8 Gifts To Wish Someone Well And Get Better Soon

When someone is unwell and stuck at home or recovering from surgery or a serious illness, they can feel isolated and alone. Sending them a gift, or bringing one to them, can brighten up their day and their spirits which will help speed up their recovery.

You can do many things as a close friend to help them get through their health challenge and get better soon. Here are eight ways for you to bring a little hope and happiness to them during a tough time, and make their life a little easier.

Words Say It Best

The simplest way to wish someone well and tell them you hope they get better soon is with words. Some people think words are easy, but finding the right words can be quite hard. It can be a delicate situation, depending on their illness and how close you are to them.

There is help out there to make it a little easier on you. This guide to sending speedy recovery wishes from Greenvelope is the perfect solution to the problem and their customizable gift cards make it easy to send well wishes. Their designs are all unique and they are eco-friendly, as their well-wishing cards are sent electronically. Sending a card this way means you can be notified when it has been delivered, as a bonus.

Say You Care With Self-Care

If someone close to you is unwell or has a long-term recovery period ahead of them, sending them some self-care supplies is a great idea. Not only will the gift cheer them up, but it also gives them the tools they need to look after themselves while they recover.

You can put together a care package that contains some of their favorite pampering products and thoughtful additions like relaxing scented candles and beauty products like face masks and lotions.

People who are recovering from an illness or surgery often struggle with nutrition too, so think about adding some vitamins or mineral supplements to help them enjoy a speedy recovery.

Give Your Best Wishes With A Bouquet

There are flowers for every occasion, and wishing someone ‘get well soon’ is the perfect opportunity to send someone a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten their day and show them that you care.

The language of flowers is called floriography and it is hundreds of years old. Speaking in floriography means sending the right blooming flower to send the right message, and done right it is an art form. You can read more and find out the best bouquet of fresh blooms to wish your loved one the best of their health.

Many flowers can be used to offer someone healing and strength, and a talented florist should be able to make a beautiful bouquet from them. Put together a shortlist of these flowers and work with your florist to get a bouquet delivered to the door of your loved one to help them heal.

Meal Prep As A Present

If someone is recovering from an illness, or is bedridden from sickness, then making meals is a big challenge for them. They need nutrition to help them heal, but there may be many health hurdles between them and the kitchen. One of the best ways to show you care and you are thinking of them and their needs is to do some meal prep.

Give them a visit and bring with you some meals that are ready to eat or just need warming in the oven. Make the job easy on yourself by batch-cooking some nutritious meals or cooking something that can be used in a range of meals. A Bolognese sauce can be used in several pasta dishes, for example.

Offer Some Home Help And Maid Service

Someone who is stuck in bed and recovering from an illness or an operation cannot do the housework or the laundry. The last thing they will want to do when they get better is a week or month’s worth of cleaning and clothes washing, and they will probably have to catch up on work too.

A simple and low-cost gift, if you do not have much of a budget to play with, is to go over to their place and take care of the housework.

This can be a little personal for some people so make sure it is appropriate to your relationship with them. They may not want you dealing with their dirty laundry, for example, unless you are a close friend. You can still do the dusting and the dishes though.

Books, Magazines, And Puzzles

Boredom is bad for your health. If someone is recovering from an illness they are going to be spending a lot of their time stuck indoors with very little to do. They may not be well enough to exercise physically, but they can still exercise their mind. Good books, informative magazines, and puzzles like crosswords and sudoku can all help keep them entertained and active, which will aid in a speedy recovery.

A healthy mind fuels a healthy body. It helps if you know your friend or loved one’s interests and what makes them tick. They may prefer non-fiction books to fiction, or vice versa, so do some research on them before making any purchases.

Gift Them Some Comfort

These types of gifts are great for someone that is stuck in bed while they are ill or recovering. Get them a luxurious and comfortable blanket or an oversized and plush hoodie to relax in around their home. Keeping warm and relaxed is an important element of the recovery process. Weighted blankets are also a good option, they can help them to sleep and nap which will aid in a speedy recovery.

Choose colors and materials carefully, you want your gift to match their decor. Spend a little extra too. You may spot something that looks like a good deal, but it could begin to come apart at the seams before they have had it a week.

Netflix And Ill

Modern problems require modern solutions. For someone who is stuck inside their home and feeling unwell, entertainment is a part of the cure to their ills. Subscribe to a streaming service in their name.

Netflix is a great option, there must be millions of hours of content for them to work through while they recover. Send a music-loving friend a Spotify subscription so they can listen to their favorite songs and discover some new ones while they get better.

You can send them some recommendations to help them get started, and log in to the account to build a watchlist for them. Remember, these services use a monthly subscription charge. You may want to make it clear it is just for a few months or so and then they will have to take on the subscription if they want to continue watching and listening.

Gifts like these are the perfect way to show a close friend or a loved one that you care, and that you are thinking of them while they are unwell and recovering at home.

When someone is sick and in bed, they can feel isolated and alone. This is not healthy for them and will stall their recovery. Help them get well soon and aid their speedy recovery with one or more of these top-tier gift ideas and show them some love in a challenging time.