If you include Hobbies That Look Good On A Resume or CV, you could increase your chances of lending that glorious job.

The traditional advice says to not include your personal activities in the resume.

However, in some situations, this information may add value to your career path and make it stand out positively.

So yes: there are hobbies that look good on a resume(or cv rather). First, we would hight suggest you check out From Hobbies to Social Entrepreneurship by Sandra Ajaja



In addition to qualifications and work experience, hobbies reveal more about personality. These extra details can suggest the natural competences and skills of the candidate, make the resume more unique or simply ease the conversation during an interview.


These personal details should be included when an applicant is dealing with less traditional companies. But if these leisure activities are in any way related to the job you are applying for, you should include this information even if it’s a more conservative business.

Keep in mind that using hobbies in the resume makes more sense to those who have just graduated or to those with a lack of work experience. If your work path is already too long, it might be best not to include it.


When writing down your hobbies and personal interests, don’t just make a list, write a little about each one. However, you should always beware of hobbies that may generate controversy and go against the company norms and principles. But don’t be afraid to include some less common hobby.

You must not start your resume with these personal details, because skills and work experience are still more important.

Also, do not put reading and movies as hobbies on your resume, since they are not particularly unique activities.

Hobbies That Look Good On A Resume

1. Photography

If you’re applying for a position as a creative director or in the digital marketing field, saying that you like photography can be a bonus, showing that you’re creative and patient.


Knowing how to handle video editing in an increasingly digital world can also make you a more appealing candidate. It demonstrates accuracy and focus, something suitable for many jobs.

3. Travel

Whenever you have some free time and extra money, do you devote yourself to travel? This is one of the hobbies that look good on a resume, revealing you are adventurous and not afraid of change.

4.Endurance Sports

Are you a marathon runner? Cyclist? Do you practice triathlon?

If you want to show the employer that you are dedicated, tenacious, persistent and always prepared for a new challenge, you should include these hobbies in your resume.

5.Team Sports

Any team sport (football, basketball, handball, water polo) will demonstrate that you know how to work in a team. If you’re a captain, even better. The recruiter will appreciate knowing that you have a leadership spirit.

6. Extreme Sports

Are you a fan of extreme sports? Do you usually spend the weekends parachuting or running ultramarathons?

If yes, you might be someone who likes to overcome fears and limits. These are important traits, especially if you’re applying for a leadership position.


Do you usually code in your free time or are you taking an online course to deepen knowledge in this area? If you are applying for a job in the new technologies field this can be an asset to your resume.

8. Crosswords and Chess

At first glance, they may seem activities to leave off your resume. But the fact is that they demonstrate your analytical or strategic thinking and that you are capable of problem-solving.


Yoga practitioners are more likely to remain calm facing a stressful situation.

If you are applying for a job that requires working under pressure, these characteristics may be appreciated.

10. Volunteering

This is one of those hobbies that always look good on a resume. If you volunteer your time to help others in any way, it will show that you’re kind, passionate and capable of compassion for others.


If you are looking for a job in communication or marketing, showing your blogging skills may benefit your application. This is one of the hobbies that look good on a resume, however, make sure your blog is up-to-date, well-written and error-free.

12. Gardening

A passion for gardening shows that you care about nature and the environment, and this can give you an asset over other applicants, especially if you are applying for a sustainability and clean energy business.

13. Playing an Instrument

Apart from careers in the music field, this particularity can attract potential employers seeking for someone with the ability to focus, dedication and discipline.

14. Meditating

good hobbies for resumeIn addition to reducing stress and anxiety, meditating stimulates creativity, focus and memory. If you’re applying for a job in the area of programming these may be skills that employers are looking for.

15. Cooking

Cooking is a mandatory hobby to put on your resume. It is a form of self-expression and communication and demonstrates that you are a proactive and selfless person, qualities that promote a good environment within a team.

16. Martial Arts

Among the physical benefits, martial arts teach discipline and self-control. If you’re applying for a job offer related to areas such as education or engineering, these are characteristics the employer will take into consideration.

Common Sense is Key

The key is to have common sense when selecting hobbies to put on your resume, taking into account the particularities of the job offer you are applying for.

Don’t be afraid to write about unusual hobbies if you think they will meet employer’s expectations.


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