How Collagen Can Help Your Digestive System

We all know that there is a certain age after which you must start taking collagen supplements to rejuvenate your skin:

  • Deter the signs of aging.
  • Have healthy and glowing skin.

However, did you know that collagen is not just something that can help you improve your external skin and beauty but also your internal system?

Yes, collagen is not just for your skin, and at times, you can also intake them to improve your digestive system.

How? For that, you have to keep reading.

What Is Collagen?

Your connective tissues and joints find their strength and balance for rejuvenation with the help of this collagen protein.

It is highly available in mammals. Then you might be asking why we take collagen peptide as a supplement?

This is because as age progresses, our natural way of breaking down this protein derails. Thus, you need help from external help to break the protein and make it work better.

What Are The Types Of Collagen?

There are numerous types of collagen protein in your body that can help different parts of your body.

So, it is not just about your skin!

Type I

Type I collagen is the one that is found in the connective tissues of our bones, joints, skin, blood vessel walls, etc.

It is the strongest kind among all the collagen, and when we talk about rejuvenating your skin and reversing some of the anti-aging properties. The type I collagen is what we are talking about.

Type II

This is popularly known as cartilage collagen. The bronchial tubes, ears, nose, even the rib cage; this is where you will find this collagen the most. This kind of collagen will help you maintain proper joint health.

This is an excellent supplement for people approaching old age, and they would like to maintain excellent bone and joint structure.

Type III

This is again something very similar to Type I since it focuses more on the skin and organs of the body.

If you are getting a collagen supplement, Type I, they will generally have Type III in them.

These types of protein supplements are derived from the skin and bones of cows if they are not found in abundance in the human body.

Type V

This is the one that can exponentially help your gut help. This is because they are found mostly in the intestinal lining. They are also known for creating collagen fiber in the connective tissues.

Type X

This collagen type is mostly found in the joint cartilage, popularly known as the’ network forming protein. This helps your joints to gain strength.

How Collagen Can Help Your Digestive System

These are some ways to ensure that your digestive system is kept in check with the help of collagen for digestion.

1. Helps In Digestion

We all need a certain amount of HCL in order to digest our food better! When you take collagen, it automatically attracts water and acid from your stomach and helps you digest the food better.

It can also help your body break down carbohydrates, protein, etc.

2. Leaky Gut Syndrome

The leaky gut syndrome can cause frequent diarrhea. This is when you have an ailment in your gut lining.

Amino acid is something that can help fix this issue, and most specifically, glutamine acid.

Now Collagen V is something that is rich in Glutamine amino acids. Thus, always get Collagen V as a supplement if you are trying to fix these issues.

3. Helps In Repairing Gut Lining

The health of your intestinal lining is very important in order to maintain a smooth synthesis of the digestive system.

However, if the gut lining is damaged, indigestion will be a daily problem. Collagen helps to grow new muscle cells, and thus repairing a damaged gut lining is easier.

Internal Health Kept In Check!

Just because we are discussing gut health doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t matter. The gut is a very important component of having healthy glowing skin. Plus, bad and disturbed gut health can also cause mental health issues. Thus, take care of your gut.