14 Gift Ideas For Health & Fitness Lovers

We all have that one person in our lives who adores fitness whether it is working out at the gym or running track. These fitness enthusiasts also know the value of a great diet filled with healthy food and snacks and great protein shakes. Here are a few ideas to get you started on giving a great gift that the fitness or health lover in your life is sure to appreciate and use. 

  1. The Gift Of A Good Soak

People that love going to the gym, exercising, or lifting weights can get very sore in their muscles from time to time. Buy a great quality Epsom salt bath with magnesium flakes in it so that your loved one can take a relaxing soak and relieve those tired muscles.

You can also throw in some regular bubble baths as well as essential oils. Many essential oils like peppermint actually relieve pain and inflammation can be great for baths or massage. 

  1. Patterned Bike Shorts

Fitness lovers adore their gear and gym clothes, however, most people have workout clothes in regular neutral colors. Find some brightly colored, branded patterned bike shorts and shirts to add that ‘wow’ factor into their daily workout clothing. They’ll think of you when they wear their new bike shorts! Make sure to never compromise on the quality of the fabric because it needs to be soft, breathable, and durable. 

  1. The Perfect Backpack 

Fitness lovers need a great gym backpack or one for hiking and climbing as well. If you feel your friend or loved one could use an upgrade on their existing backpack, this makes a very functional gift that they can use for years to come. 

  1. Sports Socks

Socks may seem like an unassuming item but everyone needs them, especially fitness lovers that need to work out and jog. Buy socks that offer heel support and a good cushioning effect. You can gift several pairs at once so that your fitness lover friend can be good to go on that front for a long time to come. 

  1. A Designer Yoga Mat

Yoga mats come in all sorts of colors but creatively designed ones can come in different aesthetic patterns as well as better quality. Yoga therapy is very popular now for people of all ages and interests as it can really help calm down the mind amidst all the influx of stimuli that everyone faces in modern life. If yoga is something you’re hoping they’ll try, a yoga mat might be just the gift to get them. 

  1. An Acupuncture Mat

Muscle pain is a daily reality for the exercise enthusiast so why not go a step further than the bath salts and get them an acupuncture pillow and mat? All they will need to do is lie down and let the texture and design of the mat and pillow work on them as the little points will stimulate and repair nerves. The result is reduced pain and stress as well as a better recovery rate so that they can have their weight lifting days more often! 

  1. A Neon Windbreaker 

A windbreaker is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to go running or needs a nice zipper upper for evenings back from the gym. Get it in a neon color so that it outshines all the neutral-colored windbreakers that everyone else is wearing! Neon-colored sportswear is also trendy and stylish and can help someone cast a powerful impression especially if they are competing athletically. 

  1. Organic Snacks Gift Basket

Fitness and health lovers are usually very particular about their diet and their cheat days. You can help them get the best of both worlds by compiling a gift basket of organic and healthy snack options. Think granola bars, flavored protein powder, kale chips, and seaweed crackers. You can also give gorgeous Purim gift baskets which have an assortment of goodies in them, guaranteed to make anyone very joyful. 

9. Organic Supplements


Never take for granted the benefits of organic supplements as gifts for health and fitness buffs. Supplements made from real mushroom extracts offer a ton of healthy benefits. They aim to enhance brain function, improve athletic performance, and boost immunity. Genuine mushroom extracts provide a wholesome, nutritional bang, unlike their synthetic counterparts. Any health-conscious individual will dearly appreciate such organic gifts.

10. An Apple Watch- The Ultimate Present

If you have a higher budget for a gift, consider the Apple watch which is the perfect tool to monitor everything from your heart rate to calories burned to steps taken. It is waterproof, measures blood oxygen levels, and is also a brilliant personal assistant. Which fitness enthusiast could ask for more?

11. Probiotic And Nootropic Chocolate Options

Chocolate makes for a delicious and delightful gift but dark chocolate is not your only option as probiotic low-calorie chocolate as well as nootropic chocolates are a favorite among health lovers. Probiotic chocolates protect your stomach and also aid in creating a balance in the gut biome. Nootropic chocolates are infused with herbs and compounds that enhance mental concentration and resilience and also aid in pain relief.

12. A Wireless Charging Dock

A wireless charging dock is a very functional and useful gift to give a fitness lover because they need their phone charged for music or to use fitness apps. Not to mention they need to be on the go a lot and a wireless charging solution can come in very handy. They can use the charging dock between workout sessions, on their way home, as well as before going to sleep all without having to plug in.

13. Specialty Wine

If your friend or loved one rather enjoys wine you can opt for newer varieties that are now available that are fully organic, vegan, and with fewer calories so they can enjoy a taste without it interfering with their fitness goals.

14. A Bluetooth Speaker For Their Favorite Tunes 

A Bluetooth speaker works well in gyms or in training areas where one just wants to create the mood. Lots of people need music from the Rocky soundtrack for example in order to really push themselves in a workout. Having a speaker on you all the time can mean you can seek motivation wherever you are. Not to mention Bluetooth speakers can be used for audiobooks, podcasts and also fitness apps, and exercise tutorials. 

One More Gift Idea: An Effective Cycling Gadget

If your sporty friend or family is into cycling, there are a ton of great gift ideas for them. A dynamic rechargeable power meter is one of the things they will be delighted about. It can help them keep track of their pedaling power on their left and right legs.

On top of that, they can use the power reading to improve their cycling performance. And since it is a rechargeable device, they can easily power it up after every cycling session.