First of all, a golf cart driver should have a license before he or she could be seen behind a golf cart’s controls.

This is because the permit certifies that whoever is riding in the golf cart is well aware of all traffic laws and the rules to drive. The rules should be both on driving in a public space and also a private area.

Generally speaking, the minimum age to drive a golf cart is 16 years old. In Florida and New Jersey, for example, a 14-year-old can drive a golf cart. Most states do not require driver’s license to drive a golf cart, as long as the golf cart stays off public roads. 

Other places have their minimum age set at fourteen, but this is more unlikely than sixteen years in other regions. So, check out your area, and then you would know if you are old enough to drive a golf cart.

Are there safety tips on driving a golf cart?

When driving a golf cart, there are things that you need to be guarded against. These tips are intended to make the trip more convenient.

  • The golf cart can be interesting to take around paces, but it is also a slow-paced vehicle and needs some caution. When going down the show grounds, teach your children always to stay seated and their feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Ensure that ether all the seatbelts be strapped to your body and that of your passenger as well. This would save everyone in the golf cart if there is any impact, and you need to be held back to the golf cart.
  • When the cart is making a turn at tight corners, it could tilt to the side and cause you to lose stability. So, to solve this, you can hold on to the armrest or safety bars closest to you at the point.
  • While driving a golf cart can be fun, and your kid may probably want to do it all the time. This is not a bad idea, but they need the right protective gear to keep them from harm while driving in the golf carts. So, the advice then to always put on a helmet to protect their head.
  • Another thing they need to take note of is driving at full speed of the cart. This is harmful when faced with blind spots and leaves them with almost zero time to react to the emergency.
  • Lastly, it is advisable always to look back when driving to ensure that any other driver at the back is not caught unaware by a sudden movement.

Following the safety tips, you can safely drive through in a golf cart without getting hurt or running into legal problems.

How Do Golf Cart Driving Restrictions Differ?

An essential fact concerning golf carts is, they don’t usually need the drivers to be licensed when driving the cart. However, if you intend to take it to public roads and then drive it along the roads, you would need a driver’s license.

 As a result of this variance, the cart drivers’ age restrictions differ from one state to another. For example, in several states, the minimum age is fourteen years for children who intend to drive a golf cart on public land. Still, when it comes to driving, too, some allow for children that are thirteen years old to take a card out in such a similar capacity.

When it’s time to move on from the public lands and move to the public roads, a driver’s license is necessary. However, for this, the licensing is set to sixteen years in most states, and they would be required to follow the driving restrictions accordingly.

Once you have set out on the road, you need to place a warning sign on your golf cart. This s necessary because most vehicles on the public roads run at a minimum of fifteen to twenty-five miles per. It would be best if you placed the “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign should create and put it on the golf cart. This ensures your safety as a driver of a golf cart.

It is also vital that the golf cart is correctly registered at the proper authority and certified to work on a public road. 

What differs in the private property laws on golf cart driving?

Even though the age limit helps determine who can take out the cart in a public space, it changes when it comes to private laws.  For example, individual states hardly restrict the age of those driving golf carts on private land.

They are more concerned about how the landowner takes care of the golf cart driver when they are in your personal space. You have to take responsibility for the safety and behavior of the young golf cart driver.

As a result of this discretion, the federal and state officials do not concern themselves with controlling the private property cart. Several parents see this as a driver’s lesson opportunity for the children and then concern themselves with their safety.

By having no official restriction whatsoever, the golf cart driving system takes a unique turn in operations. For example, a child who is not normally expected to start driving due to their age can drive a private property cart. All of this can happen without triggering any legal problem.

Still, they cannot drive the cart on a golf court without getting to the proper age. Note, all of this is applicable even when the golf court is on private property. This is the only exception when it comes to driving a golf cart in a personal space.

 This is majorly put this way because a functional golf court is regarded as a public space, no matter who owns it in the first place. Therefore, teenagers that are below the minimum legal age for driving a golf cart.

What other laws apply to golf cart driving? 

Apart from every golf cart driver’s regulated age limit, there are certain things that the new driver has to know about driving. These laws are not necessarily applicable in private places, but for public roads, they are needed. Unlike the private property law above, these particular laws keep both the golf cart driver safe and other road users.

Here are other laws that apply to golf car driving:

  • If you have a teenager that intends to drive their golf cart in a public space, you need to be sure that they are aware of the traffic rules. With this, you can ensure that they don’t break any laws along the line.
  • Because golf carts do not move as fast as regular vehicles in a public space, this limits how they can be used in public areas. They can’t be on a fast lane and should most likely stick to the sides.
  • Like other motorized vehicles like your scooter and motorcycles, the golf cart must follow traffic laws. When any of the laws are faulted by your golf cart, it comes with a compensating consequence, which most likely would lead to legal problems.
  • As a golf cart driver, you are expected to follow all the pedestrian crossing laws required. Even though the golf cart may not cause terrible injuries to people involved in an accident, it shouldn’t happen.
  • Another important law to follow is the turn signals that other vehicles use when driving in a public place. This indicates where you are headed per time and the right speed restrictions that accompany driving on the road.
  • Golf carts are not recommended on roads that have speed limits going over thirty-five miles per hour. 


Driving a golf cart is a fun activity, and the recommended age is 16 years for a person to start operating one. At this age, they should have their driver’s license and also have enough knowledge of all the traffic rules for driving.

This post has successfully compiled all the laws that should be adhered to when driving in public and private spaces.  


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