There’s no shame in not wanting to interact with people. It can really bring you down, especially if you already have to deal with people constantly for the rest of your day. Like if you work in retail or in a customer service position.

Whether you work in one of those draining positions or just in something like looking for the best online casino Australia no deposit bonus you might just want to have a hobby you can do by yourself alone in your room if you want.

Obviously, this throws out most sports, since those usually need a team to participate in. With some exceptions of course. Some of these hobbies will also be quite a bit more expensive to get into than other ones but I really won’t be sorted by that. I suggest you research any of these hobbies that you think are interesting to learn even more about them.

Even if some of the hobbies seem expensive at first there’s always someone out there that’s figured out a way to do the hobby on the cheap!


A competitive sport of retirement homes and surprisingly popular in some niche groups online knitting is the art of using two knitting needles or sticks and using them to create something out of yarn. It’s relaxing and simple.

Well, simple might be too bold of a word. While knitting is quite easy to get into, if you learn the first steps the rest will all follow fairly easily, it’s certainly difficult to master. To learn to knit there are dozens of different ways to go.

The easiest is to simply Google it and watch some youtube videos or WikiHow. Some people though have trouble learning from videos. Personally, I don’t understand but that’s just the way some people are.

Of course, then there are lots of ways to learn not through the internet. Countless books go through how and different ways to knit. The hobby is countless years old after all. I find though that learning from books is way harder than videos because with videos you can see exactly what you’re supposed to do in real-time.

And with a video on Youtube, you can simply set it to a slower speed and let it run at that so you can see it all in slow motion. Some of the tutorials out there actually do this by themselves.

Really though I could understand if you couldn’t figure out how to knit from a video or from a book and that’s where old people come in. Ask like any old person, they almost certainly know how to knit. How do so many of them know how to knit? Science may never know…

Of course, you might argue that having to talk to an old person goes against the entire ‘hobby for people who don’t want to interact with people’ part, to which I’d say I have just given you two other perfectly good ways of going about this without needing to speak to another living creature and you’re complaining because the third one requires social interaction?

I’d say mind your beeswax bucko, who’s writing this article, you or me?

Now after you learn the first few types of stitches and ways of knitting the rest are all really just variations of that. You’ll figure it out much faster than learning those first few stitches.

And if you ever think you’ll get bored of making hats or scarfs or blankets or whatever else you’ve figured out to make, wait until you discover Ravelry. Ravelry is the website for finding patterns for anything made out of yarn.

There’s Amigurumi a form of knitting in which you knit small yarn creatures or objects. They’re three dimensional and usually stuffed. They’re like stuffed animals but made yourself!

There’s an endless supply of different patterns and things to make when knitting and after browsing Ravelry for five minutes you’ll already have too many ideas, not enough time, and a strong need for more yarn.

Speaking about yarn, what even are the different types of yarns. Because there are a lot. Like way more than I honestly expected. Each one of them has its own uses and price and different people argue about different ones. I think it’s best if you just go to a store and feel the different yarns and then you can just choose what you think feels best.

But if you’re really interested in what the different types of yarn actually are, here’s a handy dandy list:

Acrylic is probably the yarn you are most likely to have started with. This is because it’s very common and very cheap. Acrylics are man-made fibres, usually made out of some sort of plastic. They range wildly in quality, depending on their brand and price, etc. There isn’t a very clear group to clump all acrylics into.

Most of the time if it feels cheap, it probably is cheap, if it feels like quality it’s probably quality. Some people say that acrylic yarns wash the best in that they don’t shrink and maintain their colour really well while others say that washing acrylics is horrible because they shed plastic microfibers that can get into your other clothes and also be detrimental to wildlife.

Then even more others argue that that’s only some types of acrylics or that it’s not proven etc. Honestly if you want a cheap yarn, choose acrylic, if you want something of higher quality I recommend just choosing something else.

Wool is easily the most common natural fibre yarn. Wool yarn is from sheep wool most often and is a nice soft durable material. It’s also very warm but it can also be quite itchy. I recommend feeling something like a sweater or a scarf or something made out of wool before buying it to make something to wear.

Also, there are people that can have an allergic reaction to wool so make sure to check before buying it and making something for them.

Merino wool is another common type of wool that can easily be mistaken for normal wool but it’s like normal wool but better in almost every way. It’s warm and durable like normal wool but it’s much much softer and not very itchy at all.

It also doesn’t cause an allergic reaction in people with normal wool allergies. The only small downside is that Merino wool does something called pilling, where it creates little fuzz balls after a while. I’d say this is a perfectly fine con to one of the best materials for yarn out there but you can decide for yourself.

Alpaca wool is wool which is, surprise surprise, derived from shearing alpacas. It’s quite a bit warmer than wool but other than that it’s quite similar.

Cashmere is an incredibly soft wool and is great for most things you want to be soft as long as you rank fluffy-ness and amazing softness over price and durability. It’s not the strongest and it’s quite expensive, being harvested from only the belly of specifically bred cashmere goats.

Silk is a fancy yarn but quite expensive, it’s luscious, smooth, and shiny. Along with being quite expensive, it’s also a hard yarn to work with so I don’t recommend working with it until you’re more experienced and confident with knitting.

Those are the most common and important types of yarn to know of. Of course, there are also different types of blends of yarns which take some of the pros of different types of yarns and combine them to counter some of the cons a certain yarn might have.

You can usually find these types of blended yarns at any decent-sized yarn store and whether or not you like a certain blend or type is going to be mostly trial and error.

Model Making

Model making is another very old hobby but that’s for a good reason. It’s a fun hobby that has so much depth and things to it that you can either spend an hour and ten dollars or as much as hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars on a single model and not regret a single moment of it.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that model making is an expensive and difficult hobby to get into but I’d argue that it’s very much the opposite. Everything you’d need to get into model making you might already have sitting around your house without even knowing it.

If you don’t they can easily be found at any craft store or even dollar store. There are almost endless tutorials online on different techniques and things that you can use for model making.

Some of the best looking models might not even have just been painted plastic, some of the people out there make their own models out of literal trash and they look amazing.

Some glue, paint, determination, and patience and you can make amazing looking things in no time and at a much lower cost than you were probably expecting.

Whether you want to get into tabletop gaming, diorama building, or even just normal models of vehicles, buildings, or any other thing there’s so much possibility in this hobby you would never get bored.

Buy some nice acrylic paints, probably a sharp hobby knife or box cutter, and some brushes with some glue too and you’re practically all set!


Hiking is usually mistaken for something you need to do with a group of friends out in the woods but it really isn’t. I mean look at it, it’s nature, there aren’t rules!

That’s a joke, of course, the park or trail you decide to go to if you want to hike could very well have some rules around it. Usually, these are pretty simple, no booze, pick up litter, and usually some other common-sense things.

Hiking by yourself can be a very relaxing experience. You get a perfect calming quiet to just think and be by yourself. Some people make the mistake of assuming that hiking is all about just walking in a forest or on a trail but there’s actually a lot you can do out in the wild without needing to walk.

You could bird watch, which is sitting down somewhere and trying to identify and look at all the different types of bids that are around you. It seems incredibly boring but there’s probably so much to the different birds that you most likely refer to as just blue or red birds than you’d expect.

They might not even really be just blue or red birds, did you know that most birds are a very wild range of colors as bright as tropical birds, we just can’t see it. Their colors are in the ultraviolet spectrum. The wavelength of light that we humans can’t see but almost all birds can.

If you shine an ultraviolet light (sometimes called black light) on a bird it’ll glow like one of those glow in the dark rocks. Sadly we can’t really picture what they really look like because of course, we can’t see those colors and probably never will. Unless some sort of technological advancement comes with some sort of super-advanced robotic eyes or something, who knows.

If you don’t feel like watching birds you could also try and do the same thing but with plants. Walk around and try and figure out what the different plants are. There are probably also more types of plants than you probably knew.

Did you know that some flowers do the same thing as birds? They also can be colored in ultraviolet patterns to help guide bees and other pollinating bugs to where the pollen and nectar are. It’s like landing strips at an airport runway but for bugs!

Honestly, bugs and flowers are way cooler than people make them out to be. Same with birds.

Of course, you might not think the same way as me and I wouldn’t be surprised. I have a weird way of thinking.


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