Hair extensions are trending and very popular in the world of female fashion worldwide and among young and elderly ladies. Ladies opt for extensions for many reasons to make their outlook beautiful and appealing. However, different hair extensions cost different prices depending on the size and the length.

Synthetic hair extensions cost from $50 to $300, while good quality human hair extensions cost $200 to $650. Pricey full-head human hair extensions cost from $1000 to $2500 in bulk. The prices of hair extensions, either synthetic or human hair, vary significantly depending on the length, volume, texture, and type. 

The prices of hair extensions also differ depending on the make and qualities of each. The higher the quality and length of the hair extension, the more expensive they become. Read through the article to find out the prices of different brands of hair extensions and the make and quality of different hairs.

What Is The Price Of Different Hair Extensions?

From young adults, working women, and stay-at-home mums to celebrities, every lady is looking to get luscious, voluminous, long, and colorful hair as quickly as possible. Hair extensions make all of these possible and provide you with the desired shortcut you might be looking at making off your hair. All additions to the length, volume, color, and thickness of your hair can be achieved in a flash without affecting your natural hair.

Hence, the rise in the demand for different hair extensions also comes with the common question: How much do hair extensions cost? As earlier mentioned, the prices of the different hair extensions depend on the brands, types, and quality of hair extensions. The location you are buying from and many other factors can significantly affect the price of hair extensions.

Hair extensions make you look gorgeous and graceful for any occasion and allow you to pull your hair into any preferred style.

Also, it helps you prevent your hair from being damaged as you can easily change the color of your hair extensions without having to touch your natural hair. How much do different types of hair extensions cost then, you may want to ask?

What Are The Factors Affecting The Price Of Air Extensions?

Four major factors can impact the price of hair extensions significantly and worldwide. That is, it is applicable anywhere you go and find hair extensions. Outside other factors not listed here, these four factors are major determinants of the price of hair extensions everywhere.

1) Types Of Hair Extensions

2) Length And Thickness Of Hair

3) Quality

4) Textures And Colors

Types Of Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions, so knowing what type you want will determine the price you will pay. The various types include

1.     Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way of adding volume and length to your hair ASAP. Clip-in does not necessarily need a professional to fix, as you can DIY seamlessly inside your bedroom. They are attached easily, quickly, and without needing any hairdressing equipment; also, they can be removed easily.

They come in different qualities, lengths, volumes, and colors; you can get them in both synthetic and human hair extensions. Below are some examples of clip-in hair extensions

  1. YOGFIT 6PCS Brown Hair Extensions – Synthetic clip-in hair extension
  2. LAAVOO clip-in hair Extensions – human hair clip-in hair extension
  3. Remy Clip-in Extensions – human hair clip-in hair extension

v Cost Of Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are budget-friendly and affordable compared to other hair extensions because they’re low-maintenance. The easy application method makes them a choice of many ladies as they are easily worn DIY and save you the cost of going to the salon. Prices of clip-in hair extensions range from $60 to $240+.

However, prices can be affected by hair length, color, and weight, in addition to the quality and type of clip-in hair extensions. With proper maintenance and handling, clip-in extensions can be worn for about 12 months. Clip-in hair extensions are advantageous as you don’t get to move wefts up or adjust; they are firm and in place.

2.     Tape-In Hair Extensions

Currently, tape-in hair extensions are very popular extension techniques in the beauty world. The human hair or Remy’s hairs are attached by double-sided tape from the extension’s root. Its application is easy and fast as your natural hair is taped between two wefts of tape at the root of the hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are fantastic for people with thinning hair who love to add volume to their hair strands.

v Cost Tape-In Hair Extensions

They are budget-friendly and reusable, with prices ranging from $65 to $600+. Prices of Tape-in depend on the length and the grams of hair you want, plus the maintenance fee can be on the high side too. Tape-in can be gotten in Synthetic, Remy, and human hair, with different shades; find some samples below.

  1. SUYYA Tape-in Hair Extensions – Tape-in natural human hair extensions.
  2. NEITSI Tape in extensions – Synthetic tape-in hair extensions

3.     Micro Loop/Beads Hair Extensions

Micro loop or Micro beads hair extensions are other types of extensions that are installed using small beads and do not require heat or glue. They are the best way of wearing permanent hair extensions without worries of heating tools or glues that might irritate the scalp. They are installed strand by strand to your natural hair and are called cold fusion as they require no heat.

v Cost Micro Loop/ Beads Hair Extensions

The cost of Micro beads hair extension also depends largely on the quality of the hair as they can be as high as $200. The length, volume, and shades of the hair extension also determine the cost of microbeads extensions. If your scalp gets irritated easily, the micro beads hair extension is the best you can opt for; find some micro loop/beads hair extensions below.

  1. LAAVOO Hair Extension – Human hair extensions with micro loop, cold fusion tipped with no need for glue or heat.
  2. HETTO Blonde Micro Bead Hair Extensions – A natural human hair Micro Loop Hair Extensions 

4.     Invisible Wire/ Halo Hair Extensions

Invisible/ Halo hair extensions, as the name implies, come with invisible wire extensions attached to both sides of the extensions. They can be fixed ASAP without the help of a professional stylist, and they sit seamlessly and perfectly like and headband. The wire extension is tucked into your natural hair, making them invisible with your extension blending into your hair like a Halo.

v Cost Of Invisible Wire/ Halo Hair Extensions

The cost of Invisible/Halo extensions ranges from $90 to 250$, depending on the quality of the extensions. Halo extensions don’t need maintenance fees as you can fix the wired firmly into your hair to get the desired volume and length. Below are some invisible/Halo Hair extensions.

  1. Goo Goo Wire Hair Extension – Natural hair extension with secret wires that blends firmly with your hair.
  2. HOTBANANA Remy Extension – Natural human Halo Hair extension

5.     Fusion/Keratin Hair Extension

Keratin hair extensions are extensions that come with Keratin glue at the tips of each strand. They are fixed strands by strands with a heating tool without an extra bond or glue. The Keratin bond at the tips of the strands contains protein and is not irritable to the scalp.

v Cost Of Fusion/Keratin Hair Extension

The Fusion/Keratin Hair Extension cost depends on the number of strands you desire to use, with the price at $5-$6 per 10 strands. About 50-300 strands are needed depending on desired volumes of hair needed. The length and shades of keratin hair extensions also matter when planning to get one; find some fusion extensions below.

  1. Full Shine U Tip Fusion Hair Extensions
  2. SunyaI Tip Fusion Hair Extensions

6.     Sew In / Wefts Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are another popular extension and the choice of most ladies, including celebrities. They are available in Human and Remy hair extensions and are applied by sewing in the hair wefts to your already cornrowed hair with a needle and thread. A professional stylist is needed to help fix your sew-in hair extensions.

v Cost Of Sew In / Wefts Hair Extensions

The cost of sew-in hair extensions can be as high as $200+ depending on the length and other factors. Sew-ins will require you to pay an installation fee that should be factored into your budget. Find below some beautiful Sew in / wefts Hair extensions.

  1. Easyouth Sew-in Extension
  2. Full Shine Natural human hair sew-in extension

The Length Of Hair

The more the size of your extension and the longer the length of the hair you desire, the pricier the hair extensions becomes. Most ladies with thinning conditions or short hair fall into this dilemma as they want voluminous and long hair extensions. This, in turn, impacts the amount paid for the hair extensions.

Whether long, wavy, or curly hair extension types, their length ranges from 10 inches to 30 inches, depending on your preference. Find below the Hair extension length Table for a better understanding of the length of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Length Table

10 -12 inch hair extensions short length hair extensions types
14-16 inches hair extensions Middle-length hair extensions
20 inches hair extensions Most popular and versatile length
24 inches hair extensions Very long extensions that reach to the waist
30 inches hair extensions This extension length reaches below your waist

The Volume of hair extensions is between 70 grams to 300 grams; hence, the weight of your hair extension is determined by preference. The condition of your hair can also inform how sizable you want your extensions to be. Someone with thinning hair would prefer a voluminous hair extension, while one with fuller hair will not buy more than needed.

Hair Extensions Thickness Table

Hair extensions thickness per gram Weight
70 -150 grams Standard
150-200 grams Thick
200-300 grams Very Thick

Your natural hair can determine how voluminous your extensions should be. Ladies with medium to long, fine/thin natural hair can opt for the standard hair extensions to not overwhelm their look but still add a bit of volume and length. Medium to long, averagely thick natural hair can balance its hair with some volume and length, going for the thick option.

Ladies with naturally thick layered and short hair can opt for very thick extensions that will blend with their hair easily. Your hair length and thickness determine the extension that will sit seamlessly on your head without stress. Don’t forget that your height and head shape is also a determinant of the choice of hair extensions.

Nevertheless, if you want to wear long and voluminous hair extensions, you will have to prepare to spend more compared to moderate hair extensions. A perfect way to cut costs when buying hair extensions is to buy moderately long hair. However, your budget will determine how far you can go in terms of spending on hair extensions.


To everything, quality matters most, including hair extensions. Though they are all hair extensions, synthetic hair differs from natural human hair extensions. The quality of the extension will determine the price. Human hair extensions are more pricy compared to synthetic extensions because of their durability and texture.

Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Synthetic Hair Extensions Human Hair Extensions
Price Affordable Pricy
make Synthetic fiber Human hair
Quality Low to High Quality High quality
Hot water friendly No Yes
Heat tool friendly Depends on Quality Yes
Texture Not to smooth and moist texture Silky, Soft, with moisturized texture
Bleachable Not Bleachable Bleachable
Cuticle No Yes (Remy)
Tangle-free Tangles easily Tangle free
Duration Last long Last longer
Styling Cannot be easily Styled Can be easily Styled
Look And Feel Look unnatural and lacklustre Look real and natural

Synthetic Hair

A cost-efficient way of getting your dream hair length and volume without causing damage to your natural hair is to purchase a synthetic hair extension.

Synthetic extensions are a great choice for anyone that wants to cut costs and still desire a glamorous hairstyle at a budget-friendly price. Although Synthetic Hair extensions are budget-friendly, they are made of fiber and of lower quality compared to human or Remy hair.

As indicated in the table above, synthetic hairs are not durable as human hair and get dry and frizzy easily. Also, they can tangle up easily and are not hot styling tool friendly, which means you might not be able to style them perfectly.

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair extensions are very popular hair extensions in the female world. The reasons are because of their quality, durability, texture, and seamless blend with natural hair. Human hair extensions are soft, silky, and give a natural result after application.

The Human hair extensions look and feel natural with color, texture, and curl, matching your natural hair with no hassle. They are hot water and dry heat friendly and can be easily curled, styled, and straightened to the desired style using hot tools. The price of Human Hair extensions is worth their prices in gold depending on their qualities which range up to grade 4A.

The Remy Human hair extensions come directly from human donors with cuticles intact. The cuticles of these natural human hair extensions lock in the hair moisture, making them look and feel moister compared to others. Remy Extensions are very durable and cost more compared to Synthetic and Human hair extensions.

Textures And Colors


Bleaching the human hair is not a great option if you don’t want to damage your hair or cause irritation to the scalp. This is because natural hair is not chemical-friendly and can thin out after applying dyes and other bleaching chemicals frequently. However, you can still wear the desired color or hair to match that outfit you’ve just gotten; how you will ask?

All the different types of hair extensions come in different shades and tones. You only have to choose the hair color that best fits your skin tone or the shade of your natural hair. You can get as many as 20 shades of hair extensions from black to red, blonde, brown, balayage, etc.

Some hair extensions come with multi-color options that give different depths, shades, and tones. You get to pick the subtle lowlights or highlights and the darker strands to lighter strands depending on your skin and hair colors. These colors have cost implications as sort-after color extensions come pricier than the standard colors you find around.


The textures of your hair extensions also determine the price apart from the length, volume, quality, and color. Below are some textures of hair extensions available.

  1. Yakihair Texture – Straight, relaxed hair feel
  2. Silky straight texture – straight and smooth
  3. Loose Wave Texture – straight with a wave
  4. Deep wave/ Curly wave Texture – spiral curls
  5. Deep curls Texture –More curls than deep wave
  6. Kinky curly Texture – Comes with Z-shaped curls
  7. Wet and wavy Texture – Permanently waved and curly.


Hair extensions cost between $60 and $500+ outside the installation fee and where you buy from. Factors like the type, length, volume, quality, colors, and textures are major determinants of the price of hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are great, budget-friendly, and can last when well maintained, but they are not as durable and have no natural feel like human hair though they are pricey. With the highlighted factors affecting hair extensions, we hope you choose the best hair that suits your hair as well as your pocket.


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