Whenever you are planning to buy something, the cost and quality of the product is always the first thing that will come to your mind.

So, also, when buying glue-in hair extensions, you may be asking the same questions. You’d thoroughly go through these questions to know if the product you’re buying is a good use of your money.

A glue-in hair extension lasts between 2-3 months. If the user doesn’t maintain it properly, it may loosen within 4 weeks. To avoid getting it to loosen or slipping off, ensure you use shampoo to wash the hair regularly. To expand the hair extension’s lifespan, you can deep condition it weekly.

There’s no value in buying a glue-in hair extension when you don’t have the time or knowledge on how to maintain it. In this article, you would discover simple tricks to maintain your glue in hair extension.

What is the glue in hair extensions?

Glue in hair extensions is a weft of hair that is stuck together on the scalp by glue. Glue in hair extensions have a keratin tip that is about 2-3cm long. It is produced using the strand by strand technique. On an average, about 100 to 180 hair strands are used for each production.

The main benefit of glue in hair extension is that it helps to increase the length and weight of your natural hair.

Your hair must be at a certain length before you can apply glue in hair extension application on your natural hair. Unlike other types of hair extension, if your natural hair is short, glue in hair extension may not look good on you.

The amazing part of glue in hair extensions is its versatility and the opportunity to choose different colors, lengths, and textures. These are important because they will help you customize the hair extension.

What is the glue in hair extensions made from?

A glue in hair extension, like other types of hair extension, is made from synthetic and human hair. These two types of glue in hair extension sources are made in different lengths and colors.

However, in most cases, some people mistake a glue in hair extension produced from human hair with synthetic hair because of the similarities but there are alot of differences.

A glue in hair extensions produced from human hair is more expensive than the ones made from synthetic hair. Another difference here is: the ones made from synthetic hair cannot be styled differently.

This means you will only have to use a hairstyle for a long time. On the other hand, for glue in hair extensions made from human hair, you can style in different ways because of its durability and quality.

Types of glue in hair extensions

If you want to consider glue in hair extension, below are the types of glue in hair extension to consider:

1. I tip hair extensions

I tip hair extension is a type of glue in hair extension and is also known as cold fusion. In I-tip hair, the bond of each strand has a cylinder shape, which is a hair part that makes it stick with the natural hair.

Also, heat is not needed when installing I Tip hair extension, unlike some types of hair extension. Instead, the cosmetologist or hairstylist will only put your natural hair and stick it with the hair extension through a plier and micro loop.

2. U-tip hair extensions

U tip hair extension is a type of glue in hair extension called hot fusion. The bonds of each piece of hair in the U-tip hair extension are wrapped by glue at the root.

Unlike I- tip hair extensions, this type of glue in hair extensions needs heat for application because the bonds need to melt to stick to the hair strands.

How to care for glue in hair extensions to last longer.

1. Wash the hair correctly.

Glue in hair extensions, unlike other types of extension, doesn’t need constant washing because the more you wash, the more the bonds get loosen. You must also wash the hair correctly just by rinsing it with cold water to avoid melting the glue.

2. Brush your hair regularly and carefully.

Another important way to extend the lifespan of your glue in hair extension is to brush your hair carefully and regularly. To brush your hair the right way, ensure that you use a wide-tooth brush in your glue-in hair extension to avoid getting stuck by the hair bonds. While brushing, ensure you detangle the knots with your hand and not comb

3. Take care of your hair before sleeping.

A glue-in hair extension will stay on your natural hair for weeks and months, making it something you can’t remove daily.

Taking care of your hair extension before sleeping is important because you will likely turn around in bed unconsciously during sleep. In this case, you can put on a silk bonnet before sleeping to keep your bond firm and hair hydrated.

4. Avoid using heat styling.

Also, if you use either a cold fusion or hot fusion glue in hair extension, ensure you don’t use heat for the styling because it will affect the hair extension’s bond. Also, avoid heat styling because the hair strand will get dried easily.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Glue in Hair Extensions

If you are thinking of getting glue in hair extension, it would be bad just to choose anyone you find. This is because it will be the best thing to get a glue-in hair extension that will look beautiful and more natural on you and even last longer than the time you expect.

However, today, due to the several options out there, it may be difficult for you to get quality glue in hair extensions. To choose the best glue in hair,  here below are some factors you should consider:

1. Length

One of the important factors you should consider when choosing your glue in hair extension is getting the right length that will give you the look you desire. Choosing the right length of glue in extension will make it blend with your natural hair.

When choosing, ensure the glue in hair extension is as long as your natural hair. In cases where you want to hide your natural hair, any length of hair extension will work for you. If you also want your hair and hair extension to be the same length, ensure you choose the same length.

Nevertheless, remember that choosing glue in hair with the shortest length may easily fall off your hair. So, to ensure you choose the best glue in hair extension, take the one longer than yours.

2. Type of Attachment

The type of the attachment process is another factor to consider. When choosing a cold fusion glue in hair extension, know that you will be using a cold attachment, and for hot fusion, you will use heat for the attachment. But if you need a fast attachment, a cold attachment is a good option because there won’t be a need for melting.


A well-made glue in hair extension is beneficial because it doesn’t just make you feel good, but it also lasts for months if well properly maintained. And if you have short hair, it is best to avoid glue in hair extensions for now until your hair grows that much.

Glue in hair is also cost-effective because it will appear as part of your hair after professional fixing. A glue-in hair extension can be expensive but it definitely worth it.


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