Grassroots funds is a platform which takes responsibility of performing and managing all your outreach related tasks so that you can have greater funds for your cause.

Roxanna Muzammil is the CEO of Grassroots-Fund and she has raised $200,000 for a cause and she firmly believes that grassroots-fund will be a successful fundraising platform for people who are raising funds for a cause.

Why Use Grassroots Funds ?

Do you have a cause that you need funds for? Have you been willing to help fund a community for a cause?

Well, Grassroots-fund is a platform which allows you to raise funds for your cause. If you have ever been a part of peer to peer fundraising then you must know that it is not easy. Fundraising is super difficult; a little break comes in the outreach and yet you can see the whole fundraising goal going up in the flames.

Keeping the outreach consistent and targeting the right audience is very important. The peer to peer fundraiser may fail to meet its goal because of the stopping of the outreach.

Once the outreach stops, the fundraiser stops on its own and then you are left with your cause. People usually get bored of the outreach tasks and hence they stop doing it, while ending with no funds. Some people are passionate yet they don’t know of a platform that can help them with their cause. Now, Grassroot-fund will become a platform for all the passionate people who have a cause.

How Does The Grassroots Funds Platform Works ?

This web platform starts the funding process by syncing all the devices across social media channels, it then messages the donors, and lastly you are able to generate the funds.

The coolest thing about this fundraising platform is that it performs all the tasks for peer-to-peer outreach and then it keeps track of all the interactions in order to get effective results. 

In every community there is somebody who has a cause and the community needs its benefit. So, it is a wonderful to give an opportunity to the person who has a cause to gather funds so that individual can do something for the benefit of the community.

Entire Team Behind You 

There is a whole team behind Grassroots-fund which will put in all their effort to achieve the desired funds. The costs will include development, legal costs, marketing, social marketing, and customer acquisition. Roxana aims at coming up with a solution that will help the people. 

When an individual has an idea or a cause, it may take them so much time and resources to actually work it on practically and then implement it. 

Roxana who is the CEO of the grassroots-fund has gone through the manual processes, she even provided recommendations, and she also had put in so much effort to provide technical solutions to the clients. She has taken steps to make sure that her clients have efficient processes so that they can save some time and resources as well. 

However, people who do want to give back to the community or people who have a fundraising goal are usually unable to reach that goal because of the limited outreach and they are unable to get hold of the right people. Roxana Muzammil aimed at building a platform through which the people will be able to achieve their fundraising goal by having a good outreach.

The Fundraising Goal 

This way, people with a fundraising goal will start to achieve that goal practically and they will also save time and energy. Her major goal is to engage the individuals with the targeted audience so that they can have the funds raised. People who are willing to raise funds for a cause are unable to gather the desired amount of funds without help. 

When Roxana was helping her clients with increasing the efficiency and also saving time, she came up with the idea of Grassroots-fund. Roxana has also started her entrepreneurial journey of Grassroots-fund and she requires the support of you all.

The greater your support will be, the bigger and better this platform will be and maximum people will be able to reach their fundraising goal. This way, they will be able to give back some benefit to their community as well. 



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