The best way to send your best friend off is with a farewell party full of laughter, love, memories, and one last chance to say goodbye in style. If you’re a natural host, it’s more than likely that you’re going to have a thousand ideas running through your mind.

However, if you’re not quite Martha Stewart, you may feel a little overwhelmed on what to do or where to start. Whether you have tons of creativity or not, here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your little gathering that will forever leave a lasting impression. 

Choose A Theme

Do your research to find out information about the new state or city where your bestie is headed. Based on that, you can plan the food accordingly. For example, if they are moving to Texas, you could host a bbq lunch or dinner in your backyard or patio.

If it’s New York, then finding a place that can make a New York style pizza will pair well with a few bottles of wine or Italian soda. Maybe they’re headed to a country such as Mexico or Japan where you can have Mexican food catered or even a sushi night.

Parting gifts

You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. Anything that has a personalized message engraved or printed on is sure to bring a smile on days when you’re missing each other the most.

Gifts such as a friendship mug from Promenade Field, a fleece photo blanket from Shutterfly, or a photo book from Mixbook with pictures of all of your greatest memories taken together will be so comforting as they flip through the pages and reminisce on the best of times together.

On the other hand, giving them items that they can put to use in their new humble abode can be just as appreciated.

Items that can make their new place feel comfy and cozy such as a set of candles to set the mood at night, a monogrammed cutting board to enjoy while cooking their first meal and table accessories such as August Table linens can add the little touches that their home needs to make it feel more like home.

Another great idea that you could do at the party is to have a guest book at the door and have friends write farewell wishes and messages that the guest of honor can have as a souvenir at the end of the night. 


Because it takes more than just food to make it a real party, playing fun games can have even the most reserved guest coming out of their shell. Games such as Cards Against Humanity, Family Feud Late Night Edition, Never Have I Ever, and What Do You Meme are all meant to bring laughter out of you. 

If that’s not really your style, you could host a paint night where you can sip and paint at home, or bake something together so that you all can take part in making dessert after dinner. 

Don’t forget to have fun and make the most of it. If you have enough budget, it may not be a bad idea to hire a professional photographer to document your last day or night together.

After all, they can get the best candid photos of all of the guests, as well as a group photo with all of the attendees including yourself without fidgeting with a timer on a phone camera. No matter what you choose, make sure to keep the vibe casual and light so that everyone can enjoy their last time together. 


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