Should You Find A Career You Love

The million-dollar question is should you find a career you love or a career that pays well?

The job you work says a lot about who you are. In an ideal instance.

You would work a job that you are passionate about while getting paid a large salary.

Through life experiences, you have probably seen how difficult it is to find a job that matches these criteria.

Passion Vs Money

Passion Vs MoneyWhen it comes to careers, the ones that pay more are often the ones you are less interested in.

How do you create a more balanced approach to the career you choose?

By comparing various careers in this article, you will get an understanding of what jobs fit your monetary requirements.

Should You Find A Career You Love

Whether you enjoy having a job that keeps you on your toes or one that is more structured, you will be able to find the right career for you.

Understand that, sometimes, you must look at the bigger picture.

Just because something pays more upfront does not necessarily mean it is going to be the best option for you.

Choose Wisely 

Choose a career that can grow with you, one that allows you plenty of opportunities.

While you might have to work with a salary that is lower than expected at first, you will find that you can quickly earn raises, all while doing something you truly enjoy.

Well Paying Job Means Living comfortably 

What most people desire is a job that allows them to live comfortably. This is going to be possible when you land one that you are qualified for where the employer values your skill set.

Think about the things you are good at and what you might be capable of doing. These are some jobs that are notorious right now for being financially stable:

10 Jobs That Pay Well


#1 Marketing Associate – Annual Salary: $45,664

arketing AssociateIn order to become a great marketing associate, you must have keen attention to detail.

This specialist is responsible for brainstorming and developing marketing tactics used in various businesses.

The marketing associate will also be the one who implements these techniques.

On a daily basis, you can expect to do a lot of research on the topic of consumer habits.

You will need to pay attention to what the customers are most responsive to and what efforts are working. It can be a fast-paced job that has quite a bit of variety to it.


#2 Public Relations – Annual Salary: $46,000

Public RelationsWhen you get into the PR industry, you can expect to help PR teams conduct research.

Your main goal will be to create a great relationship between the consumer and the executives of the company.

This connection is important for gaining clients’ trust.

Working in PR, you might also be responsible for bridging the communication gap between the clients and the highest level employees.

Your presence is very important for your overall success. In order to work as a PR assistant, you should be a people-person who enjoys conversing.


#3 Copywriter – Annual Salary: $50,000

CopywriterWhen you work as a copywriter, you have a lot of flexibility.

Not only can you work for a variety of different businesses, but this career option gives you the chance to work from home.

Your job is to create literature that grabs a customer’s attention.

As mentioned, the work can vary greatly. You might be writing articles or you might be writing content that pertains to marketing and advertising.

It is an exciting career that allows you to utilize your freedom and creativity. 


#4 Dental Hygienist – Annual Salary: $71,000

Dental HygienistAs a dental hygienist, you get to be a part of the daily tasks that happen throughout a dentist’s office.

You will be taking x-rays, performing dental cleanings, and examining patients for other dental issues.

This is a job with room to grow, yet it remains stable over time.

No single day is going to look the same for you, and you will be able to learn a lot from each patient that you encounter.

It is often that patients get to know and trust their dental hygienists more than they do their dentists.


#5 Sales Representative – Annual Salary: $66,800

Sales RepresentativeGetting into sales gives you a lot of options.

While you must be great with people and have a conviction that closes your sales, you can work in nearly any field.

Not only will you be selling to clients, but you will also be ensuring that they are happy.

To get leads, you might have to perform a variety of tasks such as cold calling or in-person sales pitches.

During this time, you will have to convince the client why they need to buy the product. It can be a very fast-paced job that allows you to reach higher goals.


Jobs That Are Secure

Jobs That Are SecureWhile the salary is a big factor when it comes to the career you choose, security is also very important.

It feels great knowing that you are going to be working a job that is in demand.

These are among the top jobs right now that offer the most security:

Real Estate Appraiser

Annual Salary: $54,000

Unemployment Rate: 0.0%

Projected Job Growth Through 2026: 14.4%

Veterinary Assistant

Annual Salary: $26,000

Unemployment Rate: 0.1%

Projected Job Growth Through 2026: 19.4%


Annual Salary: $110,300

Unemployment Rate: 0.1%

Projected Job Growth Through 2026: 17.9%

Court Clerk

Annual Salary: $37,300

Unemployment Rate: 0.1%

Projected Job Growth Through 2026: 6.5%


Annual Salary: $77,000

Unemployment Rate: 0.5%

Projected Job Growth Through 2026: 13.8%


The Right Job For You

The Right Job For YouAfter getting an idea of the top contenders, you have to apply the figures to your own life.

By deciding how much money you need to make to live comfortably combined with the skills/education you have, you might realize that there are a few jobs that suit you.

Do your best to select one that you feel is going to benefit you most in the present and also in the future.

Try to think about the bigger picture. Know that it is normal to cycle through several different jobs until you settle on the right one.

When you are happy and successful, then you will know it is the job that is right for you.


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