledge reception. After filling in your data, you will have to support your appeal with evidence to prove you were wrongly charged.

You can also send a letter through the mail to appeal an infringement notice. The following will also be included in your letter.

  • Your name and mailing address
  • The nature of your Infringement notice  
  • Your registration
  • Your plate number
  • State where your car is registered
  • The number for your ticket
  • Supporting evidence if you have any, like photos.

If you fill a complaint form online or send a letter through the mail, you will have to wait for the council’s decision. The decision would be mailed to you within few days to inform you if your appeal was granted or denied. If denied, you may have to pay your fine or request a hearing. 

Appeal In Person

You can apply in person for your case to be heard at the magistrate court if you are unfairly charged with an infringement notice. You will have to provide the following information. 

Your name and mailing address

The nature of your Infringement notice, for example, if it’s a parking ticket or excessive speed ticket. 

  • Your registration
  • Your plate number
  • State where your car is registered
  • The number for your ticket
  • Supporting evidence if you have any, like photos.

When your application to appeal in court is accepted, then your case will be listed at the Magistrates’ Court for hearing. If you have to appear before the court for the hearing, then you will be notified about the specified date, time, and location for your court hearing. Note that it is essential for you to go for the court hearing as the court can decide the matter in your absence.

There are different possible outcomes after a court hearing which can be favorable or the other way. After hearing your case, the magistrate will decide on an appropriate penalty such as

  1. If you are found guilty, the magistrate will record a conviction
  2. You may be issued with a new fine lesser or more than the previous 
  3. Your case may be discharged or dismissed
  4. It can also be adjourned for hearing another day
  5. You can also be asked to go for unpaid community work for some time. 

What Are The Legitimate Reasons For Appealing An Infringement Notice?

Getting an unfair parking ticket should not just be waved aside, as there are several legitimate reasons for appealing. Below are some legit reasons

  1. You can appeal when you are sure you parked legally. 
  2. You can appeal when parking signs are wrong or unclear.
  3. When you were overcharged – You can check your local council site for the exact cost.  
  4. When there is a mistake on the ticket or letter of notification, for example, if it has the wrong name or the wrong address. 
  5. When the infringement notice was not issued on the spot but was sent through the post 
  6. You can appeal when you are under mitigating circumstances like taking someone to the hospital in an emergency that made you park illegally. 
  7. You can appeal when the traffic rules are not correctly implemented.
  8. When you were not the one driving the vehicle, and someone else had parked it illegally.

However, if you are parked illegally, you may not be able to appeal your ticket simply because there is nowhere else to park. The duration you are parked illegally does not count too even if it’s just for few minutes. If you disagree with the parking rules does not make you correct; hence, you might not be able to appeal. 

Is It Worth Appealing?

Having to think if it’s worth appealing for a notice of infringement is excellent because it may be and may not. If you are a very busy person, you can rethink if it is not worth the time to be invested in it. If you pay your fine within the stipulated time, you will get the reduced fine than missing out on all should your appeal be denied. 

However, if the ticket is unfair and there is supporting evidence, then why not? Finding excellent evident will also go a long way to help you make a strong case and appeal successful. A doctor’s note to confirm you took someone to the hospital in an emergency is great to help.


Getting a ticket unfairly can be irritating, and you might want to take it up for appeal. This is not a bad idea, especially when you have good supporting evidence to make a strong case and have the council’s decision in your favor. This article highlights how and some reasons to appeal a fine. 


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