The modern-day sushi invented in Japan by Hanaya Yohei has become almost synonymous with Japanese cuisine. From being one of Japan’s major symbols, its westernised version has gained very much popularity worldwide. 

With the development in technology, sushi-making machines like the ones available at are now sought after by many restaurants to meet the demand for sushi, which has increased significantly over the years. Many people and restaurateurs are now looking to invest in the sushi business. 

From helping run your sushi business smoothly to contributing to your business’s growth, investing in a sushi machine has a plethora of advantages.

Why Choose a Sushi Machine?

Like any other investment, the financial aspect and its impact are the first factors you must consider. Does the size of the sushi order you get daily justify the cost you are about to invest in the sushi machine?  

The next aspect you have to think about is time. Do you have enough time throughout the day to spend on preparing, packing, and serving sushi, or will a sushi machine be a much faster option? 

To run a successful restaurant business, especially a sushi business, the production speed, and demand should complement each other. As sushi making takes up a considerable amount of time, it can hit the production speed and demand balance if you are low on human resources. It is one of the reasons why investing in a sushi machine will be the best option.

Who Is It For?

Like how Kisaku Suzuki conceived the sushi machine idea from candy-wrapping machines, a completely different shade of food, a confectionary, sushi machine is also an asset for many other food businesses. From business owners to restaurants, entrepreneurs, supermarkets, and cafeteria, a sushi machine can contribute to their immense profit. 

When it comes to entrepreneurs and individual business owners, investing in sushi machines is a way of making a mark on the local food market. 

For cafeterias and supermarkets, it is a way of incorporating balanced and healthy options in their menus, which will make them stand out in the business. Ultimately, a sushi machine can be perceived both as an investment and a valuable asset. 

Benefits of Sushi Machine

If you own a sushi machine, you can prepare both nigiri sushi and sushi rolls at once. It saves time as you can start the machine and carry on with other works, be it prepping ingredients or opening up the shop. 

As the sushi machine can speed up the produce, the chefs can focus on the dish’s creative part, like choosing different ingredients or plating. 

You can also cut down costs, as you can minimise the money you will be spending on hiring sushi chefs. A sushi machine is also easy to use, very hygienic, can be removed and put back together easily after cleaning, and it can churn out high quality and delicious sushis in no time.

Why Invest In a Sushi Machine?

A sushi machine will not just be a device in the kitchen. A sushi machine can make your staff’s lives easier, produce tasty sushi for the customers and eventually increase your business’s profits. 

Other than the heavenly goodness when it comes to taste, preparing sushi is in itself an art. When you have a sushi machine for assistance, it shares your job. 

When the machine works on perfecting the sushi base, you or your chef can work on the creativity in ingredients, theme, and innovation to create a “never tasted before” dish.

If you invest in quality sushi machines, it will improve the dish, minimise the labour, and enhance production and your business’s efficiency. It is high time you get a sushi machine for your kitchen to face the ever-growing competition in the culinary and food business.  


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