You may want to clean and declutter because you need to free up some space or are just tired of tripping over things. If you are spending too much time searching for an important item over things that you do not really need, you definitely need to declutter the space. 

In addition to these, there are numerous other reasons why you may need to clean and declutter your living space. Sometimes you may be willing to declutter, but are just not motivated enough to see it through. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn how you can get motivated to clean and declutter regardless of the season or time of the day. 

Watching a cleaning show will give you ideas and motivate you to declutter. Additionally, you need to split the work into simpler tasks and start with the easiest. Playing your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast and having family members help can also motivate you to clean and declutter. 

1.Make it a Habit

It is often easier to do something you are used to doing, right? Well, habits take a considerable period to form—it will be harder at the beginning, but things will get better and easier with time. The little things we avoid doing daily leave the house cluttered and untidy. 

Assuming that you are starting with a clean and clutter-free space, here are some of the simple habits you should develop to keep it like that: 

Swish, Spray, and Wipe the Bathroom

Using a cleaning brush, swish your toilet then spray the shower with a daily leave-on cleaner. You should then wipe the sink, mirror, and counter using a hand towel or appropriate cleaning wipes. All these should take five to 10 minutes of your time. 

However, doing this every single day leaves the toilet and bathroom clean and tidy. This alone will keep you motivated when the time to clean the entire house comes. Just leave the deeper bathroom cleaning for once a week. 

Make Your Bed 

This is a simple task that only takes a minute or two to complete. Be sure to make your bed every morning, preferably immediately after you wake up. When the bed is tidy, you will be more motivated to keep everything where it is supposed to be in the bedroom. 

You should also encourage other members of your family to do the same when they wake up. 

Tidy Things Up Every Night 

Make it a habit to tidy a few things up every night before going to bed. This is one of the areas you can get the entire family to help. In this regard, you need to clean the hot spots and countertops and have everyone put away their stuff where it is supposed to be. 

You may even one member of the family to do the dishes and you tidy other parts of the house. It would feel more refreshing to wake up in a clean and organized space. 

Do the Dishes 

Dirty dishes can leave the kitchen cluttered and unpresentable. Make time, say 10 minutes a day, to do your dishes and tidy the kitchen up. Well, many people hate doing their dishes by hand. If so, you are one of them, consider unloading your dishwasher in the morning then loading it in the evening. 

Just let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink then put them into the dishwasher around dinner time. You will find this to be a bit faster as you will not have to rearrange much for the dinner dishes. After dinner, you can hand-wash anything that remains and wipe the counter using a clean washcloth or towel. 

Afterward, you only need to press a button on the dishwasher to have the dishes cleaned. A cluttered kitchen can be very discouraging, making you think that cleaning and decluttering will be so hard and time-consuming. 

2.Schedule a Party or Special Dinner

Personally, I like to clean and unclutter every time I am hosting a party. So, would you like your friends to find so cluttered? This kind of thinking will motivate you to clean and declutter your living space. If you find yourself in need of a little push to clean the house, just host a regular game night or dinner.

Having your friends and family come over in a few days will give you the desire to clean and declutter. 

3.Imagine You are Moving

For some people, moving to a different home or house is motivating. For many people, pretending to be moving puts things into perspective. This way, you can take a closer look at the clutter and decide on the items you need and those that you need to get rid of. 

Just pretend that you need to pick up the important items and relocate. This will help you organize the important things and put them where they are supposed to be. With everything organized, you will be more motivated to clean the floors and surfaces in the house. 

What is the Fastest Way to Clean a Cluttered House? 

Having a large area or many rooms to clean and declutter in your home can be very discouraging. You may be having the desire to get started, but our attention span is limited. This is why some people are motivated to start but get discouraged midway. 

To help you remain motivated all the way through, try to do the following: 

1.Divide the Work into Smaller Bits 

This step is very important. This is particularly the case when almost everything is in disarray. In such a case, you may be tempted to think that the task before you is impossibly huge. It helps to break up the task into smaller bits that can be accomplished in a few minutes. 

Next, you need to set small and achievable cleaning and decluttering goals that you can accomplish in just a few minutes to a few hours. This will mainly depend on your lifestyle, how much energy you have, and other responsibilities you may be having. 

Accomplishing each of these tasks will even motivate you to do more as you can see progress. Just don’t beat yourself up about not getting everything done in a day. The goal here is to focus on the success and progress, then build on the momentum to continue. It may take a few days or even weeks to get everything done, but you will be motivated all through. 

Make a Small to Do List

Just like we tend to over-think our cleaning and decluttering process, we often make our to-do list way too long to complete in a reasonable period. Just as is the case with many other homeowners, you probably have conceived the things that need to be cleaned, fixed, or tidied in your head. 

You may put all these thoughts into writing to have a broader perspective of what needs to be done. You should then proceed to break that list into smaller bits. For instance, you may be having five things that need to be cleaned in a single room.

You can choose to begin with just 3. Not only does this allow you to be thorough, but also allows you to see the progress as you go. After the three, take a break and resume after a few hours or even the following day. 

2.Start With the Easy Stuff 

You probably have a large craft room filled to the brim with clutter. This would not be the best place to start—if you wish to remain motivated throughout the task. It is advisable to start with the easiest of tasks. For instance, you could start by clearing and wiping the kitchen counter. 

Accomplishing the smaller cleaning and decluttering tasks will make you feel successful, encouraging you to do even more.

Avoid Getting Sidetracked

Since you divided the work into smaller tasks, each task should be easier to complete. Ensure that you complete each of the tasks before proceeding to the next one. One of the biggest pitfalls you can have in your decluttering plan is getting sidetracked. 

For instance, you may be cleaning the bathroom and find a toy your kid left there. You decide to take the toy and take it back to their room, then all of a sudden you are picking up clothes and tidying his room. Just make a plan and follow it through.

If you happen to find something belonging elsewhere in the area you are currently cleaning, put the items in a pile, and continue cleaning. You can then return the misplaced items once you are done cleaning and decluttering the current room. This will help you remain focused on the work at hand and avoid wasting time. 

3.Have Fun While at It 

Whether you are alone or have someone to help, Make the cleanings and decluttering tasks a little more fun. You can make the chores fun to do or at least more tolerable. One of the best ways to do this is to play your favorite music while you are working.

Other people love playing a podcast or an audiobook while working. Where possible, consider using cleaning products that have a pleasing scent. It is also worth remembering why you are doing the task at hand and the sense of satisfaction you will get from accomplishing the goal. 

You may even reward yourself after you have completed the task, just to remain motivated. 

4.Watch Relevant Shows 

Watching a show that is related to what you are about to do can motivate you to get started and see it through. In this regard, it helps to watch some of the best cleaning and decluttering shows on your television (TV). For instance, you could watch the ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ show on Netflix. 

In addition to encouraging you, this show will give you ideas on how to organize and declutter your home. There are several other shows you can watch just like it. Choose the one you find more appealing and you can relate to. 

5.Include Your Family Members 

Some chores are fun when you do them as a family. If you are living with your family, you do not have to do all the cleaning and decluttering by yourself. Involving them will reduce the workload per person, and motivate you to see the task through. 

Here are some fun tips to help you have fine while cleaning and decluttering with your kids:

  • Write down 5-minute tasks in pieces of paper and place them in a bucket. Have the kids pick one task a day. 
  • Give everyone a garbage bag to declutter and tidy their rooms at least once a month 
  • You could have everyone pick up clutter and tidy the place while the microwave is running

All these will reduce the amount of cleaning and decluttering you have to do. The reduced workload alone will motivate you to clean and declutter your home. 

6.Maintain a Clean Home 

Once you have cleaned and decluttered your living space, do not let the clutter pile up again. To avoid this, it is advisable to keep the place tidy at all times. Get into the habit of doing regular cleaning tasks that are easy and fast to complete. 

For instance, doing the dishes after dinner each night should become a habit. You could also start doing a quick evening pickup of toys from the living room floor. If possible, decide this responsibility among your family members. 

Even with all this effort, it is impossible to maintain picture-perfect cleanliness and tidiness, especially if you have kids. Do not focus too much attention on maintaining a home that you do not have time to make enjoyable memories in it.

Final Verdict 

While cleaning is never just a one-time effort, decluttering and minimalism can have many lasting benefits. A well-maintained home, for example, reduces the time required to clean and tidy things up in the future. 

Different things can prevent you from making progress decluttering. You may get overwhelmed by the task and lose the motivation you need to see it through. To motivate yourself, break it down into smaller take that can be accomplished in a few minutes.

Start with the simpler chores and track your progress as you move onto the harder tasks. Watching relevant cleaning shows can also motivate you to clean and declutter. 


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