Keeping on top of your workout routine is important, but it’s easy to end up looking like a hot, sweaty mess afterward. Want to feel and looking good when you visit gym? Check out our four top fashion tips to help you look and feel at your peak.

1. Choose The Right Shoes

Getting the right shoes for your workout is probably the most important part of looking and feeling your best. Choose wrong, and you can not only end up with sore feet, ugly blisters, and cramped toes, but also shoes that end up ruining your look at best or falling apart within days at worst. You need to make sure you find the perfect fit to make your workout feel effortless.

Equally, it’s important to have a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes to wear once you finish your workout. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend looking at these Fendi trainers from SSENSE. SSENSE offers the best of luxury designer labels, meaning their products are always top quality. With their range of Fendi trainers, you can be sure to get exactly what you’re looking for and make the most of your trip to and from the gym. You can also check out Adidas Yeezy boost sporty, stylish, and comfortable sneakers that can make your workout easier and more manageable.

2. Don’t Sweat It!

One of the biggest problems you face during your workout out is breaking a sweat – or rather, the sweat breaking out through your clothes. It’s an absolute nightmare! When working out, although sweating is a good sign you’re getting your body moving right, the last thing you want to have is a huge sweat patch covering your back.

Luckily, there are plenty of the best sports apparel companies that have seen this problem and risen to the challenge, creating dry training shirts made from sweat-wicking material. It’s well worth investing in to avoid any unfortunate sweat mishaps, meaning you can focus on your workout.

Shirts aren’t the only thing that have become sweat-resistant though. There’s a whole range of products out there that are made specifically for workouts, including JBL’s Sweatproof Wired Sports Headphones. With this, you can avoid getting your headphones sweaty and grimy, as well as keep up with the latest designs and trends effortlessly. There’s also less chance of you damaging your headphones, meaning you can keep them looking good and working for longer. Trust us – if there’s one thing that’ll impress your mates, it’s these!

3.Accessorise Smart

There are so many accessories and extras you can bring with you on your workout, you might not know what’s right. You don’t want to overload yourself, so it’s important to make sure you’re being selective about what kind of things you add to your look. 

There’s a few in the market that have picked up steam. If you don’t own a Fitbit, this is a must, allowing you to track your sleep, calories burned and more, meaning you can make the most of your workout. These have become a real fashion trend in recent times too, making them perfect for any outfit.

Another one of our favorite accessories is the BlenderBottle – the perfect way to bring along protein shakes or meal replacements with you whilst you work out. With a quick shake of the bottle, you’ll have smooth, lump-free shakes with its flip cap keeping everything where it should be. It’s elegant design also means it’ll fit right in with your style and keep you looking good whilst you can keep with you exactly what you need.

4. Keep It Flattering

Although you don’t want to spend years getting ready for a workout session, it doesn’t hurt to give a little thought to what kind of clothes suit your figure. Often, leggings or compression tights work best as they offer a lot of comfort whilst fitting nicely at the same time. Compression leggings are common within army training, so grabbing a pair can give your workout that “special forces” feel. If these aren’t your thing, joggers do just fine. Whatever you do, avoid the tiny lycra shorts – you don’t want to be that guy.

As for shirts, keep it casual but clean. A vest works nicely, as they hang off your shoulders and compliment your upper body without clinging to your stomach. Stick to long sleeves in winter though, or else you’ll not only feel freezing, but you’ll look really out of place. Some thermals or long sleeve work out clothing does just nicely. Whatever you opt for, go for something that’s not too loose, but also not too tight, giving your figure a nice shape without drenching it in fabric or sticking to every bit of skin. 

Don’t forget to wear something stylish for that post-gym smoothie. Throw on a statement tee and athleisurewear paired with some designer sneakers. That way you’ll attract attention for all the right reasons. 

These four quick tips will help you improve your look on a trip to the gym and help you make the most of your session.


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