Today, Sew-in hair extensions have become the best method to increase the volume and length of human hair. The benefits of using Sew-in hair extensions are unlimited, offering you an opportunity to choose any length and color. This allows you to explore different styles you have in mind.

A Sew-in hair extension can last for at least 3 months; this is possible because they are made out of human hair. Their production process makes them last long without affecting or damaging your natural hair. It is also important to note that the hair doesn’t exceed more than 3 months of application because it may affect your hair growth process.

If kept for too long, your Sew-in hair extension can loosen its bond and disfigure your hair. There is a need for removal of the extension after 3 months then you can use it again. In this article, you will learn about Sew-in hair extensions, the time for installation,  maintenance, and importance.

What is a sew-in hair extension?

Sew-in hair extensions require your hair to be braided into cornrows, then a thread with a needle is used to sew the hair extension with the braids. This type of hair extension tucks away your natural hair, making maintenance important.

How long does a sew-in take to install?

The time it takes to install a sew-in hair extension depends on the texture, length, and types of the Sew-in hair extension you want. But in most cases, the average time will be between four to six hours, making it necessary to take some snacks to your hairstyling appointment.

However, sew-in hair installations are easier to install than installing some other types of extensions that may take six to eight hours, depending on the style you want.

How long does a sew-in hair extension last?

The durability of Sew-in hair extensions relies on the value and care given to them. If maintained properly, it will last for 3 months. To avoid irritation, breakage, or excess oil build, keep up with your appointment to get it removed.

Why you should know the lifespan of Sew-in hair extension

It is important to know how long the Sew-in hair extension will last because it is one of the factors to consider when choosing an extension. As this will help you to know if you buy or not.

Buying a Sew-in hair extension is not a small investment; the cost is around $100-$500, and the installation service price ranges between $100-$300, so knowing the lifespan is essential to help you know you are making the right investment.

Signs to know that you need to remove Sew-in hair extensions.

Even though there is a threshold for the amount of time a Sew-in hair extension should last, there are some cases you need to take them off earlier if you are experiencing these signs;

Hair irritation

Irritation in Sew-in hair extension is a sign that you need to remove it, especially if the irritation has lasted for two weeks and nothing changes. So, in this case, you need a professional to pull the hair and let it breathe.

Also, ensure you avoid robbing the braid with the end of a comb so that you won’t get a headache that will increase the irritation condition.

Too much oil

If you are experiencing too much oil on your scalp, it means there is a need for removal. And in cases where you talk about the hair, your palm will become oil, and the hair will start smelling.

The extension will no longer blend.

If you notice your hair is no longer blending with your natural hair, no matter how carefully you brush it.

Ways to increase the lifespan of Sew-in hair extensions

Knowing the number of days and weeks Sew-in hair extension is going to last isn’t enough because there are a lot of factors that can reduce and increase the lifespan. Here below are tested and proven methods to increase the lifespan:

Choose High-Quality Sew-in hair extensions

One of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your Sew-in hair extension is by choosing the best quality because this will make the structure last. Choose a Sew-in hair that can be curled and straightened without damaging your hair or causing any harm.

If you choose a quality Sew-in hair extension, it can last for four to six months without any irritation or signs of getting spoiled.

Correctly set up your sew-in hair extensions.

To extend the normal lifespan of your Sew-in hair extension, a professional installation is important because a poor installation will not just affect your extension but also greatly affect your natural hair. As a result, it is best to choose a professional to handle your Sew-in hair to make it last longer.

The right care for sew-in hair extensions

Using the right care is another important factor in expanding the lifespan of Sew-in hair extensions. This is important as it can determine the long or short lifespan. Avoid using salt water or chlorine for washing to care for your hair. It can dry your hair and loosen it.

Also, always wear a swimming cap while swimming and use the right treatment prescribed by your cosmetologist or hairstylist.

Use of High-Quality Hair Products

Using a quality hair product is another way to increase the lifespan of your hair extension because using improper and low-quality hair products will deteriorate your hair bonds.

It is also best to treat your Sew-in hair extension more than you would treat your natural hair because you invest so much in buying it. So, you can use hair products like conditioner or shampoo to make the hair soft.

But before adding shampoo, detangle the hair extension. This is essential to prevent tangling and breakage. Also, avoid using all your strength to scrub the hair when washing and rub gently when drying.

Take care of your Hair Before Sleeping.

Taking care of your Sew-in hair before going to bed is important. You can get this done by wrapping it. Cover your head with hair wrap to prevent hair breakage.

And if you like everything to be free, you can also use a satin pillowcase or tire your hair in a ponytail to avoid breakage when turning during sleep.

Regularly Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair with sulfate-free shampoo at least once a week is also important in increasing your hair lifespan. Shampooing is a good option because it will increase your extension texture and make it look more beautiful.

It would be best if you were willing to invest in buying a sulfate-free conditioner to help you detangle the hair without any hassles. Also, after correctly washing your hair, ensure it dries fully because it could make it smell unpleasant. That’s why it is best to go to a professional.

Use Moisturizing Products

The use of moisturizing products is a way to increase the lifespan of your Sew-in hair extension. So always ensure your hair receives enough moisture since the hair strands are not growing from the scalp.


The main point is to take note of the average lifespan, which is the healthiest lifespan before you take it down and reinstall it. This is important to ensure you always look beautiful and attractive to people at all times. What makes sew-in extensions stand out among other types of hair extensions is that you can switch to different styles you want.


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